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What you need to know

  • Note taking app Agenda has a big new version 13 update out.
  • The app is faster and supports new keyboard inputs throughout.

Agenda is already a hugely popular app among note takers and there's a big new version 13 update landing today. The main changes in this Agenda 13 update include performance improvements as well as a new focus on keyboard use, including the ability to navigate menus and lists without putting your fingers anywhere near a mouse or touch screen.

The first improvement you're likely to nice is the increased performance. Those with tons of notes, especially those with images etc, will notice that the app feels much smoother when navigating between individual notes and just moving around the app in general. That's a big deal for those who live inside Agenda.

Another big improvement is the ability to navigate through menus and lists using your keyboard, including on iPads.

Aside from the noticeable smoothness of navigating and scrolling in the app, power users will be particularly happy with the new keyboard navigation in menus and lists. Agenda 13 can be navigated entirely using the keyboard — on macOS and iPadOS.

You can now use the keyboard to bring up any menu, arrow through the menu items, and make a selection. Menus can also be filtered on-the-fly by simply typing a few letters, and in a list you can leap to any item using the same approach.

Another feature brings a floating search feature to the app. Similar to Spotlight, the feature allows users to search for notes and projects throughout the app. Selecting a result immediately takes users straight to it without any additional navigation needed.

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Agenda 13 will be available today so keep checking for the update if you aren't seeing it just yet. It'll be available via the Agenda website as well as the Mac App Store and iOS App Store for free with an optional in-app purchase.

Agenda is a great app for students with the M1-powered MacBook Air arguably the best MacBook for students to go with it, too.

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