Top 10 best alarm tones to make sure you wake up in the morning

If you have ever found yourself pressing the snooze button too many times on your iPhone in the morning, then here are best alarm tones to ensure you get up right away. They're all YouTube clips, but you can easily sample sounds from youtube and turn them into custom tones all your own.

  • Jaws Theme. Not sure if this is actually the scariest sound in the world, but it will definitely make you decide pretty fast to get ready for work.
  • Halloween theme song.
  • Big Bang Theory. Probably the scariest of them all. Howard's Mom can get anyone up.

-The Grudge. I didn't actually find this sound particularly scary but it seemed to frighten everyone else. You take a listen and let me know what you think.

  • and trepidation.
  • Jokers Laugh, The Dark Knight. Eerie.

I did try the popular Friday the 13th theme three times but without the man in the Shatner mask chasing after you, the music ends up being more relaxing than terror-inducing. If you know of any other alarm tone that are guaranteed to get you out of bed and up to face the day, let us know in the comments below.

Image source: Wallpaper Dark Nightmare


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