All the new Apple Watch bands in one video!

Apple Watch Bands
Apple Watch Bands (Image credit: Rene Ritchie/iMore)

Apple has a new spring 2016 collection of Apple Watch bands and I'm going to show them to you!

Woven nylon

The woven nylon straps offer the strength and durability of nylon but in a way that's comfortable and breathable like fabric. You can get them in: gold and red, gold and royal blue, royal blue, pink, pearl, scuba blue, and black.

They've got colored lugs, which makes them mix-and-matchable with all cases. And I like them because they're light and airy and the texture adds real depth to the look. Also, at $49, they're an incredibly affordable alternative to the flurolastemer sport band. (I've bought three already…)


There's also a hot new Milanese band, this time in cool Space Black. It's got the same, incredibly tough DLC — that's diamond-like carbon — as the link bracelet but it's as light and breathable as the original Milanese. At $199, it's the perfect match for the space black Apple Watch, of course, but it also looks great with gold and rose gold sport. The pink and black attack is especially great.

All the leathers

Leather Loop — as in quilted Valencia Leather, has some new shades, including white. Still 42mm only and $149, but also still one of the most adjustable and casually classy bands in the lineup.

Apple Watch Hermes bands are now available separately, so you can get the cuff in Fauvre — that's brown — and the single and double tours in a range of new colors — including the all-new Bleu Paon (green), Bleu Saphir (dark blue), Blanc (white), and Feu (literally fire but in this case — orange). They start at $340 which is surprisingly inexpensive for for anything with a Hermes logo on it. (Yes, my wallet is already crying.)

Apple Watch classic buckles

Apple Watch classic buckles (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

Rounding out the Spring collection are new Modern Buckles and new Classic Buckles. Same great calf leather with the two-tone look Apple introduced last fall, same great stainless steel closures. But now they come in red, blue jay, marine blue, and marigold.

I still love the feel of these bands, everything from the stitching to the mechanism to texture simply screams attention to detail, and they make the digital Apple Watch look great in the most traditional, analog sense of the word. And at $149, they won't break the bank.

More to come!

So that's a quick look at Apple's Spring 2016 watch band collection. Lots more to come so share the video, hit the subscribe button, and keep it locked to iMore!

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  • $149 for a basic leather band may not "break the bank," but it is certainly overpriced. I've spent that in total on a nice old school analog watch with a beautiful leather band. This is why I only buy third party accessories for my apple products. They are often just as nice and only a fraction of the price.
  • Same here. Third-party is the way to go, especially for a decidedly not-luxurious watch. I appreciate the video (love the Milanese loop, dislike the nylon bands, like the leather bands), and hope that third parties can approximate these designs as well. I wonder if they've made a replica Milanese loop that hasn't had wear issues yet. Sent from the iMore App
  • Is there anything interesting or exciting going on with the watch itself? Shame the only news for 2 months has been about watch bands. Really devalues the desire for the watch.
  • I got the marigold and marine blue Classic Buckles and the Loop in white. They are all lovely, high quality and the colors are very attractive. Worth every cent – spare bands for my Cartier and Omega are around $400 and do not match Apple's bands at all.
  • "DLC" does not stand for "Diamond Like Coating", it's "Diamond Like Carbon"...
  • Nice video! Silver lugs for black sports watch just don't work for me. So until there are some black lugs for modern buckle--the one I'm interested in--I'm sticking to my default rubber band.
  • Informative video but gone a bit overboard with the Depth Of Field.
  • It's one thing to get one of these bands for analog watch you will have for years to come. But a Apple Watch that's "old" after one upgrade cycle? What a waste! Sent from the iMore App
  • Depends on your budget.
  • I really like the new bands, I would like to try the woven nylon for the summer because it seems like it will breathe well. My concern is I'm an artist. I frequently get paint on my watch. I currently use the leather magnetic band that cleans really well. Does anyone have the woven nylon band and does it clean up? I'm afraid paint will soak into the band.