Let's face it: People just hate talking on the phone now. Most people would rather email a company for anything that's not pressing, and having to sit through several phone menus and then on hold for hours at a time, just for a bit of tech support or whatever, means you'll likely have a surly customer once they finally connect with someone.

Online forms are ok, but visitors have to do everything themselves, from finding FAQs to filling out their information to ask questions, purchase products, and more. And if you're not there 24/7 to chat with customers, then you may have dozens of missed opportunities to connect every single day.

That's where Quriobot comes in. It's a customer chatbot that completely replaces the need for online forms, and it gives your small business a chance to breathe (and even to sleep!), as it answers simple questions, prompts potential customers to input information if they have questions or would like to buy a product. If you wanted to use Quriobot for life, it would retail for over $4,900, but at iMore Digital Offers you can save 98% and get a lifetime subscription for only $59.99.

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Quriobot's beauty is in its simplicity. You'll be able to:

  • Create your own Quriobot using drag and drop templates
  • Program conversations that match your company's brand with the chat designer
  • Use a variety of steps to retrieve vital information for customers
  • Apply conditional rules to Quirobots behavior in order to make sure customers are treated properly
  • Adjust every element of Quriobot to fit your brand design and visual style
  • Track Quriobot's performance via smart reporting
  • Integrate Quriobot with all of the services you already use, like MailChimp, Slack, WordPress, Zapier, Salesforce, and more

If you value your customers' time and want to maximize every visit your website receives, then check out Quriobot at iMore Digital Offers and start helping your customers with intuitive live chat. Don't spend $4,900 — get it now for only $59.99.

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