These CarPlay screens and adapters are heavily discounted for Cyber Monday

CarPlay adapters and monitors
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Instead of looking at the most recent vehicle model from a manufacturer to see if it features Apple's CarPlay, portable monitors and adapters can allow a bunch of older vehicles to have this too — long before the software existed.

For those unaware, CarPlay gives a vehicle the experience of an iPhone within its dashboard. You can play your music, show Apple Maps to get you from one place to another, and much more. It's usually a matter of getting into your car, and after it recognizes your iPhone, you can switch to the dashboard.

Portable monitors and adapters can do exactly the same here, without making you look into a car that may cost you thousands of dollars. With this in mind, we've rounded up the best monitors and wireless adapters we've found for Cyber Monday so far, so you can give your existing car an extra few years of longevity.

Cyber Monday deals to check out

LAMTTO CarPlay 9.26-inch Monitor with dashcam |$179$126 at Amazon

LAMTTO CarPlay 9.26-inch Monitor with dashcam | $179 $126 at Amazon

Because of the wideness of this screen, this means you can have CarPlay and the video feed from the included dashcam showing at once. At 30% off, it's a great deal to supercharge your existing car by using your iPhone apps with CarPlay.

SANPTENT Wireless Apple CarPlay Mount |$109$76 at Amazon

SANPTENT Wireless Apple CarPlay Mount | $109 $76 at Amazon
This portable monitor gives your old car some new features thanks to CarPlay. At $33 off, you can pair your iPhone to this mount and never have to use your built-in dashboard ever again.

Imagebon 9.3-inch Portable Apple CarPlay Monitor|$159$129 at Amazon

Imagebon 9.3-inch Portable Apple CarPlay Monitor| $159 $129 at Amazon

If you want a monitor to show Apple Maps and your podcasts in a 1600x600 resolution, this is the CarPlay monitor for you. This also comes with a front dashcam capable of 4K recording, so as long as you've got a big SD card in the monitor, you can store a lot of crystal-clear video.

CarlinKit CarPlay Adapter|$115$56 at Amazon

CarlinKit CarPlay Adapter| $115 $56 at Amazon

As this features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this means that multiple iPhones can be connected at once. If there's an Apple Music Playlist that someone wants to play through CarPlay, it's simply a matter of switching to this device thanks to the Adapter.

OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlay Adapter |$129$69 at Amazon

OTTOCAST Wireless CarPlay Adapter | $129 $69 at Amazon

If your car has CarPlay installed already, but requires you to plug your iPhone into a port, this will let you wirelessly connect to the dashboard instead. This way, you only need to get in your car as normal, and the adapter should find your iPhone, and CarPlay will start up. For $60 off, it's a great deal of convenience in cutting down the time it takes to have CarPlay switch on for you.

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