No Apple CarPlay is a deal-breaker! Study reveals 35% of buyers won't consider a car without it

CarPlay setup in 2020 Nissan Qashqai
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A recent survey has highlighted a huge deal-breaker for car owners — if a new vehicle doesn’t feature CarPlay, they’re happy to look elsewhere for one that does.

According to research conducted by McKinsey & Co. and shared via Carscoops, 35% of respondents would refuse to buy a combustion car that didn’t include CarPlay, Apple’s in-car operating system that can connect to your iPhone. 30% of those looking for an electric vehicle also said no CarPlay or Android Auto would be a deal-breaker. 

This huge number only proves how important CarPlay is to car owners. This also highlights how out of touch General Motors is, which ditched CarPlay in 2023 in favor of its own dashboard system.

At WWDC 2024, Apple’s yearly developer conference, the next generation of CarPlay was confirmed again, featuring dynamic content for your car — such as information about tire pressure, EV charging status, and more. These improvements will likely make CarPlay more alluring to potential buyers as they look for newer cars in the future. Apple has said that this update is coming later this year to supported vehicles, although it’s yet to provide any further details. Thus far, only two manufacturers have confirmed support for next-generation CarPlay in 2024, Aston Martin and Porsche. 

You can use CarPlay in your existing car right now

Are you feeling left out because your existing car doesn’t feature CarPlay? Fret not, as there are other ways to use Apple’s operating system in your car without spending thousands on a new vehicle.

‘CarPlay Monitors’ are third-party mounts that can be placed on your car’s dashboard. Once connected to your iPhone, you can use CarPlay as if it’s always been integrated with your vehicle. With Amazon’s Prime Day confirmed for July, there’s a chance that some of these will be heavily discounted once the event starts. In the meantime, here’s one example of a CarPlay Monitor you can buy right now that features a big saving.

Spedal Wireless Apple CarPlay | $99 $79 at Amazon

Spedal Wireless Apple CarPlay | $99 $79 at Amazon

This portable monitor gives your old car some new features thanks to CarPlay. At $20 off, you can pair your iPhone to this monitor, meaning you’ll never have to use your car’s built-in dashboard ever again.

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  • Just_Me_D
    Count me in among those who would not consider buying a new car without CarPlay.
  • FFR
    I believe the number is conservative as well.

    I’m sure gm will find out very quickly how important CarPlay and the iPhone are to consumers.