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Villagers are a massive part of the full Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience, but something many aren't aware of is that each villager has a different type of personality. Personalities influence a lot of different things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it can be difficult to keep track of what they impact, what different types of personalities there are, and which villager has which personality. Don't worry though, as this guide covers all three of those things in great detail. Here's a list of all the different villager personalities in the game, as well as what each of them do and which villagers have them.

Welcome to island life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The joyful game the world needs

Upon coming to a deserted island, you'll be able to harvest materials, collect bugs, go fishing, build your dream house, and make friends with animal villagers. This is an adorable life simulator that you can get lost in.

All villager personalities

What are personalities?

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Villager personalities are different types of character archetypes that dictate many different things about your villagers. These include how they talk, what they wear, what their day-to-day hobbies are, and how they interact with other villagers. There are four unique personalities for both male and female villagers, making for eight personality types in total. Here's a full breakdown of all eight different personality types:

Male villagers

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsSource: iMore

  • Cranky: Cranky villagers tend to be rough around the edges when first spoken to, but will gradually become more friendly with the player as time passes. They spend most of their day outside of their house, wandering around and gossiping. By default, most of them wear sweaters, jackets, and tee shirts. In terms of how they get along with other villagers, they get along well with Snooty villagers since they both value maturity, and they also generally enjoy spending time with Jock, Lazy, and Normal villagers as well. They strongly dislike Peppy, Smug, and Uchi villagers, however, as they're not a fan of their behaviors. Cranky villagers have deeper voices than any other villager type in the game, and many of the Cranky villagers have unhappy facial expressions.

  • Jock: Jock villagers have an obsession with sports and health, often expressing how dedicated they are to fitness and their pride in their physique when talking to the player or other villagers. They spend the majority of their daily routine outside of their homes, and can often be spotted doing exercises like stretching, sprinting, and lifting a dumbbell. Due to their fitness-focused nature, Jock villagers are almost always wearing tank tops or tee shirts. Because they're usually in a friendly, encouraging mood, Jocks get along with every villager type except for Snooty and Lazy villagers. They hate the uptight nature of Snooty villagers, while the greedy and idle behavior of Lazy villagers directly contradicts their active and energetic lifestyle.

  • Lazy: Lazy villagers are, in essence, the opposite of Jock villagers. They spend a large part of their day inside of their house, and they love eating food, which is usually the subject they discuss the most when speaking to others. When they go outside, they like fishing, bug-catching, and sitting near trees or rivers and relaxing. In general, they can be found wearing tee-shirts or sweaters. They, like Jocks, tend to get along with everyone because of how polite and friendly they are. However, Jock, Snooty, and Peppy villagers harbor a dislike for their laid back approach to life and lack of drive to be outgoing.

  • Smug: Smug villagers were introduced in the last Animal Crossing game, New Leaf, and as such, are still relatively new in the series. They're polite and gentlemanly, but they also tend to have a bloated ego and will gloat about themselves and how cool they are. They split their time between their home and exploring the village fairly equally, and while outside, they usually enjoy walking around and speaking to others. Most Smug villagers wear jackets, vests, or sweaters, and often they will have a happy expression. They get along with most other villagers due to their gentlemanly demeanor, but their ego annoys Cranky and Uchi villagers. Sometimes they can annoy Jocks as well, although this is much rarer.

Female villagers

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  • Normal: Normal villagers are, well, normal. They have a neutral outlook on life and are pleasant to everyone they come across. They split their time evenly between their house and exploring the village, and will usually do a wide variety of activities while outdoors. They're passionate about cleanliness and cooking, which is revealed during conversations with them. Normal villagers are often found wearing tons of different clothing types, ranging from dresses to tank tops and everything between. Their kind demeanor makes them easy for most villagers to get along with, but Cranky villagers do tend to get on their nerves because of how rude they often can be. Snooty villagers may bother them, too, although not as much as Cranky ones.

  • Peppy: Peppy villagers are similar to Normal villagers in the sense that cleanliness is vital to them and that they're both friendly and neutral on many topics, but they are hyper, extremely extroverted, and can often be a little overbearing. They spend almost their entire day outside of their house and can frequently be found talking to other villagers or engaging in a random activity. They wear colorful clothes of all kinds and will always have a smile on their face. Like Normal villagers, they get along with everyone except Cranky and Snooty villagers. In some cases, the two "sides" in these arguments will start rumors about each other, leading to even more hot-headedness. Compared to the other personalities, their voices are noticeably higher-pitched.

