iPhone 11 on top of boxSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple is surveying customers ahead of the iPhone 12 launch.
  • One of the questions asks what customers do with the charger in the box.
  • Recent rumors suggest that Apple may ship the iPhone 12 without a charger.

A recent rumor claimed that the iPhone 12 may ship without headphones or a charger in the box. The rumor, which has launched the Apple community into a debate about corporate greed and environmental impact, has continued to gain steam from other sources who say that the iPhone 12 may in fact be the first iPhone to ship without the usual accessories in the box.

Now, it appears that the company is sending some existing iPhone customers a survey in which they ask about the charger in the box. Reported by 9to5Mac, some customers have been getting an email survey that, in addition to other questions about its products, asks customers what they do with the charger that currently comes in the box with an iPhone.

Some of the options that customers can choose for one of the questions are as follows:

  • I sold or traded it with my iPhone
  • I lost it
  • I gave it to a family member or friend
  • I still use it at home
  • I still use it outside (at work, school, or other places)
  • I still have it, but I don't use it

Apple is rumored to be omitting the charger and EarPods from the iPhone 12, a move that would dramatically reduce the size of the box. This, paired with the potential decrease of unused chargers and headphones, would result in increased shipping efficiency and a reduction of e-waste. It would also, however, pose an issue for customers who don't currently have an iPhone charger and need one to come with the phone. If Apple is planning on making such a move with the iPhone 12, it is sure to explain the reasoning and options for customers when they announce the device in the fall.