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What you need to know

  • There are two new iPad case colors to choose from.
  • Cactus and Surf Blue are luuuurvly.
  • iPad Pro, iPad, and iPad mini covers are available.

Apple has announced new tablet and notebook refreshes, but it kept its new, colorful iPad cases quiet. The Cactus and Surf Blue colors are now available, and they're some of my favorites already. Think color, but not too much color.

Apple didn't announce the new cases but thankfully the team at MacRumors spotted them on the Apple Store website.

Right now it looks like you can get both Cactus and Surf Blue options for iPad Pro Smart Folio cases in both 11-inch and 12-inch. They're priced at $79 and $99 respectively. Owners of iPads and iPad Airs can also get in on the action for $49, while even the iPad mini gets some love. Smart Covers cost $39 apiece.

All of these cases are available to order online now, and we'd expect them to also be available in Apple Stores when they re-open following the coronavirus situation.

Spice up your iPad

Ipad Pro Case

Smart Folio for iPad Pro

Apple's new iPad cases are now available.

Get a new iPad Pro Folio case in 11-inch and 12.9-inch models starting at $79 in Cactus and Surf Blue.

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