Anker PowerHouse Review: UNLIMITED POWER (kinda)

Usually when I refer to portable power packs, I'm talking about the kind of battery you slip in your pocket to power your Pokemon hunt. The Anker PowerHouse … is not one of those.

With a theoretical capacity of 120,000mAh / 400Wh, the PowerHouse is hours and hours of energy in a nine-pound box. But the laws of physics are fickle things, and even such brute-force power density doesn't guarantee this battery bank will give you the endurance you're looking for. Join me as I take the biggest power pack I've ever seen for a spin in MrMobile's Anker PowerHouse review!

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  • There's huge overhead to first invert then rectify the DC voltage source. It ****** off the electrons to get jerked around for no good reason; that gets them hot. I fondly hope that Apple's new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops use standard USB-C for their power source, and we can enjoy far greater efficiency in external battery packs for laptops.
  • It is safe to say quite a few people in Florida right now wish they had one of these. Sent from the iMore App