Apple to bolster iTunes editorial content with latest job opening

A job positing has been spotted for a position at Apple, to work at the company's London offices. What makes this post rather interesting is the successful applicant would be tasked with editorial content on Apple's music service. Think back to Apple's acquisition of Beats Music. An editorial producer with experience across pop culture and music journalism is desired. According to the job posting on Apple's website:

"This full-time position is split between editorial and producing duties. The editorial duties focus on writing, editing, managing a sea of freelancers, and working collaboratively with business and content heads to shape and define editorially driven merchandising promotions."

It's strange to see Apple seeking such talent, simply because we're most likely talking about music curation. Apple has also managed to snap up DJ Zane Lowe from BBC Radio 1 in the UK, who will head to the US to work with the iTunes team. We'll have to see what Apple plans for its service relaunch, but with current positions filling up (and being advertised), the company is going big.

Source: Apple, via: Musically

Rich Edmonds