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One of the thriftiest ways to fill your home with holiday cheer is to buy your decorations the day after Christmas. You can stock up on wrapping paper, Christmas lights, tree trimmings, and more with huge discounts you won't see come next December. Before you pack up your Christmas box for another year, grab some of these decorations on sale up to 70% off right now.

American Greetings wrapping paper

You know it's going to happen — you're sitting down to wrap your presents and realize you only have a small square of wrapping paper left. Don't let that happen next Christmas. Stock up on a wide variety of wrapping paper right now. You'll thank your Christmas Past self next year.

Wrap it up

American Greetings wallpaper

American Greetings wrapping paper

Decorations for your presents

American Greetings has a wide variety of Christmas wrapping paper, some of it on sale more than 50% off. Stock up now for half the price.

Brite Star mini string lights (100 count)

Every year, I lose a set of Christmas lights. Fuses blow, bulbs break, I literally lose them ... I'm always scrambling to replace my lights at the last minute. This year, instead of paying full price, I'll be stocking up on these clear bulbs with green wires at 50% off. There are a dozen additional color options, but only this one is half off and it's only half off today, so you'd better get on it before its too late.

Tree trimming

Brite Star Christmas lights

Brite Star mini string lights (100 count)

Making spirits (and Christmas trees) bright.

Don't be left in the dark next Christmas. Grab yourself a couple of spare light strands now, just in case your old set of lights breaks in storage.

Capiz Star tree topper

Is it getting to be that time to replace the old tree topper? I know they tend to have sentimental value, but sometimes, those decades-old hand-made stars and angles just finally need to be put out to pasture. If you're ready to move on, this elegant midcentury modern style tree topper might just be the replacement you've been looking for. It comes with four replacement bulbs and a couple of extra fuses, too. It's 50% off today only.

It's tops!

Capiz Star Tree topper

Capiz Star tree topper

The final decoration on the tree.

Light up your tree with this beautiful retro tree topper at an unbeatable discount. Don't wait until next year.

Papyrus greeting cards box set

Every year, I'm under pressure to send the perfect holiday greeting to friends and family. Cards can't be too cheap looking, but I also don't want to spend a fortune on the fancy cards. Papryus, my favorite card maker, has a huge selection of holiday greeting cards on sale up to 44% off. I can get the fancy ones at the cheap card prices.

Send a message

Papyrus Christmas cards

Papyrus greeting cards box set

From all of us to all of you.

Get your yearly holiday greetings in order way in advance and spend less being well-prepared.

NOMA 6.5-foot faux Christmas tree

Picking a live Christmas tree out can be stressful. Is it too small? Is it crooked? Will it fit in the living room? Some synthetic Christmas trees look so close to the real thing that you can't even tell the difference. If you want that fresh tree smell, a room freshener can simulate that. This particular model is pre-lit, so half the decorating is already done.

Forever evergreen

6.5-foot Christmas tree

NOMA 6.5-foot faux Christmas tree

Never throw this Christmas tree away.

When you start the holiday season with a brand new pre-lit Christmas tree, the rest of the season goes a lot easier.

GE 12-foot, three-outlet extension cord

The more lights you plug in, the more plugs you need for them. It's especially difficult when you're trying to light up your holiday decorations when they're 10 feet away from the nearest plug. I always keep a couple of spare extension cords in my decorations box that are only used around the holidays. It's much easier to decide where to put the tree when I know I have the luxury of setting it up anywhere in the room and still be able to light it up.

Extend the power

GE 12-foot Christmas tree

GE 12-foot, three-outlet extension cord

12 feet of extended power with three extra plugs

You'll be able to make holiday decorating extend to any room in the house without worrying about where to plug in the lights with one (or five) of these GE extension cords.

Lenox mini nativity set

My dad spent five years hand-making a nativity scene that literally takes up an entire wall of his house. It's incredible, beautiful (ask me to show you a picture sometime), and takes up way too much space. I much prefer something simple and small, which is why I love this Lenox nativity set. There are seven figurines measuring a scant 4-inches tall, which fit perfectly on my mantel. Each figurine is trimmed in gold and painted with holly. It's on sale today only for an incredible 45% off.

Baby Jesus et al.

Lenox mini Nativity set

Lenox mini nativity set

Away in a manger.

Get this beautiful porcelain nativity set today for half off so you can show it off at next year's holiday party.

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