Animal Crossing: New Horizons - All villager personalities

Acnh Villagers: Flora the pink ostrich and Sprinkle the blue penguin
Acnh Villagers: Flora the pink ostrich and Sprinkle the blue penguin (Image credit: iMore)

Villagers are a massive part of the full Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience, but something many aren't aware of is that each villager has a different type of personality. Personalities influence a lot of different things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it can be difficult to keep track of what they impact, what different types of personalities there are, and which villager has which personality. Don't worry though, as this guide covers all three of those things in great detail. Here's a list of all the different villager personalities in the game, as well as what each of them do and which villagers have them.

All villager personalities

What are personalities?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

Villager personalities are different types of character archetypes that dictate many different things about your villagers. These include how they talk, what they wear, what their day-to-day hobbies are, and how they interact with other villagers. There are four unique personalities for both male and female villagers, making for eight personality types in total. Here's a full breakdown of all eight different personality types:

Male villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)
  • Cranky: Cranky villagers tend to be rough around the edges when first spoken to, but will gradually become more friendly with the player as time passes. They spend most of their day outside of their house, wandering around and gossiping. By default, most of them wear sweaters, jackets, and tee shirts. In terms of how they get along with other villagers, they get along well with Snooty villagers since they both value maturity, and they also generally enjoy spending time with Jock, Lazy, and Normal villagers as well. They strongly dislike Peppy, Smug, and Uchi villagers, however, as they're not a fan of their behaviors. Cranky villagers have deeper voices than any other villager type in the game, and many of the Cranky villagers have unhappy facial expressions.
  • Jock: Jock villagers have an obsession with sports and health, often expressing how dedicated they are to fitness and their pride in their physique when talking to the player or other villagers. They spend the majority of their daily routine outside of their homes, and can often be spotted doing exercises like stretching, sprinting, and lifting a dumbbell. Due to their fitness-focused nature, Jock villagers are almost always wearing tank tops or tee shirts. Because they're usually in a friendly, encouraging mood, Jocks get along with every villager type except for Snooty and Lazy villagers. They hate the uptight nature of Snooty villagers, while the greedy and idle behavior of Lazy villagers directly contradicts their active and energetic lifestyle.
  • Lazy: Lazy villagers are, in essence, the opposite of Jock villagers. They spend a large part of their day inside of their house, and they love eating food, which is usually the subject they discuss the most when speaking to others. When they go outside, they like fishing, bug-catching, and sitting near trees or rivers and relaxing. In general, they can be found wearing tee-shirts or sweaters. They, like Jocks, tend to get along with everyone because of how polite and friendly they are. However, Jock, Snooty, and Peppy villagers harbor a dislike for their laid back approach to life and lack of drive to be outgoing.
  • Smug: Smug villagers were introduced in the last Animal Crossing game, New Leaf, and as such, are still relatively new in the series. They're polite and gentlemanly, but they also tend to have a bloated ego and will gloat about themselves and how cool they are. They split their time between their home and exploring the village fairly equally, and while outside, they usually enjoy walking around and speaking to others. Most Smug villagers wear jackets, vests, or sweaters, and often they will have a happy expression. They get along with most other villagers due to their gentlemanly demeanor, but their ego annoys Cranky and Uchi villagers. Sometimes they can annoy Jocks as well, although this is much rarer.

