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What you need to know

  • Apple has debuted StoreKit 2 for developers.
  • The new set of APIs gives them more control over in-app purchases.
  • New capabilities include better refund experiences for customers.

Apple has rolled out StoreKit 2 to developers, giving them more capabilities and control over in-app purchases on iOS 15 and beyond on devices like the iPhone 13 and iPad.

A new developer update states:

StoreKit 2 introduces powerful new Swift-based APIs that make supporting in-app purchases and subscriptions easier than ever. You can now easily determine product entitlements and eligibility for offers, quickly get a user's history of in-app purchases, find out the latest status of a subscription with one simple check, provide a way to request refunds, and manage subscriptions from within your app, and more. StoreKit 2 also uses Swift concurrency and JSON Web Signature to simplify how you retrieve product information and handle transactions. Available on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8.

A new App Store Server API will support users and let them resolve in-app purchase issues, it includes an in-app purchase history that can show a user everything they've bought right there in the app, as well as a new subscription status that tells them whether a subscription is active, expired, in billing retry, or in billing grace period.

Coming soon, Apple is also adding notifications for this API that will give developers real-time updates on their in-app purchases, letting them "create customized experiences for your users." Customers will be able to get notifications for expiring subscriptions, redeeming offers, refunds, and more.

Earlier this month a court ruled that Apple would have to change some of its App Store rules over in-app purchases and payments. The company will no longer be allowed to stop developers directing customers to payment methods and locations outside of the App Store. Apple has until December to comply, or appeal the decision.

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