  • Snooty: Snooty villagers are high-strung and uptight. They have an inflated ego similar to Smug villagers, and will often obsess over fashion and their public reputation. Because of this, Snooty villagers are always in fancy shirts or dresses; they are always seen wearing some form of makeup. They spend an equal amount of time inside and out of their homes, and they enjoy gossiping. Their arrogant nature makes them a favorite of Cranky villagers, and Smug ones love their fashion taste. However, every other personality type tends to be angered or bothered by how obnoxious, and rude Snooty villagers can be. They will warm up to the player given enough time, but they will still make a nasty comment from time to time.

  • Uchi: Uchi (or "Big Sister" in Japanese) villagers are, like Smug villagers, new to the series since they were only recently introduced in New Leaf. However, there are even fewer Uchi villagers than there are Smug ones, making them the rarest personality in the series. They express care for the player and other villagers, and will often try and show them things they think are cool, interesting, or useful. They can be blunt and sarcastic, though never in a rude way. They wear a variety of different pieces of clothing and will usually appear happy. They spend an equal amount of time inside and outside of their home, and while outside, they will stretch, dance, and even sing. Their caring nature makes them popular amongst the vast majority of villagers, but their bluntness annoys Cranky and Snooty villagers. Uchi villagers will almost always give the player medicine if they see that the player was stung by wasps.

List of each villager's personality

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Each villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is assigned one of these eight personalities. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of every villager, along with their species, birthdate, and catchphrase, all sorted by personality.

Jock Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Jock BillySource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Jitters Bird February 2nd bzzert
Jay Bird July 17th heeeeeyy
Iggly Penguin November 2nd waddler
Genji Rabbit January 21st mochi
Frobert Frog February 8th fribbit
Goose Chicken October 4th buh-kay
Hamlet Hamster May 30th hammie
Dom Sheep March 18th indeedaroo
Curly Pig July 26th nyoink
Drift Frog October 9th brah
Flip Monkey November 21st rerack
Biff Hippo March 29th squirt
Bill Duck February 1st quacko
Billy Goat March 25th dagnaabit
Bam Deer November 7th kablam
Antonio Anteater October 20th honk
Axel Elephant March 23rd WHONK
Bud Lion August 8th maaan
Buck Horse April 4th pardner
Boots Alligator August 7th munchie
Boone Gorilla September 12th baboom
Cobb Pig October 7th hot dog
Coach Bull April 29th stubble
Cousteau Frog December 17th oui oui
Poncho Cub January 2nd li'l bear
Peck Bird July 25th crunch
Pierce Eagle January 8th hawkeye
Mott Lion July 10th cagey
Mac Dog November 11th woo woof
Lyman Koala October 12th chips
Louie Gorilla March 26th hoo hoo ha
Kevin Pig April 26th weeweewee
Kid Cat Cat August 1st psst
Kody Cub September 28th grah-grah
Leonardo Tiger May 15th flexin
Moose Mouse September 13th shorty
Sprocket Ostrich December 1st zort
Sparro Bird November 20th like whoa
Sly Alligator November 15th hoo-rah
Snake Rabbit November 3rd bunyip
Samson Mouse July 5th pipsqueak
Rudy Cat December 20th mush
Rowan Tiger August 26th mango
Scoot Duck June 13th zip zoom
Sheldon Squirrel February 26th cardio
Ribbot Frog February 13th zzrrbbitt
Rod Mouse August 14th ace
Roald Penguin January 5th b-b-buddy
Rory Lion August 7th capital
Tank Rhino May 6th kerPOW
Teddy Bear September 26th grooof
Sterling Eagle December 11th skraaaaw
Stinky Cat August 17th GAHHHH
Tad Frog August 3rd sluuuurp
Tybalt Tiger August 19th grrRAH

Uchi Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Uchi KattSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Katt Cat April 27th purrty
Fuchsia Deer September 19th precious
Hazel Squirrel August 30th uni-wow
Diva Frog October 2nd ya know
Deirdre Deer May 4th whatevs
Flo Penguin September 2nd cha
Frita Sheep July 16th oh ewe
Agnes Pig April 21st snuffle
Canberra Koala May 14th nuh uh
Cherry Dog May 11th what what
Charlise Bear April 17th urgh
Plucky Chicken October 12th chicky-poo
Phoebe Ostrich April 22nd sparky
Muffy Sheep February 14th nightshade
Pashmina Goat December 26th kidders
Paula Bear March 22nd yodelay
Mira Rabbit July 6th cottontail
Shari Monkey April 10th cheeky
Renée Rhino May 28th yo yo yo
Reneigh Horse June 4th ayup, yup
Rocket Gorilla April 14th vroom
Tammy Cub June 23rd ya heard
Sylvia Kangaroo May 3rd boing
Ursala Bear January 16th grooomph