Female villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)
  • Normal: Normal villagers are, well, normal. They have a neutral outlook on life and are pleasant to everyone they come across. They split their time evenly between their house and exploring the village, and will usually do a wide variety of activities while outdoors. They're passionate about cleanliness and cooking, which is revealed during conversations with them. Normal villagers are often found wearing tons of different clothing types, ranging from dresses to tank tops and everything between. Their kind demeanor makes them easy for most villagers to get along with, but Cranky villagers do tend to get on their nerves because of how rude they often can be. Snooty villagers may bother them, too, although not as much as Cranky ones.
  • Peppy: Peppy villagers are similar to Normal villagers in the sense that cleanliness is vital to them and that they're both friendly and neutral on many topics, but they are hyper, extremely extroverted, and can often be a little overbearing. They spend almost their entire day outside of their house and can frequently be found talking to other villagers or engaging in a random activity. They wear colorful clothes of all kinds and will always have a smile on their face. Like Normal villagers, they get along with everyone except Cranky and Snooty villagers. In some cases, the two "sides" in these arguments will start rumors about each other, leading to even more hot-headedness. Compared to the other personalities, their voices are noticeably higher-pitched.
  • Snooty: Snooty villagers are high-strung and uptight. They have an inflated ego similar to Smug villagers, and will often obsess over fashion and their public reputation. Because of this, Snooty villagers are always in fancy shirts or dresses; they are always seen wearing some form of makeup. They spend an equal amount of time inside and out of their homes, and they enjoy gossiping. Their arrogant nature makes them a favorite of Cranky villagers, and Smug ones love their fashion taste. However, every other personality type tends to be angered or bothered by how obnoxious, and rude Snooty villagers can be. They will warm up to the player given enough time, but they will still make a nasty comment from time to time.
  • Uchi: Uchi (or "Big Sister" in Japanese) villagers are, like Smug villagers, new to the series since they were only recently introduced in New Leaf. However, there are even fewer Uchi villagers than there are Smug ones, making them the rarest personality in the series. They express care for the player and other villagers, and will often try and show them things they think are cool, interesting, or useful. They can be blunt and sarcastic, though never in a rude way. They wear a variety of different pieces of clothing and will usually appear happy. They spend an equal amount of time inside and outside of their home, and while outside, they will stretch, dance, and even sing. Their caring nature makes them popular amongst the vast majority of villagers, but their bluntness annoys Cranky and Snooty villagers. Uchi villagers will almost always give the player medicine if they see that the player was stung by wasps.

List of each villager's personality

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

Each villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is assigned one of these eight personalities. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of every villager, along with their species, birthdate, and catchphrase, all sorted by personality.

Jock Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Jock Billy

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Jock Billy (Image credit: iMore)
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JittersBirdFebruary 2ndbzzert
JayBirdJuly 17thheeeeeyy
IgglyPenguinNovember 2ndwaddler
GenjiRabbitJanuary 21stmochi
FrobertFrogFebruary 8thfribbit
GooseChickenOctober 4thbuh-kay
HamletHamsterMay 30thhammie
DomSheepMarch 18thindeedaroo
CurlyPigJuly 26thnyoink
DriftFrogOctober 9thbrah
FlipMonkeyNovember 21strerack
BiffHippoMarch 29thsquirt
BillDuckFebruary 1stquacko
BillyGoatMarch 25thdagnaabit
BamDeerNovember 7thkablam
AntonioAnteaterOctober 20thhonk
AxelElephantMarch 23rdWHONK
BudLionAugust 8thmaaan
BuckHorseApril 4thpardner
BootsAlligatorAugust 7thmunchie
BooneGorillaSeptember 12thbaboom
CobbPigOctober 7thhot dog
CoachBullApril 29thstubble
CousteauFrogDecember 17thoui oui
PonchoCubJanuary 2ndli'l bear
PeckBirdJuly 25thcrunch
PierceEagleJanuary 8thhawkeye
MottLionJuly 10thcagey
MacDogNovember 11thwoo woof
LymanKoalaOctober 12thchips
LouieGorillaMarch 26thhoo hoo ha
KevinPigApril 26thweeweewee
Kid CatCatAugust 1stpsst
KodyCubSeptember 28thgrah-grah
LeonardoTigerMay 15thflexin
MooseMouseSeptember 13thshorty
SprocketOstrichDecember 1stzort
SparroBirdNovember 20thlike whoa
SlyAlligatorNovember 15thhoo-rah
SnakeRabbitNovember 3rdbunyip
SamsonMouseJuly 5thpipsqueak
RudyCatDecember 20thmush
RowanTigerAugust 26thmango
ScootDuckJune 13thzip zoom
SheldonSquirrelFebruary 26thcardio
RibbotFrogFebruary 13thzzrrbbitt
RodMouseAugust 14thace
RoaldPenguinJanuary 5thb-b-buddy
RoryLionAugust 7thcapital
TankRhinoMay 6thkerPOW
TeddyBearSeptember 26thgrooof
SterlingEagleDecember 11thskraaaaw
StinkyCatAugust 17thGAHHHH
TadFrogAugust 3rdsluuuurp
TybaltTigerAugust 19thgrrRAH

