the iPhone Blog Wait-A-Thon: Wind $100 at iTunes Every Week

Everybody here at the iPhone Blog is very, very excited about the iPhone SDK Roadmap. We can't wait for native apps, for more functionality, for games, for Apple to go after BlackBerrys. We can't wait - seriously - it's going to kill us waiting until "Late June" for all this good stuff. We've called in a team of psychiatrists, it's not looking good.

We bet you feel the same way.

So to help ease the pain we're instituting the iPhone Blog App Wait-a-Thon! Starting next week and then every week until Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 Software Update, we are going to give away a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate to a lucky reader.

You may not be getting your native apps now, but at least your can download some emo music to drown your sorrows, or a Pixar movie to cheer you up, or the first three seasons of LOST1 to help remind you that it's not that bad.

Here's how it will work: Sometime during the week, two to three of our blog postings, articles, or reviews will have "Wait-a-Thon" after the title, that's your cue to comment on that entry. Comment on that entry and you'll be automatically entered in that week's drawing. (Just one entry per post counts, max three per week).

The latest Wait-a-Thon post is always available here<a.>. Just take a look over next to the Wait-a-Thon contest graphic!

Full details after the break!

Them Details:

  1. Open to everybody who has an iTunes store in their country (Yes, Mods too!)
  2. One entry per "Wait-a-thon" post counts, but feel free to post as much as ya like!
  3. No cheating on the referrals, we're watching and we know.
  4. Contest will run each week until "Late June" or whenever Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 software update. Yes - if Apple's late we'll keep it running. This is a Wait-a-Thon, after all.
  5. We'll announce the previous week's Wait-a-Thon winner in the next week's first Wait-a-Thon posting.
  6. You can win no more than twice.

1: Has anybody seriously considered the Apple angle with all the stuff that's been happening on LOST? That satellite phone was iPhone-esque... Is Steve Jobs Alvar Hanzo? Or did he perhaps spend his early days studying with the DeGroots? Think about that: timeline fits, his counter-culture experimentation fits, all fits!