Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review: Almost the ideal XL gaming chair

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Bottom line: The Anda Seat T-Pro 2 features a soft fabric material, offers good back support, has a steel frame, and can hold up to 441 pounds. However, it's better suited to average-sized folks rather than the big and tall crowd that it's marketed to.


  • +

    Sturdy steel frame

  • +

    Comfortable back pillow

  • +

    20-minute assembly

  • +

    Beautiful fabric material

  • +

    4D armrests

  • +

    441-pound weight limit


  • -


  • -

    Seat cushion is a horrible shape for larger folks

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I'm a big fan of Anda Seat as I believe this company makes some of the best gaming chairs on the market. The T-Pro 2 is no exception and is probably the perfect gaming chair for many people out there. It's made with high-quality materials, looks amazing, and feels incredibly sturdy. However, considering that it's heavily marketed as an XL or King-size gaming chair, it has one major design flaw that makes it fall short for big and tall folks.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review: What I like

Andaseat T Pro (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The chair arrives unassembled with 11 separate parts, but the helpful instructions and the included Allen wrench make setup a breeze. It didn't take me more than 30 minutes to put together.

Beautiful design

The T-Pro 2 is incredibly sturdy with its steel frame, aluminum wheelbase, and dense foam padding. It's covered in a soft fabric, unlike the usual PVC leather that many other Anda Seat models have. This material looks gorgeous and comes in three colors: blue, grey, and black, with soft black trim going down the sides.

Andaseat T Pro 2 Logo Felt Sides (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

I really like this fabric because, unlike PVC leather gaming chairs, it doesn't feel extremely cold to the touch during the winter months, nor does it feel sticky and sweaty during high-temperature days. The tradeoff is that the fabric is more likely to stain with dropped food or sweat than PVC leather chairs are.

I love the overall look of the chair, including the fine stitched logos and color scheme. While the design is sporty, it looks elegant rather than racecar flashy like many other gaming chairs out there. It could even fit in at a formal office and not seem out of place.

Comfortable seating

Andaseat T Pro 2 Back Pillow (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The biggest reason to get a gaming chair is so you can have better back support and comfy seating while sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The T-Pro 2 accomplishes this by supplying great back and neck support.

I absolutely love the back pillow in particular, as it actually fits the shape of my back and is designed in such a way that it slides to the perfect position whenever I adjust the seat angle. It's also soft and filled with memory foam to gently but firmly keep my spine in good posture. Both the back pillow and the neck pillow can be removed if they aren't to your liking.

Andaseat T Pro 2 Armrest (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Andaseat T Pro 2 Armrest Button (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

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I do think that the armrests look a little shabby compared to the rest of the chair. However, they're wonderful in terms of functionality. I can adjust them up and down, side to side, front and back, or even make them pivot towards me or away from me. With all of these options, anyone can find the position that feels most comfortable for them regardless of what angle they're sitting in.

Andaseat T Pro 2 Leaning Back (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Another awesome thing about Anda Seat's XL gaming chair is that it can recline 160 degrees. But it can go even further if I unlock the tilt mechanism and lay back. When seated like this, I'm basically parallel to the floor without feeling like I'm going to fall over. It's incredibly comfortable, and I'm sure I could take a nap like that.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review: What I don't like

Andaseat T Pro 2 Seat Cushion (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

This chair feels perfect for me, but that's a bad thing in some ways since I'm only five-foot-six-inches tall and not the intended audience.

As an XL gaming chair, the T-Pro 2 is meant for big and tall folks. Since my husband is six-foot-five-inches tall and weighs 260 pounds, I had him check it out to see if it was a good fit. He immediately noted that the seat cushion design was very uncomfortable, and if it weren't for that, this would be his ideal chair.

The bad cushion nullifies the advantage of the 441-pound weight limit since there isn't room for a larger person to sit comfortably.

The cushion's sides jut up and dig into his thighs, which makes them feel sore if he sits in the chair for more than 30 minutes. These vertical cushions also push his legs together and don't allow him to adjust his body as easily while sitting, which can be really uncomfortable during long desk sessions.

This is obviously a bad design that nullifies the advantage of the 441-pound weight limit since there isn't ample room for a larger person to sit comfortably. If the chair had a flat seat cushion rather than a sporty bucket seat, it would be far more comfortable and accessible to the larger folks to whom it's marketed.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review: Competition

Andaseat T Pro 2 Logo Stitching (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

If the T-Pro 2 isn't quite what you're looking for, there are other great gaming chairs on the market.

Anda Seat Dark Demon is another great chair with a more comfortable seat cushion than the T-Pro 2. It can hold up to 350 pounds and still has that sporty look to it.

The Vertagear PL-6000 can hold up to 350 pounds and offers a flatter seat cushion. The padding isn't as soft as Anda Seat foam, but it won't dig into your thighs.

If you don't necessarily need a big and tall option, then you should check out these fun Anda Seat Marvel series gaming chairs. They come in Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, or Ant-Man designs.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review: Should you buy it?

Andaseat T Pro 2 Backside (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

This can be the perfect chair for some and a very uncomfortable chair for others. If you're an average size and are looking for something comfortable that will last you a long time, you should consider purchasing the T-Pro 2. It offers excellent back support, comfortable cushioning, and an elegant look that fits in any office or home.

However, if you're a larger human who tends to take up more space on the seat cushion, this won't be a very good fit. The sides of the sporty design will feel confining and might even dig painfully into your thighs. This is a huge flaw considering this is supposed to be an XL gaming chair that can hold 441 pounds. What's the point of the high weight limit when the cushion doesn't provide the space needed for a larger person to sit?

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