AirSnap review: The best case for your AirPods — now with twill!

Today, Twelve South launched a new option for its popular AirPods case, AirSnap. Where previously, you could only get it in leather, you can now also get one with twill outer material. It's sort of an executive look.It comes in Fog (light gray) and Smoke (dark gray). Everything else about it is just like the leatherbound AirSnap. So if you've been wanting to get your hands on one, but don't go for leather, now's the time to pick one up.

The Good

  • Stiff material, but not hard shell
  • Includes clip
  • Has cutaway for charging status light
  • Quality stitching

The Bad

  • No hole for pairing button

Clip and go

AirSnap Twill: The features

AirSnap in Twill

The AirSnap is a carrying case for your AirPods. Its got a clip on top so you can clip it to a belt loop, bag strap, or even zipper pull if you have the right kind of zipper. I keep mine clipped to my fanny pack so that it's with me all the time.

It's got a crafty exterior stitch and the case lid closes with a matte black snap.

There is a cutout at the bottom so you can plug in a Lightning cable, but the case is also thin enough to support wireless charging (if you have the wireless charging case). Your mileage may vary with this. I've found that, while most quality wireless chargers can handle a thin case like the AirSnap, there are some that just don't work with a case.

At the front, under the snap top, there's a small cutaway that conveniently exposes the charging status light on the Wireless Charging case. Interestingly, this wasn't intentional. My leather AirPods case has been around since long before Apple launched the Wireless Charging case, and it also has a cutaway that exposes the charging status light.

Never gets lost

AirSnap Twill: What I like

AirSnap in Twill

Hands-down, my favorite thing about the AirSnap is the clip. I never misplace my AirPods because I know they're always clipped to my fanny pack. If I ever switch to a different daily bag, I can clip it to the new one. I can even clip it to my belt loop. It's incredibly convenient.

And tough.

I've had my AirSnap case since it first came out a year ago and use it 100% of the time with my AirPods. It's been all over the country, to different countries, concerts, theme parks, weddings, and everywhere I went for the past year. I keep it clipped to the outside of my fanny pack, so it's always exposed to weather and my clumsy self. I can say that I've put the AirSnap through the wringer and its never even shown a loose thread.

I've only had the twill model for a few hours, but it's made of the same quality craftsmanship that the leather model is. The material is thick, but it's not a hardshell case. It's lighter than the leather case but definitely seems just as rugged.

Minor inconvenience

AirSnap Twill: What I don't like

AirSnap in Twill

It's a minor complaint, but there isn't a hole on the back, exposing the pairing button. I happen to need to access the pairing button more than most people because of my job (having to unpair and repair for how-to guides), and having to take the AirPods out of the AirSnap case every time is a little annoying.

The average AirPods owner, however, probably wouldn't even notice that. It's rare that you have to press that button unless you're intentionally unpairing and repairing your AirPods.


AirSnap Twill

AirSnap is my personal favorite case for the AirPods. I take it with me everywhere I go and recommend it to all my friends. Now that it comes in two different shades of gray twill, there are even more options than ever. I highly recommend picking up AirSnap for yourself and/or any friends or family that own a pair of AirPods.

Lory Gil

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