Conceptsiphone Iphone 12 Concept RenderSource: ConceptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • This new concept video shows not one, not even two or three, but four new iPhones.
  • All four iPhones expected to be announced this year are represented.
  • Can we talk about that gorgeous purple color?

WWDC's opening keynote is done and dusted and attention is now turning to what Apple will announce later this year. We're pretty confident in saying Apple will announce four new iPhones in September or October and now we have a concept video showing them all off. And they look stunning.

This is the first concept video I've come across that shows all four iPhone 12 models and running at more than three minutes it isn't your usual concept video. It's lengthy, but it's detailed and we get to see the most amazing purple iPhone 12 ever. If Apple makes this thing it'll be super popular.

Check it out.

iPhone 12 Introducing Trailer 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Series is Finally HERE with Totally NEW DESIGN and LiDAR Scanner, iOS 14, New Navy Blue Color and a lot of surprises!

This iPhone 12 video shows all Apple 2020 lineup - iPhone 12 ( 5.4" ) , iPhone 12 Max ( 6.1" ) , iPhone 12 Pro ( 6.1" ) and iPhone 12 Pro Max ( 6.7" ).

The concept was created by Devam Jangra and shared by the ConceptsiPhone YouTube account – and if you weren't already looking forward to this year's iPhones, I'm confident you are now!

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones in either September or October, depending on who you believe. Apple's usual September window might be impossible to meet due to the strain the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on its design and manufacturing process. But hey, what's another couple of weeks between friends?