Uchi Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Uchi Katt

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Uchi Katt (Image credit: iMore)
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KattCatApril 27thpurrty
FuchsiaDeerSeptember 19thprecious
HazelSquirrelAugust 30thuni-wow
DivaFrogOctober 2ndya know
DeirdreDeerMay 4thwhatevs
FloPenguinSeptember 2ndcha
FritaSheepJuly 16thoh ewe
AgnesPigApril 21stsnuffle
CanberraKoalaMay 14thnuh uh
CherryDogMay 11thwhat what
CharliseBearApril 17thurgh
PluckyChickenOctober 12thchicky-poo
PhoebeOstrichApril 22ndsparky
MuffySheepFebruary 14thnightshade
PashminaGoatDecember 26thkidders
PaulaBearMarch 22ndyodelay
MiraRabbitJuly 6thcottontail
ShariMonkeyApril 10thcheeky
RenéeRhinoMay 28thyo yo yo
ReneighHorseJune 4thayup, yup
RocketGorillaApril 14thvroom
TammyCubJune 23rdya heard
SylviaKangarooMay 3rdboing
UrsalaBearJanuary 16thgrooomph

Cranky Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Cranky Monty

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Cranky Monty (Image credit: iMore)
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KabukiCatNovember 29thmeooo-OH
HopperPenguinApril 6thslushie
IkeBearMay 16throadie
GonzoKoalaOctober 13thmate
GastonRabbitOctober 28thmon chou
GruffGoatAugust 29thbleh eh eh
GrouchoBearOctober 23rdgrumble
GrizzlyBearJuly 31stgrrr...
HamphreyHamsterFebruary 25thsnort
HarryHippoJanuary 7thbeach bum
DobieWolfFebruary 17thohmmm
CurtBearJuly 1stfuzzball
CroqueFrogJuly 18thas if
CyranoAnteaterMarch 9thah-CHOO
CydElephantJune 9throckin'
DelAlligatorMay 27thgronk
FangWolfDecember 18thcha-chomp
ElvisLionJuly 23rdunh-hunh
FrankEagleJuly 30thcrushy
AngusBullApril 30thmacmoo
AdmiralBirdJanuary 27thaye aye
ApolloEagleJuly 4thpah
AveryEagleFebruary 22ndskree-haw
CamofrogFrogJune 5thten-hut
ButchDogNovember 1stROOOOOWF
BuzzEagleDecember 7thcaptain
BorisPigNovember 6thschnort
BoydGorillaOctober 1stuh-oh
BruceDeerMay 26thgruff
ChowBearJuly 22ndaiya
ChiefWolfDecember 19thharrumph
CesarGorillaSeptember 6thhighness
PeeweeGorillaSeptember 11thli'l dude
OctavianOctopusSeptember 20thsucker
MurphyCubDecember 29thladdie
LimbergMouseOctober 17thsquinky
LoboWolfNovember 5thah-rooooo
KnoxChickenNovember 23rdcluckling
MontyMonkeyDecember 7thg'tang
StaticSquirrelJuly 9thkrzzt
SpikeRhinoJune 17thpunk
RickySquirrelSeptember 14thnutcase
RasherPigApril 7thswine
RizzoMouseJanuary 17thsquee
RoccoHippoAugust 18thhippie
RolfTigerAugust 22ndgrrrolf
RooneyKangarooDecember 1stpunches
RoscoeHorseJune 16thnay
TomCatDecember 10thme-YOWZA
T-BoneBullMay 20thmoocher
VladimirCubAugust 2ndnyet
VicBullDecember 29thcud
Wart Jr.FrogAugust 21stgrr-ribbit
WaltKangarooApril 24thpockets
WolfgangWolfNovember 25thsnarrrl

