Spiral Warrioer ArtworkSource: Electronic Soul

What you need to know

  • Anime-themed RPG Spiral Warrior is now available for pre-order on iPhone and iPad.
  • Spiral Warrior is a spinning top battler.

RPG fans have a new game to look forward to after Electronic Soul made Spiral Warrior available for pre-order on iPhone and iPad. The bad news? You'll be waiting until October 22 to play it, according to the game's App Store page.

The game itself, spotted by Pocket Gamer, sounds intriguing and it's already proving popular over in the Android world. Gamers can look forward to an anime-themed spinning top battler and the promo video should be more than enough to whet your appetite.

Spiral Warrior is an anime-themed Role-playing game developed by the original team of Light x Shadow, extending Light x Shadow's world view. The design also follows certain characters' settings of Light x Shadow, which makes the Tops in game very unique.

You can choose exquisite loyal Avatars and follow them on their quest to become a Master as they enter Tops tournaments! Use rare and powerful Tops, unleash epic Tops skills like Speed Impact, MULT Combo, Chaotic Move, and more!

If that sounds like your particular anime-shaped bag you can pre-order Spiral Warrior from the App Store right now. It's a free download with in-app purchases available should you wish to partake.

This doesn't strike me as a game that needs a controller, but if you're a fan of titles that do these are some of the best game controllers for iPhone on the market today. Why not treat yourself?

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