Boulies Master Max 2024 Review: A great all-rounder chair

Looking pretty in green

The Boulies Master Max 2024
(Image: © Future / James Bentley)

iMore Verdict

The Boulies Master Max 2024 is an excellent chair with a nice build quality and great feel, even if a middling build experience lets it down a little


  • +

    Great build quality

  • +

    Nice selection of colors

  • +

    Comfortable to sit on


  • -

    Instructions are unclear

  • -

    The setup is a little finicky

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Given the wide range of prices chairs can be, it’s hard to know how much you should be spending to make your home office/lounge/gaming setup great. The Boulies Master Max 24, with some nice features at a low price, tries to straddle that line between too cheap and too expensive and does it admirably. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Price and Availability

The front of the Boulies Master Max 2024

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Boulies Master Max 2024 can only be bought from the Boulies site for $499 with the Ultraflex PU upholstery coming in Black, Brown, and Blue and the Water Repellant Fabric upholstery available in Charcoal Grey, Como, Slate Blue, and Ash Grey. The Nappa Leather also comes in Black. Mine came in Como Green, which looks fantastic in person.

The stock has not fluctuated majorly since I’ve been watching it and it arrived in just a few days. For how comfortable and strong the chair is, this is a very reasonable price. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Build quality and ease of construction

The front of the Boulies Master Max 2024

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

Unfortunately, one of the worst parts of the Boulies Master Max 2024 is building it. Aside from the discomfort of lugging heavy chair parts around to connect it, there were two central problems in the build process. First, the instructions in the manual are rather unclear. I didn’t have too much of a problem putting it together as I have built similar chairs but someone relatively inexperienced may struggle. 

Furthermore, a bracing that connects the seat to the cushion at the back is rather finicky and hard to place. You need to change the chair’s position specifically to fit it and, even then, it feels a bit like guesswork. 

There are three central proponents making up the chair: the wheels section, the seat, and the backrest. This is a relatively standard setup for most chairs. Once built, the Boulies Master Max 2024 is a very sturdy chair with a solid frame and nice armrests. There is a little bit of plastic near the bottom of those armrests that gives away a slightly cheaper feel and the top of my left armrest has a small crack not present on the other. This makes my left arm wobble a little more than the right. Outside of this, every other part of this chair has a great feel and build quality. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Looks and style

The front of the Boulies Master Max 2024

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Boulies Master Max 2024 looks great and it has tonnes of unusual colors, allowing you to really customize your space. It is noticeably a bit more on the gaming side than a traditional office chair but not so much that it sticks out in an office setting. 

I found it working at its best in a more casual home office environment, placing the formality of work with the comfort of home. Though the sides of the chair are curved to hold your back, they make the chair stand out in a smooth way. Perhaps more angular than a normal office chair, it adds personality to the design. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Comfort

The seat of the Boulies Master Max 2024

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Boulies Master Max 2024 is a very comfortable chair, especially given how rigid the back support looks from the outside. Once you’ve sat down, that support helps to align your back without feeling invasive. Armrests can be moved with relative ease and a lever on either side of the bottom of the chair can adjust height and incline quickly. 

The material on the seat itself feels great to sit on, allowing just enough slack under weight to sink in. This sinking feeling is particularly good after a few hours in the chair as you can customise the height of the lumbar support to fit the groove of your back. It’s quite a big chair which means I, a 6’1 bigger guy could comfortably stretch my legs while sitting. Someone with a smaller frame may consider it a little too large but the comfortable materials should help out. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Competition

The Boulies Master max 2024 from the front

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

We loved the Secretlab Titan last year and this can be purchased for a very similar price. If you need something a bit bigger and want a ‘gamer’ style chair, this is probably a good choice.  For a lot more, you could pick up the Herman Miller Aeron Chair at $1,275 but for half the price, the Boulies Master Max 2024 is an excellent choice. 

Boulies Master Max 2024: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if...

  • You are looking for a cheap and comfortable chair
  • You want a gaming chair
  • You want unusual chair colors

You shouldn’t buy this if...

  • You aren’t that comfortable building chairs
  • You want more of an office-style look


Though a tough build process may let it down somewhat, the Boulies Master Max 2024 combines a reasonable price point with excellent comfort to provide a chair that fits in almost any environment. 

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