AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage on their way to the Mac?

According to “sources familiar with the future of Mac OS X”, AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage are both set to make an appearance in the not too distant future. The sources, talking to 9to5Mac claim that both of these applications are in development although they could be shelved just as easily.

AirPlay Mirroring would certainly be a welcome addition to the Mac OS X platform, allowing a user to mirror the screen of their Mac without the need for an expensive projector. You could see Apple TV’s popping up in company boardrooms attached to smaller LCD panels.

iMessage may be introduced into the current iChat application after references were discovered in its code. No firm decision has been made yet and it may even end up as a standalone application. According to the source, both solutions are being developed. iMessage would allow a Mac user to message any iOS device for free.

It makes a lot of sense for Apple to offer these features on the Mac OS X platform, it now looks like it is going to happen in a future update.

Source: 9to5Mac


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