Cranky Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Cranky MontySource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Kabuki Cat November 29th meooo-OH
Hopper Penguin April 6th slushie
Ike Bear May 16th roadie
Gonzo Koala October 13th mate
Gaston Rabbit October 28th mon chou
Gruff Goat August 29th bleh eh eh
Groucho Bear October 23rd grumble
Grizzly Bear July 31st grrr...
Hamphrey Hamster February 25th snort
Harry Hippo January 7th beach bum
Dobie Wolf February 17th ohmmm
Curt Bear July 1st fuzzball
Croque Frog July 18th as if
Cyrano Anteater March 9th ah-CHOO
Cyd Elephant June 9th rockin'
Del Alligator May 27th gronk
Fang Wolf December 18th cha-chomp
Elvis Lion July 23rd unh-hunh
Frank Eagle July 30th crushy
Angus Bull April 30th macmoo
Admiral Bird January 27th aye aye
Apollo Eagle July 4th pah
Avery Eagle February 22nd skree-haw
Camofrog Frog June 5th ten-hut
Butch Dog November 1st ROOOOOWF
Buzz Eagle December 7th captain
Boris Pig November 6th schnort
Boyd Gorilla October 1st uh-oh
Bruce Deer May 26th gruff
Chow Bear July 22nd aiya
Chief Wolf December 19th harrumph
Cesar Gorilla September 6th highness
Peewee Gorilla September 11th li'l dude
Octavian Octopus September 20th sucker
Murphy Cub December 29th laddie
Limberg Mouse October 17th squinky
Lobo Wolf November 5th ah-rooooo
Knox Chicken November 23rd cluckling
Monty Monkey December 7th g'tang
Static Squirrel July 9th krzzt
Spike Rhino June 17th punk
Ricky Squirrel September 14th nutcase
Rasher Pig April 7th swine
Rizzo Mouse January 17th squee
Rocco Hippo August 18th hippie
Rolf Tiger August 22nd grrrolf
Rooney Kangaroo December 1st punches
Roscoe Horse June 16th nay
Tom Cat December 10th me-YOWZA
T-Bone Bull May 20th moocher
Vladimir Cub August 2nd nyet
Vic Bull December 29th cud
Wart Jr. Frog August 21st grr-ribbit
Walt Kangaroo April 24th pockets
Wolfgang Wolf November 25th snarrrl

Normal Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Normal MelbaSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Alice Koala August 19th guvnor
Annalisa Anteater February 6th gumdrop
Aurora Penguin January 27th b-b-baby
Ava Chicken April 28th beaker
Bea Dog October 15th bingo
Bertha Hippo April 25th bloop
Bettina Mouse June 12th eekers
Cally Squirrel September 4th WHEE
Caroline Squirrel July 15th hulaaaa
Carrie Kangaroo December 5th little one
Celia Eagle March 25th feathers
Chevre Goat March 6th la baa
Coco Rabbit March 1st doyoing
Daisy Dog November 16th bow-WOW
Deena Duck June 27th woowoo
Dora Mouse February 18th squeaky
Ellie Elephant May 12th li'l one
Eunice Sheep April 3rd lambchop
Fauna Deer March 26th dearie
Flurry Hamster January 30th powderpuff
Gala Pig March 5th snortie
Gayle Alligator May 17th snacky
Gladys Ostrich January 15th stretch
Goldie Dog December 27th woof
Jambette Frog October 27th croak-kay
June Cub May 21st rainbow
Kiki Cat October 8th kitty cat
Kitt Kangaroo October 11th child
Lily Frog February 4th toady
Lolly Cat March 27th bonbon
Lucy Pig June 2nd snoooink
Maggie Pig September 3rd schep
Maple Cub June 15th honey
Marcie Kangaroo May 31st pouches
Margie Elephant January 28th tootie
Marina Octopus June 26th blurp
Megan Bear March 13th sundae
Melba Koala April 12th toasty
Merengue Rhino March 19th shortcake
Midge Bird March 12th tweedledee
Mitzi Cat September 25th mew
Molly Duck March 7th quackidee
Nan Goat August 24th kid
Nana Monkey August 23rd po po
Norma Cow September 20th hoof hoo
Olive Cub July 12th sweet pea
Peaches Horse November 28th neighbor
Pekoe Cub May 18th bud
Poppy Squirrel August 5th nutty
Rhonda Rhino January 24th bigfoot
Sally Squirrel June 19th nutmeg
Sandy Ostrich October 21st speedy
Savannah Horse January 25th y'all
Skye Wolf March 24th airmail
Stella Sheep April 9th baa-dabing
Sydney Koala June 21st sunshine
Sylvana Squirrel October 22nd hubbub
Tia Elephant November 18th teacup
Vesta Sheep April 16th baaaffo

