Cocreate MaxSource: Adobe/Michelle D'Urbano

What you need to know

  • Adobe has launched CoCreate: MAX.
  • The company wants to hire creators to help build MAX 2020.
  • Graphic designers, illustrators, and motion media artists are encouraged to apply.

In a blog post on its website, Adobe has announced that it is looking to hire a team of creators to help make this year's MAX conference a reality. The project is called CoCreate: MAX, and the company is looking for creators to help create content that will be featured at this year's event.

According to Adobe, if you are chosen to be part of the team, you will be paid to create work that could find itself on the company's social accounts, its website, merchandise, and other parts of the event.

Our creative community has been greatly impacted by change this year. So to help out, we're commissioning you to be our collaborators. CoCreate: MAX is a diverse team of creators from around the world, and you can apply to join right now. If you're chosen to participate, you'll be given a paid job (🤑) to create work that will be seen on Adobe's social channels, websites, merchandise, and much more during MAX.

The company has announced that it is looking primarily for creators with skills in graphic design, illustration, and motion media, but is up for anyone to throw them some ideas:

  1. Graphic Design: Use your graphic design passions for MAX posters, Zoom backgrounds, and just a few PSDs.
  2. Illustration: Sketch the artwork that will draw everyone in.
  3. Motion Media: Move people at MAX with your video skills.
  4. Wildcard: Want to make us a playlist? Or maybe some memes? Let's get creative.

Adobe MAX 2020 will be virtual this year and is open for free to all, a big departure from previous years and an exciting opportunity for everyone in the creative community. The conference is scheduled to kick off from October 20-22.

Those who are interested in being part of CoCreate: MAX can apply on Adobe's website.

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