All Alpha Pokémon locations in Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alphas
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The creatures you come across in Pokémon Legends: Arceus come in different sizes, but none are as big as the Alpha Pokémon that spawn in various locations. These huge creatures have glowing eyes, tend to be at much higher levels than other Pokémon in the area, and have powerful attacks. That's why they are great to add to your party. Some only spawn at certain times of the day, so you need to make sure you look for them at the right times.

Catching Alpha Pokémon

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the first Pokémon game to have Alpha Pokémon, but they aren't always easy to catch. Fortunately, you have two methods available to you.

  1. Catch without being seen: Hide nearby and throw Poké Balls at them. As long as they don't see you and you're close enough, they can be caught without fighting. To do this effectively, I suggest throwing a berry, then when they go to eat it, sneak up behind the Alpha Pokémon and throw a ball directly at their back. If you want to try to catch them from a safe distance, use a Feather Ball, Wing Ball, or preferably a Jet Ball as these can be thrown the farthest. If they notice you, throw a Spoiled Apricorn, Ball of Mud, or a Snowball to calm them down and then throw a Poké Ball while they're stunned.
  2. Fight the old-fashioned way: Throw one of your Pokémon out at the Alpha and work to whittle down their health. When their health bar is in the low yellow or red, throw your best Poké Balls.

Regardless of which choice you choose, all unfainted Pokémon in your party will earn Exp. if you successfully catch an Alpha.

All Alpha Pokémon Locations

Alpha Pokémon can also spawn randomly inside Space-Time Distortions, so you might get lucky and find a cool one inside these rifts. These Pokémon are listed alphabetically in each map to make them easier to find.

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokémon

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1. Alakazam (Lv 60)In the midwest part of Sandgem Flats.
2. Bibarel (Lv 16)South of the map at Tidewater Dam.
3. Blissey (Lv 62)On a high hill near Obsidian Falls.
4. Floatzel (Lv 30)Northwest of Worn Bridge near the river.
5. Golbat (Lv 35)Flapping around in the forest near Oreburrow Tunnel at night.
6. Graveler (Lv 30)On the south end of Grueling Grove, across the river from Worn Bridge.
7. Gyarados (Lv 60)Found on the west side of Lake Verity.
8. Heracross (Lv 45)In Grueling Grove just before the pond to the far east.
9. Infernape (Lv 65)In the valley at Ramanas Island.
10. Kricketune (Lv 30)Between Nature's Pantry and Tidewater Dam.
11. Lopunny (Lv 40)At the very southwest tip of The Heartwood.
12. Luxio (Lv 40)Prowling about in Floaro Gardens.
13. Magikarp (Lv 55)In the river near Oreburrow Tunnel.
14. Parasect (Lv 30)North of Nature's Pantry and to the east of the basecamp.
15. Rapidash (Lv 40)In the northernmost part of Horseshoe Plains near a tall hill.
16. Scyther (Lv 42)Just north of Grandtree Arena where you calm noble Pokémon Kleavor.
17. Snorlax (Lv 45)East of Lake Verity and its surrounding land on the shore by the river.
18. Stantler (Lv 42)In the middle of Deertrack Heights on a hill.
19. Staravia (Lv 32)Flying over the shore between Nature's Pantry and Windswept Run.

Crimson Mirelands Alpha Pokémon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha  Locations Crimson Mirelands (Image credit: iMore)
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1. Carnivine (Lv 40)In the northern part of Cottensedge Prarie, across the river from Bolderoll Slope.
2. Hippowdon (Lv 46)Near the marker for Sludge Mound.
3. Honchkrow (Lv 55)At Night: Flying in the clearing at Cloudpool Ridge.
4. Lickilicky (Lv 52)On the northwest side of the Shrouded Ruins, near yellow grass.
5. Onix (Lv 50)At the south of Diamond Settlement.
6. Pachirisu (Lv 40)In the southern part of Gapejaw Bog, near the yellow grass.
7. Raichu (Lv 52)Use Sneasler to climb up the cliffs on the northern side of Golden Lowlands.
8. Rhyhorn (Lv 45)North of the Diamond Settlement at Diamond Heath.
9. Roserade (Lv 50)During Day: At Cloudpool Ridge near the cliffs that drop into the river.
10. Skuntank (Lv 45)Almost dead center of Scarlet Bog.
11. Hisuian Sliggoo (Lv 50)Located in the southeast part of Holm of Trials, on the island at the center of the pond.
12. Tangrowth (Lv 45)Standing near the three pools on the west side of Scarlet Bog.
13. Torterra (Lv 65)Stomping around between the two large sections of pools.
14. Toxicroak (Lv 47)In the pools on the northern part of Holm of Trials.
15. Ursaring (Lv 41)To the south of Ursa's Ring.
16. Ursaring (Lv 55)Make your way to the west side of Gapejaw Bog on the far side from the lowest pools.
17. Vespiquen (Lv 61)East across the river from Bolderoll Slope.
18. Whiscash (Lv 64)In the southern waters of Lake Valor.
19. Yanmega (Lv 58)In Droning Meadow almost directly east across the river from the basecamp.