Lazy Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Lazy DeliSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Jeremiah Frog July 8th nee-deep
Joey Duck January 3rd bleeeeeck
Hornsby Rhino March 20th schnozzle
Hopkins Rabbit March 11th thumper
Hugh Pig December 30th snortle
Jacob/Jakey Bird August 24th chuuuuurp
Drake Duck June 25th quacko
Drago Alligator February 12th burrrn
Doc Rabbit March 16th ol' bunny
Derwin Duck May 25th derrrrr
Deli Monkey May 24th monch
Dizzy Elephant January 14th woo-oo
Cranston Ostrich September 23rd sweatband
Cube Penguin January 29th d-d-dude
Erik Deer July 27th chow down
Egbert Chicken October 14th doodle-duh
Elmer Horse October 5th tenderfoot
Filbert Squirrel June 3rd bucko
Bob Cat January 1st pthhhpth
Biskit Dog May 13th dog
Big Top Elephant October 3rd villain
Barold Cub March 2nd cubby
Beau Deer April 5th saltlick
Benedict Chicken October 10th uh-hoo
Benjamin Dog August 3rd alrighty
Anchovy Bird March 4th chuurp
Al Gorilla October 18th Ayyeeee
Alfonso Alligator June 9th it'sa me
Bones Dog August 4th yip yip
Boomer Penguin February 7th human
Broccolo Mouse June 30th eat it
Chester Cub August 6th rookie
Clyde Horse May 1st clip-clawp
Clay Hamster October 19th thump
Claude Rabbit December 3rd hopalong
Cole Rabbit August 10th duuude
Punchy Cat April 11th mrmpht
Pudge Cub June 11th pudgy
Puck Penguin February 21st brrrrrrrrr
Prince Frog July 21st burrup
Nate Bear August 16th yawwwn
Ozzie Koala May 7th ol' bear
Papi Horse January 10th haaay
Paolo Elephant May 5th pal
Lucky Dog November 4th rrr-owch
Marcel Dog December 31st non
Moe Cat January 12th myawn
Spork/Crackle Pig September 3rd snork
Simon Monkey January 19th zzzook
Sherb Goat January 18th bawwww
Rex Lion July 24th cool cat
Raddle Frog June 6th aaach-
Rodeo Bull October 29th chaps
Stu Bull April 20th moo-dude
Stitches Cub February 10th stuffin'
Tucker Elephant September 7th fuzzers
Weber Duck June 30th quaa
Wade Penguin October 30th so it goes
Walker Dog June 10th wuh
Zucker Octopus March 8th bloop

Peppy Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Peppy AppleSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Ketchup Peppy Duck July 27th | bitty
Gabi Rabbit December 16th honeybun
Dotty Rabbit March 14th wee one
Flora Ostrich February 9th pinky
Felicity Cat March 30th mimimi
Freckles Duck February 19th ducky
Bangle Tiger August 27th growf
Bianca Tiger December 13th glimmer
Bluebear Cub June 24th peach
Bella Mouse December 28th eeks
Anicotti Mouse February 24th cannoli
Anabelle Anteater February 16th snorty
Agent S Squirrel July 2nd sidekick
Audie Wolf August 31st Foxtrot
Apple Hamster September 24th cheekers
Candi Mouse April 13th sweetie
Carmen Rabbit January 6th nougat
Bunnie Rabbit May 9th tee-hee
Bonbon Rabbit March 3rd deelish
Cookie Dog June 18th arfer
Chrissy Rabbit August 28th sparkles
Cheri Cub March 17th tralala
Bubbles Hippo September 18th hipster
Pippy Rabbit June 14th li'l hare
Pompom Duck February 11th rah rah
Pinky Bear September 9th wah
Puddles Frog January 13th splish
Piper Bird April 18th chickadee
Peggy Pig May 23rd shweetie
Penelope Mouse February 5th oh bow
Peanut Squirrel June 8th slacker
Nibbles Squirrel July 19th niblet
Pango Anteater November 9th snooooof
Pate Duck February 23rd quackle
Patty Cow May 10th how-now
Maddie Dog January 11th yippee
Merry Cat June 29th mweee
Sprinkle Penguin February 20th frappe
Rosie Cat February 27th silly
Ruby Rabbit December 25th li'l ears
Tabby Cat August 13th me-WOW
Tangy Cat June 17th reeeeOWR
Truffles Pig July 28th snoutie
Tammi Monkey April 2nd chimpy
Twiggy Bird July 13th cheepers
Tutu Bear November 15th twinkles
Victoria Horse July 11th sugar cube
Wendy Sheep August 15th lambkins
Winnie Horse January 31st hay-OK