Normal Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Normal Melba

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Normal Melba (Image credit: iMore)
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AliceKoalaAugust 19thguvnor
AnnalisaAnteaterFebruary 6thgumdrop
AuroraPenguinJanuary 27thb-b-baby
AvaChickenApril 28thbeaker
BeaDogOctober 15thbingo
BerthaHippoApril 25thbloop
BettinaMouseJune 12theekers
CallySquirrelSeptember 4thWHEE
CarolineSquirrelJuly 15thhulaaaa
CarrieKangarooDecember 5thlittle one
CeliaEagleMarch 25thfeathers
ChevreGoatMarch 6thla baa
CocoRabbitMarch 1stdoyoing
DaisyDogNovember 16thbow-WOW
DeenaDuckJune 27thwoowoo
DoraMouseFebruary 18thsqueaky
EllieElephantMay 12thli'l one
EuniceSheepApril 3rdlambchop
FaunaDeerMarch 26thdearie
FlurryHamsterJanuary 30thpowderpuff
GalaPigMarch 5thsnortie
GayleAlligatorMay 17thsnacky
GladysOstrichJanuary 15thstretch
GoldieDogDecember 27thwoof
JambetteFrogOctober 27thcroak-kay
JuneCubMay 21strainbow
KikiCatOctober 8thkitty cat
KittKangarooOctober 11thchild
LilyFrogFebruary 4thtoady
LollyCatMarch 27thbonbon
LucyPigJune 2ndsnoooink
MaggiePigSeptember 3rdschep
MapleCubJune 15thhoney
MarcieKangarooMay 31stpouches
MargieElephantJanuary 28thtootie
MarinaOctopusJune 26thblurp
MeganBearMarch 13thsundae
MelbaKoalaApril 12thtoasty
MerengueRhinoMarch 19thshortcake
MidgeBirdMarch 12thtweedledee
MitziCatSeptember 25thmew
MollyDuckMarch 7thquackidee
NanGoatAugust 24thkid
NanaMonkeyAugust 23rdpo po
NormaCowSeptember 20thhoof hoo
OliveCubJuly 12thsweet pea
PeachesHorseNovember 28thneighbor
PekoeCubMay 18thbud
PoppySquirrelAugust 5thnutty
RhondaRhinoJanuary 24thbigfoot
SallySquirrelJune 19thnutmeg
SandyOstrichOctober 21stspeedy
SavannahHorseJanuary 25thy'all
SkyeWolfMarch 24thairmail
StellaSheepApril 9thbaa-dabing
SydneyKoalaJune 21stsunshine
SylvanaSquirrelOctober 22ndhubbub
TiaElephantNovember 18thteacup
VestaSheepApril 16thbaaaffo

Lazy Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Lazy Deli

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Lazy Deli (Image credit: iMore)
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JeremiahFrogJuly 8thnee-deep
JoeyDuckJanuary 3rdbleeeeeck
HornsbyRhinoMarch 20thschnozzle
HopkinsRabbitMarch 11ththumper
HughPigDecember 30thsnortle
Jacob/JakeyBirdAugust 24thchuuuuurp
DrakeDuckJune 25thquacko
DragoAlligatorFebruary 12thburrrn
DocRabbitMarch 16thol' bunny
DerwinDuckMay 25thderrrrr
DeliMonkeyMay 24thmonch
DizzyElephantJanuary 14thwoo-oo
CranstonOstrichSeptember 23rdsweatband
CubePenguinJanuary 29thd-d-dude
ErikDeerJuly 27thchow down
EgbertChickenOctober 14thdoodle-duh
ElmerHorseOctober 5thtenderfoot
FilbertSquirrelJune 3rdbucko
BobCatJanuary 1stpthhhpth
BiskitDogMay 13thdog
Big TopElephantOctober 3rdvillain
BaroldCubMarch 2ndcubby
BeauDeerApril 5thsaltlick
BenedictChickenOctober 10thuh-hoo
BenjaminDogAugust 3rdalrighty
AnchovyBirdMarch 4thchuurp
AlGorillaOctober 18thAyyeeee
AlfonsoAlligatorJune 9thit'sa me
BonesDogAugust 4thyip yip
BoomerPenguinFebruary 7thhuman
BroccoloMouseJune 30theat it
ChesterCubAugust 6throokie
ClydeHorseMay 1stclip-clawp
ClayHamsterOctober 19ththump
ClaudeRabbitDecember 3rdhopalong
ColeRabbitAugust 10thduuude
PunchyCatApril 11thmrmpht
PudgeCubJune 11thpudgy
PuckPenguinFebruary 21stbrrrrrrrrr
PrinceFrogJuly 21stburrup
NateBearAugust 16thyawwwn
OzzieKoalaMay 7thol' bear
PapiHorseJanuary 10thhaaay
PaoloElephantMay 5thpal
LuckyDogNovember 4thrrr-owch
MarcelDogDecember 31stnon
MoeCatJanuary 12thmyawn
Spork/CracklePigSeptember 3rdsnork
SimonMonkeyJanuary 19thzzzook
SherbGoatJanuary 18thbawwww
RexLionJuly 24thcool cat
RaddleFrogJune 6thaaach-
RodeoBullOctober 29thchaps
StuBullApril 20thmoo-dude
StitchesCubFebruary 10thstuffin'
TuckerElephantSeptember 7thfuzzers
WeberDuckJune 30thquaa
WadePenguinOctober 30thso it goes
WalkerDogJune 10thwuh
ZuckerOctopusMarch 8thbloop

