AdoramaPix Photo Printing

Note: AdoramaPix is now known as Printique.

If you're looking to make mugs, pillows, and blankets emblazoned with your photos, this is not the place. AdoramaPix focuses on prints, wall art, photo books, cards, and calendars and does them exceedingly well. The quality is a cut above. They do an amazing job even for a gal with an iPhone like me, but they offer additional special services for professional photographers.

AdoramaPix Photo Printing

Price: Varies

Bottom line: AdoramaPix offers outstanding quality prints, photo books, and more.

The Good

  • Excellent quality
  • Even basic photo book exceeded expectations
  • Incredible variety of photo book and print options
  • Great packaging prevents damage and curling
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Special service for pros
  • No logo on back of cards

The Bad

  • Not a huge variety of photo gifts outside of prints and books
  • Not the cheapest option

Service for pros and regular folks

AdoramaPix Photo Printing: Features

AdoramaPix Photo Printing

AdoramaPix is a high-end photo service. I used their regular services and found them to be a cut above. For professional photographers, they offer even more upscale services such as white labeling, enhanced quality control, and guaranteed ship dates. I ordered an 8x10 print, four wallet prints, one card (there is no minimum order), and a photo book. All of the professional engagement photos you see in my order were taken by JMS Imagery.

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The entire order arrived in one flat package, large enough to accommodate the 20x30 poster print. It was well packaged and everything arrived in perfect condition. The quality of each item was exactly as I expected, except for the photo book and the card. The photo book and the card exceeded my expectations.

Ordering a photo book was pretty easy, and the variety of photo books available is staggering. From the cheapest "softcover" books to high-end wedding albums with leather or metal covers and lay-flat pages, you can truly customize your book the way you want it. I put softcover in quotes because when I've ordered softcover books from other sources, I've received a soft, flexible book, as expected. But AdoramaPix's softcover book is actually a solid book -- not only the cover, but each page is actually what AdoramaPix calls "thick and durable archival paper" and I would call cardboard. It looks and feels incredible, and it has to be less susceptible to damage than normal paper books. You can also share your photo book virtually on AdoramaPix's website or on Facebook.

I always appreciate when there is no minimum card order. Ordering a single card is expensive, of course, but it's nice to have the option. The price drops significantly once you order 12 or more cards. At any rate, most photo printing services put their logo on the back of your cards. AdoramaPix does not! The card quality is excellent, printed beautifully on card stock. Another pleasant surprise was the envelope. Instead of the typical plain white paper envelope, this one was off-white fancy paper with a texture to it.

All of the prints look great. The wallet photos are pre-cut, so you just pop them out and they have those nice rounded edges. The color in the color photos is true. The black and white photo looks like it should.

The quality of each item was exactly as I expected, except for the photo book and the card. The photo book and the card exceeded my expectations.

While the options for creating a photo book, prints (including wall art), and cards are just about endless, there's not a huge variety of other things to order. The only other gift-type item is calendars. You won't find mugs, blankets, and that sort of thing.

AdoramaPix offers three different iOS apps. Adorama Photo Book Designer is exactly what it sounds like, and there are separate apps for iPhone and iPad. HipstaMetal is specifically for ordering metal prints. PixUploader is an easy way to get your iPhone photos uploaded into your AdoramaPix account.

As you might guess, Adorama's prices are not the cheapest I've found. However, they're not much higher than average, and they frequently offer promo codes and sales that make them even cheaper. Shipping is not free or cheap, so be sure to figure that in when placing an order. If you happen to live in or near New York City, you can pick up your order for free at their store locations in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Category Feature
Print size range From mini wallets to 24x36
Photo books Yes
Variety of photo products available Medium
Free shipping No
Cloud storage Yes, but limitations are unclear
Subscription Only for their professional services
Shipping time About one week
Auto-crop Yes, you'll be prompted to edit
Photo corrections Yes
Option to pick up locally Yes, but only at their two store locations: Brooklyn and Manhattan
Upload photos from other websites Yes: Google, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Amazon
All items arrived undamaged Yes
Photo quality Excellent
iOS app Three: Adorama Photo Book Designer, HipstaMetal, and Pix Uploader

Exceeds expectations

AdoramaPix Photo Printing: What I like

Quite simply, everything about AdoramaPix met or exceeded my expectations. I was so surprised that my softcover photo book turned out to be made from a thick, hard, durable archival paper that resembles thin cardboard. I was delighted to find that the card I ordered had no logo on the back and came with a fancy textured paper envelope.

I appreciated the packaging. Most photo printing services send their large format poster-sized prints rolled in a tube, which means the edges will be curled for a while. AdoramaPix sends photo prints in a big flat box, so no curling can occur.

While I'm not a professional photographer, if I were, I'd certainly consider paying for their Pro Service. I like that AdoramaPix offers great service for regular folks as well as pro features for professionals.

AdoramaPix Photo Printing

Not everything for everyone

AdoramaPix Photo Printing: What I don't like

If you tend to buy photo gifts for every holiday and need a wide variety of different things to order (as I did when I was a young mom and knew the grandparents would like new stuff with those babies on it every year), then AdoramaPix isn't for you. There are no mugs here.

Top-notch photo printing service

AdoramaPix Photo Printing: Bottom line

4.5 out of 5

AdoramaPix is laser-focused on a handful of products: prints, wall decor, photo books, albums, calendars, and cards. Within each category, you'll find a huge variety of options. The website is easy to use and orders arrive well-packaged. There are three mobile apps if you prefer to upload and place orders on your iPhone or iPad. The quality of AdoramaPix's prints and photo products is outstanding.

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