Amazon Photos On IphoneSource: Amazon

What you need to know

  • Amazon Photos for iOS has a new look.
  • Additions include a memories feature and more.

Amazon Photos for iOS has a new update that brings with it a new look and a raft of new features that include a big new memories offering, making it easier to see photos from the past, right when you need them most.

Announced via a blog post, the new update is also now available in the App Store for those who already have it installed. Everyone who doesn't can go install it afresh now.

With the new app isntalled people will first notice a simplified home screen, making the app easier to navigate overall.

Easily access your photos, customized slideshows, and account information: Now all within thumb's reach. Experience easier maneuverability on mobile and photo memories you can surface at the speed of thought.

Amazon has also added a new memories implementation that delivers slide shows and more using old photos from your collection.

Customized slideshows provide regular access to photo memories. See a daily feed for your memories including today's date in years past, special trips, moments together, season's highlights, and randomized daily shuffles designed to surprise and delight.

All of that and more is detailed in the announcement post and the update makes Amazon Photos better than ever. Is it the best iPhone app for storing photos? I'm not so sure about that, but it's getting better and that's great news for everyone. Competition makes iCloud Photos better in the long run, after all!

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