Adobe Lightroom makes its return to the Mac App Store

Lightroom in the Mac App Store
Lightroom in the Mac App Store (Image credit: iMore)

Adobe is now offering Lightroom, it's photo management application, on the Mac App Store. This version is also known as Lightroom CC, and it's the newer edition of the app that resembles Lightroom Mobile, with Lightroom Classic still only available directly through Adobe.

Lightroom is free to download and use for seven days, after which time, you can subscribe to keep using the app, either for $9.99 per month, or $118.99 per year. This is as opposed to subscribing to the app directly through Adobe, which offers the app as a standalone product, as well as part of its photography package with Photoshop and it's overall Creative Cloud suite.

Lightroom was previously offered on the Mac App Store back before Adobe committed to its Creative Cloud subscription model in earnest. It's interesting that the company is allowing customers to subscribe directly through Apple, though it probably figures that it's better to have some of your money than none of it.

If you already subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and use Lightroom CC as a part of that, there's really no reason to download the App Store version other than pure curiosity. The app has come a long way since it originally launched a couple of years ago, but as a Lightroom CC Classic user, the modern version of Lightroom as a ways to go before it can replace Lightroom Classic.

Adobe Lightroom is available on the Mac App Store right now.

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  • So, Apple getting a cut means you don't get Photoshop with this deal? That's a really bad deal. Photoshop is so much more useful than Lightroom alone. But then I dumped Adobe since I don't need their other apps, and Phase One's Capture One Pro 12 is way better than Lightroom. And you don't have to subscribe.
  • Adobe has had bad deals for a long while. With great power comes great responsibility, Adobe unfortunately have just become a company about making money now that they are so big. I don't use Adobe products anymore and I don't think I ever would again