Cobalt Coastlands Alpha Pokémon

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1. Ambipom (Lv 50)Near the berry trees at Hideaway Bay.
2. Chansey (Lv 51)On the largest island at Tombolo Walk, in the southeast corner of the map.
3. Drapion (Lv 45)Near the trees between Castaway Shore and Ginkgo Landing.
4. Dusknoir (Lv 65)At Night: In the center of Deadwood Haunt, near the boats.
5. Empoleon (Lv 69)Near the water at Islespy Shore.
6. Gastrodon (Lv 61)On the larger unnamed island between Firespit Island and Islespy Shore.
7. Golduck (Lv 50)At the bottom of the easternmost pool at Bathers' Lagoon.
8. Gyarados (Lv 58)In the water southeast of Lunker's Lair.
9. Lumineon (Lv 60)Swimming in the water between Seagrass Haven and Veilstone Cape.
10. Machoke (Lv 40)Along the northwest side of Castaway Shore.
11. Mantine (Lv 50)In the middle of the larger islands in Tranquility Cove.
12. Mothim (Lv 56)In the canyon between Spring Path and Windbreak Stand.
13. Ninetales (Lv 61)Use a Sneasler to climb the cliff when you first step into Firespit Island.
14. Octillery (Lv 46)The northeastern tip of Castaway Shore.
15. Purugly (Lv 45)On top of the tall cliff at Veilstone Cape where the Glameows spawn.
16. Tentacruel (Lv 50)Northeast of Lunker's Lair in the water.
17. Walrein (Lv 50)On the beach at Ginkgo Landing just southeast of the basecamp.

Coronet Highlands Alpha Pokémon

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1. Bronzong (Lv 55)On the eastern part of Clamberclaw Cliffs, north of Lonely Spring.
2. Clefable (Lv 62)At Night: In the southwest section of the map, east of the Fabled Spring in some purple flowers.
3. Crobat (Lv 60)Inside Wayward Cave if you ride Basculegion through the cave lake.
4. Electivire (Lv 69)In the dead center of Cloudcap Pass on your way to the cave.
5. Gabite (Lv 56)Clamberclaw cliffs between Celestica Ruins and Primeval Grotto.
6. Gliscor (Lv 77)Primeval Grotto just before the cliffs form a dead end.
7. Golem (Lv 60)In Bolderoll Ravine near the tall cliffs.
8. Hisuian Goodra (Lv 70)On top of the mesa at the Ancient Quarry.
9. Luxray (Lv 55)Prowling around the columns at Sacred Plaza.
10. Mismagius (Lv 61)At Night: On a cliff at Stonetooth Rows, near the hill to the Sacred Plaza.
11. Mothim (Lv 55)In the bottom of the map at Wayward Wood, somewhat near the river.
12. Probopass (Lv 73)In the Primeval Grotto, north of Celestica Trail, right before the cave.
13. Rhyperior (Lv 74)In a valley on the southern part of Sacred Plaza.
14. Steelix (Lv 60)In a pocket against the cliffs at Celestica Trail. You'll see Onix nearby.

Alabaster Icelands Alpha Pokémon

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1. Abomasnow (Lv 68)On the east side of Avalugg's Legacy, southwest of the river.
2. Chimecho (Lv 65)At the end of the valley path that runs along the west side of Lake Acuity.
3. Electabuzz (Lv 65)Strutting around near the frozen waterfall at Icebound Falls.
4. Froslass (Lv 72)Go to Avalanche Slopes and drop down into the cave on the east side. Frosslass spawns underground between the second and third ice columns.
5. Gallade (Lv 70)Inside the Snowpoint Temple.
6. Garchomp (Lv 85)In the very back of Avalanche Slopes against the tall cliff walls.
7. Gardevoir (Lv 70)At Night: Near the body of water on the east side of Heart's Crag.
8. Glalie (Lv 62)In the northern stretch of Bonechill Wastes.
9. Lucario (Lv 70)Up on a cliff near Icebound Falls. Take the path to reach it.
10. Machamp (Lv 70)In the valley at Arena's Approach, on the southeast side of Icepeak Arena.
11. Mamoswine (Lv 68)On the east side of Avalugg's Legacy, west of the river.
12. Piloswine (Lv 65)Near the tall ice blocks at Avalugg's Legacy.
13. Hisuian Sneasel (Lv 61)In Avalugg's Legacy, just southeast of the basecamp.
14. Swinub (Lv 62)In the west valley of Avalugg's Legacy.

Massive Mons

With this list, you can check the various locations and hopefully get your hands on all of the Alpha Pokémon that can appear in Legends: Arceus. Good luck taking them down and adding them to your party!

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