Apple adds At Bat to CarPlay app list

Apple has revealed that At Bat has been officially added to the list of apps that will be supported in the company's upcoming CarPlay vehicle technology system.

As with the other third-party CarPlay apps that have already been revealed, it is expected that the At Bat app will simply be a version of the already available iOS app that will have CarPlay integration added on, rather than a separate app made especially for CarPlay.

The addition to the list is not exactly a shock, since USA Today had posted a video earlier in June showing the at Bat app working in a CarPlay enabled vehicle as part of their Apple's WWDC 2014 coverage. At Bat is expected to allow people who have CarPlay installed in their vehicles to listen or watch one Major League Baseball game for free, or access any MLB game with an optional $19.99 a year subscription fee. The app will also likely offer pro baseball news, updated states, video archives and more. Other third party CarPlay apps will include iHeartRadio, Spotify and Stitcher.

A number of car manufacturers, including Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari, still have plans to sell vehicles that supports Apple's CarPlay technology sometime later in 2014. What do you think about the fact that there will be a way to access the At Bat app via CarPlay?

Source: Apple CarPlay via 9to5Mac

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