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What you need to know

  • Altice has announced a new seamless Altice One experience for Apple TV.
  • The new Altice One app on Apple TV will extend programming to any Apple TV 4K in your house.
  • Altice is also offering customers an Apple TV 4K for $10 a month for 18 months.

Altice has announced a new seamless Altice One experience for Apple TV, including a new Altice One App for the service.

As reported by Fierce Video:

Altice USA has struck a deal with Apple that will allow its video subscribers to buy an Apple TV 4K device from the provider and access the Altice One platform.

The Altice One platform is available to Altice's Optimum and Suddenlink customers. New and existing Altice One users can pick an Apple TV 4K as part of their package by purchasing a device directly from the Optimum and Suddenlink websites or through retail outlets. The Apple TV 4K is available through monthly finance offers starting at $10 per month, or for $180.

Altice customers who pick up the TV through the company will also qualify for a year of free Apple TV+. A statement from Altice read:

"Powered by Altice's powerful broadband and WiFi network and leveraging the advanced features of Apple TV 4K, the Altice One app for Apple TV extends our services even further into the home and brings customers more choice and flexibility in how and where they watch their favorite content."

With the new partnership, you'll be able to enjoy Altice One in additional rooms with Apple TV 4K. Altice's website boasts a seamless connection to your Altice One service, as well as a new Altice One app, streaming of all your favorite content, 4K HDR picture quality, and of course voice searching through the Siri Remote.