Peppy Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Peppy Apple

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Peppy Apple (Image credit: iMore)
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KetchupPeppyDuckJuly 27th | bitty
GabiRabbitDecember 16thhoneybun
DottyRabbitMarch 14thwee one
FloraOstrichFebruary 9thpinky
FelicityCatMarch 30thmimimi
FrecklesDuckFebruary 19thducky
BangleTigerAugust 27thgrowf
BiancaTigerDecember 13thglimmer
BluebearCubJune 24thpeach
BellaMouseDecember 28theeks
AnicottiMouseFebruary 24thcannoli
AnabelleAnteaterFebruary 16thsnorty
Agent SSquirrelJuly 2ndsidekick
AudieWolfAugust 31stFoxtrot
AppleHamsterSeptember 24thcheekers
CandiMouseApril 13thsweetie
CarmenRabbitJanuary 6thnougat
BunnieRabbitMay 9thtee-hee
BonbonRabbitMarch 3rddeelish
CookieDogJune 18tharfer
ChrissyRabbitAugust 28thsparkles
CheriCubMarch 17thtralala
BubblesHippoSeptember 18thhipster
PippyRabbitJune 14thli'l hare
PompomDuckFebruary 11thrah rah
PinkyBearSeptember 9thwah
PuddlesFrogJanuary 13thsplish
PiperBirdApril 18thchickadee
PeggyPigMay 23rdshweetie
PenelopeMouseFebruary 5thoh bow
PeanutSquirrelJune 8thslacker
NibblesSquirrelJuly 19thniblet
PangoAnteaterNovember 9thsnooooof
PateDuckFebruary 23rdquackle
PattyCowMay 10thhow-now
MaddieDogJanuary 11thyippee
MerryCatJune 29thmweee
SprinklePenguinFebruary 20thfrappe
RosieCatFebruary 27thsilly
RubyRabbitDecember 25thli'l ears
TabbyCatAugust 13thme-WOW
TangyCatJune 17threeeeOWR
TrufflesPigJuly 28thsnoutie
TammiMonkeyApril 2ndchimpy
TwiggyBirdJuly 13thcheepers
TutuBearNovember 15thtwinkles
VictoriaHorseJuly 11thsugar cube
WendySheepAugust 15thlambkins
WinnieHorseJanuary 31sthay-OK

