If you have an Android phone or tablet and a Mac or PC and you like to transfer music, movies, TV shows, and photos between them, then chances are you've tried to the USB method and been frustrated beyond belief with Android File Transfer or another program that requires you to plug your device in.

If you'd rather do everything wirelessly, then consider AirDroid.

What does AirDroid do?

AirDroid is an app that's available for Android, Mac, PC, and on the web that lets you transfer your data, like photos, music, and more, wirelessly. You just install the app on your Android device, install the desktop client on your Mac or PC (or visit AirDroid on the web), sign in on both devices, and away you go.

It's not limited to file transfer either; you can also use AirDroid to send SMS (text messages), make and take calls, and receive app notifications right on your Mac or PC so that you can stay productive.

All you need to do is create an account with your email address.

Is it safe?

There has been much debate during AirDroid's lifetime as to just how secure it really is. For a while, no, it wasn't safe. Mobile security company Zimperium found vulnerabilities in its security, which would allow hackers to hijack the connection between your phone and computer if you were on the same Wi-Fi network.

That being said, AirDroid took that to heart and created a patch to close up those holes, change communication channels to https, and upgrade encryption. So, is AirDroid safe now? Yes, it's as safe as any other device-to-device connection over the internet.

It's always a good habit to encrypt as much data as you can and make sure you're on a secure network before transferring sensitive content. So just like with any other service, use caution and be smart about it.

What's the cost?

Nothing. AirDroid is completely free to use. Since there's no storage or anything like that involved, AirDroid really only provides the app and the vehicle by which you transfer your data. It's not housing any of your stuff for you.

Is this the only option for transferring data from my Android phone to my computer?

Absolutely not, but it's the most convenient. As mentioned, there's Android File Transfer for Mac, which requires you to connect your phone or tablet via USB. It's pretty hit and miss, especially as more and more phones implement stronger security against outside forces stealing content.

There are also some proprietary programs, like Samsung Smart Switch, which work with specific devices. There some other wireless transfer apps as well, but some haven't been updated in years, so their security is dubious at best.


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