Smug Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Smug KeatonSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Ken Chicken December 23rd no doubt
Keaton Eagle June 1st wingo
Julian Horse March 15th glitter
Huck Frog July 9th hopper
Henry Frog September 21st snoozit
Hippeux Hippo October 15th natch
Jacques Bird June 22nd zut alors
Graham Hamster June 20th indeed
Hans Gorilla December 5th groovy
Curlos Sheep May 8th shearly
Eugene Koala October 26th yeah buddy
Ed Horse September 16th greenhorn
Beardo Bear September 27th whiskers
Chops Pig October 13th zoink
Chadder Mouse December 15th fromage
Colton Horse May 22nd check it
Phil Ostrich November 27th hurk
Pietro Sheep April 19th honk honk
Olaf Anteater May 19th whiffa
O'Hare Rabbit July 24th amigo
Lucha Bird December 12th cacaw
Lionel Lion July 29th precisely
Lopez Deer August 20th buckaroo
Kidd Goat June 28th wut
Klaus Bear March 31st strudel
Kyle Wolf December 6th alpha
Leopold Lion August 14th lion cub
Marshal Squirrel September 29th sulky
Shep Dog November 24th baaa man
Quillson Duck December 22nd ridukulous
Raymond Cat October 1st crisp
Rodney Hamster November 10th le ham
Tex Penguin October 6th picante
Zell Deer June 7th pronk

Snooty Villagers

Acnh Freya And FaunaSource: iMore

Name Species Birthdate Catchphrase
Judy Cub March 10th myohmy
Julia Ostrich July 31st dahling
Gloria Duck August 12th quacker
Gigi Frog August 11th ribette
Greta Mouse September 5th yelp
Gwen Penguin January 23rd h-h-hon
Diana Deer January 4th no doy
Eloise Elephant December 8th tooooot
Elise Monkey March 21st puh-lease
Francine Rabbit January 22nd karat
Freya Wolf December 14th uff da
Friga Penguin October 16th brrmph
Blanche Ostrich December 21st quite so
Bitty Hippo October 6th my dear
Blaire Squirrel July 3rd nutlet
Baabara Sheep March 28th daahling
Becky Chicken December 9th chicklet
Alli Alligator November 8th graaagh
Amelia Eagle November 19th cuz
Ankha Cat September 22nd me meow
Annalise Horse December 2nd nipper
Astrid Kangaroo September 8th my pet
Bree Mouse July 7th cheeseball
Broffina Chicken October 24th cluckadoo
Cashmere Sheep April 2nd baaaby
Cleo Horse February 9th sugar
Claudia Tiger November 22nd ooh la la
Portia Dog October 25th ruffian
Pecan Squirrel September 10th chipmunk
Naomi Cow February 28th moolah
Pancetti Pig November 14th sooey
Olivia Cat February 3rd purrr
Opal Elephant January 20th snoot
Kitty Cat February 15th mrowrr
Mathilda Kangaroo November 12th wee baby
Maelle Duck April 8th duckling
Mallary Duck November 17th quackpth
Mint Squirrel May 2nd ahhhhhh
Miranda Duck April 23rd quackulous
Monique Cat September 30th pffffft
Soleil Hamster August 9th tarnation
Snooty Anteater August 24th snifffff
Purrl Cat May 29th kitten
Queenie Ostrich November 13th chicken
Robin Bird December 4th la-di-da
Tipper Cow August 25th pushy
Tiffany Rabbit January 9th bun bun
Timbra Sheep October 21st pine nut
Tasha Squirrel November 30th nice nice
Vivian Wolf January 26th piffle
Violet Gorilla September 1st sweetie
Velma Goat January 14th blih
Whitney Wolf September 17th snappy
Willow Sheep November 26th bo peep
Yuka Koala July 20th tsk tsk


Do you have any questions about the different personality types? Who is your favorite villager? Let us know in the comments. For more on Animal Crossing's lovely villagers, check out our guide on how to get a framed photo of your villager. If you're interested in merch, don't miss our guide to the best Animal Crossing T-Shirts — one of them allows you to customize a shirt with any villager of your choosing!

Welcome to island life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The joyful game the world needs

Upon coming to a deserted island, you'll be able to harvest materials, collect bugs, go fishing, build your dream house, and make friends with animal villagers. This is an adorable life simulator that you can get lost in.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


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