Neural Mix ProSource: Algoriddim

What you need to know

  • djay creator Algoriddim is back with a brand new app.
  • It's called Neural Mix Pro.
  • It's an AI-powered music player that can help you edit and play songs.

Algoriddim, the creator of the smash-hit app djay, has today released its brand new Mac app, Neural Mix Pro.

In a press release today the German company stated:

Algoriddim has today unveiled Neural Mix™ Pro, its brand-new, AI-based music player and editor that provides real-time audio source separation and beat-precise extraction of elements of music for producers, DJs, and musicians.
Following the groundbreaking launch of djay Pro AI earlier this year, Neural Mix™ Pro is the latest showcase of real-time music source separation and is set to transform the art of remixing, producing, and DJing.

The new app is an advanced music player that will allow you to mute vocal and instrumental tracks individually within songs, play with tempos and even transpose songs in real-time. This can be used for musicians or creatives who want to practice along with their music, and even DJs. It includes an offline export feature, a loop editor, a music browser with Music and Finder integration and an AI Music Player. The latter is the key to changing the key and tempo of songs, isolating individual parts of songs, and listening to favorite tracks.

You can check out the video below!

Neural Mix Pro is available to download from the Mac App Store now. The app itself is free, but to unlock the Pro features of the app there's a one-off in-app purchase of $49.99.

Neural Mix Pro will run on any Mac that supports macOS 10.14 or later.

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