Smug Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Smug Keaton

Animal Crossing New Horizons Personalities Smug Keaton (Image credit: iMore)
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KenChickenDecember 23rdno doubt
KeatonEagleJune 1stwingo
JulianHorseMarch 15thglitter
HuckFrogJuly 9thhopper
HenryFrogSeptember 21stsnoozit
HippeuxHippoOctober 15thnatch
JacquesBirdJune 22ndzut alors
GrahamHamsterJune 20thindeed
HansGorillaDecember 5thgroovy
CurlosSheepMay 8thshearly
EugeneKoalaOctober 26thyeah buddy
EdHorseSeptember 16thgreenhorn
BeardoBearSeptember 27thwhiskers
ChopsPigOctober 13thzoink
ChadderMouseDecember 15thfromage
ColtonHorseMay 22ndcheck it
PhilOstrichNovember 27thhurk
PietroSheepApril 19thhonk honk
OlafAnteaterMay 19thwhiffa
O'HareRabbitJuly 24thamigo
LuchaBirdDecember 12thcacaw
LionelLionJuly 29thprecisely
LopezDeerAugust 20thbuckaroo
KiddGoatJune 28thwut
KlausBearMarch 31ststrudel
KyleWolfDecember 6thalpha
LeopoldLionAugust 14thlion cub
MarshalSquirrelSeptember 29thsulky
ShepDogNovember 24thbaaa man
QuillsonDuckDecember 22ndridukulous
RaymondCatOctober 1stcrisp
RodneyHamsterNovember 10thle ham
TexPenguinOctober 6thpicante
ZellDeerJune 7thpronk

Snooty Villagers

Acnh Freya And Fauna

Acnh Freya And Fauna (Image credit: iMore)
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JudyCubMarch 10thmyohmy
JuliaOstrichJuly 31stdahling
GloriaDuckAugust 12thquacker
GigiFrogAugust 11thribette
GretaMouseSeptember 5thyelp
GwenPenguinJanuary 23rdh-h-hon
DianaDeerJanuary 4thno doy
EloiseElephantDecember 8thtooooot
EliseMonkeyMarch 21stpuh-lease
FrancineRabbitJanuary 22ndkarat
FreyaWolfDecember 14thuff da
FrigaPenguinOctober 16thbrrmph
BlancheOstrichDecember 21stquite so
BittyHippoOctober 6thmy dear
BlaireSquirrelJuly 3rdnutlet
BaabaraSheepMarch 28thdaahling
BeckyChickenDecember 9thchicklet
AlliAlligatorNovember 8thgraaagh
AmeliaEagleNovember 19thcuz
AnkhaCatSeptember 22ndme meow
AnnaliseHorseDecember 2ndnipper
AstridKangarooSeptember 8thmy pet
BreeMouseJuly 7thcheeseball
BroffinaChickenOctober 24thcluckadoo
CashmereSheepApril 2ndbaaaby
CleoHorseFebruary 9thsugar
ClaudiaTigerNovember 22ndooh la la
PortiaDogOctober 25thruffian
PecanSquirrelSeptember 10thchipmunk
NaomiCowFebruary 28thmoolah
PancettiPigNovember 14thsooey
OliviaCatFebruary 3rdpurrr
OpalElephantJanuary 20thsnoot
KittyCatFebruary 15thmrowrr
MathildaKangarooNovember 12thwee baby
MaelleDuckApril 8thduckling
MallaryDuckNovember 17thquackpth
MintSquirrelMay 2ndahhhhhh
MirandaDuckApril 23rdquackulous
MoniqueCatSeptember 30thpffffft
SoleilHamsterAugust 9thtarnation
SnootyAnteaterAugust 24thsnifffff
PurrlCatMay 29thkitten
QueenieOstrichNovember 13thchicken
RobinBirdDecember 4thla-di-da
TipperCowAugust 25thpushy
TiffanyRabbitJanuary 9thbun bun
TimbraSheepOctober 21stpine nut
TashaSquirrelNovember 30thnice nice
VivianWolfJanuary 26thpiffle
VioletGorillaSeptember 1stsweetie
VelmaGoatJanuary 14thblih
WhitneyWolfSeptember 17thsnappy
WillowSheepNovember 26thbo peep
YukaKoalaJuly 20thtsk tsk


Do you have any questions about the different personality types? Who is your favorite villager? Let us know in the comments. For more on Animal Crossing's lovely villagers, check out our guide on how to get a framed photo of your villager. If you're interested in merch, don't miss our guide to the best Animal Crossing T-Shirts — one of them allows you to customize a shirt with any villager of your choosing!

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