Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger Review: A device with some real juice

Charging personified.

The Ugreen Nexode 65W and 30W charger
(Image: © Future / James Bentley)

iMore Verdict

The Ugreen Nexode RG 65W charger is a cute little desk companion that can efficiently and compactly charge many devices at once. It looks unique and works very well.


  • +

    Looks Great

  • +

    GaN charging

  • +

    A cute smart screen

  • +

    Very portable


  • -

    Doesn’t come with its own cable

  • -

    30W only comes with one port

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I rarely look at my plugs and think ‘Maybe this could be cuter’ but, ever since getting the Ugreen Nexode RG 65 GaN charger, the rest of my power sockets don’t look, or indeed feel, fun enough. A distinctive look and efficient charge make what could have just been a gimmick an effective and special piece of charging tech.

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger: Price and Availability

The Nexode RG 65W and 30W charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Ugreen Nexode RG 65W charger is available for $49.99, whereas its 30W companion is $25.99. They are both only available in the US, due to their US plug design. We’d say that’s a reasonable price for the little charger — while you can get similar wattage chargers for less, these justify their slightly higher price with some extra features.

They can be bought on Amazon and the Ugreen site for now, but other Ugreen accessories can also be bought from Walmart so we could see them landing on physical retail shelves in the future. They can be a little hard to get your hands on as they are sold out frequently on the website but you should have no problem on Amazon, where stock is fairly consistent. 

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger: Specs and features

The Nexode RG 65W charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

Both versions of the Nexode come with GaN charging, taking them beyond a traditional charger. The GaN technology allows them to be smaller and more efficient than most other chargers. The two chargers are compact (Put measurements here), so that’s one box ticked, and they were able to get both my MacBook Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max up to 50% in just half an hour — the other box ticked. 

As well as looking quite cute, as we’ll get into later, the little robot-shaped charger comes with a small built-in smart screen, with a handful of faces expressing how charged your device is. The faces are great to check charge process at a glance, so you don’t have to constantly pick up your phone to check battery filling progress.

It is also a very secure plug, with some temperature protection features which stops it from overcharging - something that eases my overanxious brain when I leave something on charge while I pop to the shops. 

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger: Build and Looks

The Nexode RG 65W charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

For a compact device, the Nexode is surprisingly heavy and well-built. Oftentimes, smaller third-party plugs can feel a little cheap. The Nexode RG does not. Despite that weight, it is very portable. You can pop it in a plug and don’t really have any worries of it withstanding an accidental kick or bump. 

We, of course, love the way the little characterful charger looks. The animated faces on the screen give it a cheeky personality, and the rounded shape makes it eye-catching in a kind of 'aw, what's that?' kind of way. More than just a charger, this is a desk ornament as well — you won't want to hide it under your table, that's for sure.

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger: Competition

The Nexode RG 65W charger in a plug

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

You can pick up a myriad of standard plugs on Amazon but the closest reliable 65W GaN charger I’ve found is the Anker 735. It’s a little more expensive than the little Nexode and comes with the same amount of ports. What this lacks in ports, however, it makes up for in pure fun — and if you’re looking at this with any kind of serious purchase intent, it’s likely that the extra sockets on the Anker aren’t going to convince you over.

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if...

  • You want a cute new plug for your gadgets
  • You’re looking for a safer and more compact plug
  • You need to charge your phone fast

You shouldn’t buy this if...

  • You aren’t too bothered about charging speeds
  • You want a more understated plug


The Ugreen Nexode RG 65W charger looks, feels, and works fantastically well. It’s unique and efficient, it can charge up all your devices quickly, and it looks adorable while doing so. If you’re not too bothered about charging speeds, it’s likely overkill, but that extra efficiency will save you a lot of waiting around in the long. It helps that you can pop it in your bag and head off without worries it will break.

And it’s cute as a button. If nothing else, that should make all the difference. Look at it. Look at it.

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