The world's best gaming chair now comes in 'lite' — Secretlab debuts new TITAN Evo with friendlier price tag

Secretlab TITAN Evo Lite
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Secretlab, maker of the incredible Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair, has today unveiled a brand new cheaper version that the company says is 20% cheaper than its predecessor while delivering “95% of the same premium experience.” 

Dubbed the “Secretlab TITAN Evo Lite,” Secretlab says it has retained all of the most important features and ergonomics from the premium version while removing some of the “luxury” features to bring down costs. 

Full disclosure, the new Secretlab Titan Evo Lite does still cost £389/$449, so while it’s not a “budget” chair per se, it is indeed 20% cheaper than the standard TITAN Evo 2022. So what does Secretlab’s “Lite” offering promise for its more affordable price tag, and how is it different from the top-of-the-range model? 

Secretlab TITAN Evo Lite - on paper 

The TITAN Evo Lite boasts broadly the same design as the regular TITAN Evo, and at first glance, they look pretty much identical. It’s available in five of Secretlab’s best-selling colors, two leatherette finishes (Stealth and Black), and three SoftWeave colors (Cookies & Cream, Charcoal Blue, and Black). 

The Lite model offers slightly less premium versions of the aforementioned leather and SoftWeave covers, with the NEO Hybrid Leatherette and the SoftWeave Plus reserved for the more expensive Evo. 

There’s no small option for users below 169cm or 5’6”, and the Magnetic Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel doesn’t come included. The armrests are 4D adjustable but don’t come with CloudSwap, so there’s no option to change them out for different ones. There is a lumbar support, but it doesn’t have 4-way adjustability. Finally, the wheelbase of the regular model is nylon. (The XL version, however, does come with an aluminum version)

Having extensively reviewed the original TITAN Evo 2022, I can comfortably say that there are no huge omissions here, and Secretlab is right that some of the features from my chair are a luxury. The only one I’d highlight is the memory foam pillow, which is really a necessity for optimal comfort when using the chair. An extra you’ll probably need to buy at some point, if not straight away. 

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