App for That: How to set up reminders to take medication

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's new weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Colin asks:

I have need of an app that will alert me to take my medication. More specifically, I need to an app that will remind me of a medication that I need to take every 72 hours.

Sure, the built in alarm in the iPhone's clock app will work for many medication reminders, but it does not have an option to set a repeating alarm for every 3 days. To see our solution for Colin, follow along after the break!

RxmindMe [Free - iTunes link] is a great little app designed for setting alarms that remind you to take your medication and they boast of being able to handle the most complicated of reminders.

This app is more than just an alert system, however. RxmindMe allows you to store a massive list of medications and prescriptions including photos, type of medication, quantity to take, and more. Additionally, the entire FDA Drug Database is stored in the app so that you don't have to manually enter everything about all your medications.

RxmindMe supports the following types of reminders: every "X" number of days (perfect for Colin), hourly, daily, on specific dates, weekly, on a particular day of the month, as needed, on a particular week of a month, or even just recording pills you took out of the blue. So if you have a complicated prescription schedule, RxmindMe has got you covered!

Anyone else have any App for That suggestions for Colin? Let him -- and all of us -- know in the comments.

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Leanna Lofte

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