Apple Greatly Expands For-Sale HD Movies for Mac and Windows -- But What About iPhone?

Apple's iTunes has just made a ton more movies available for purchase in 720p HD for both Mac and Windows, bringing the total to just over 285. We assume they'll play on the 720p capable Apple TV as well, since HD rentals have been available for a while, but it's not expressly listed -- and it's still US-only so I can't test it up here in Canadaland...

No mention of the iPhone yet either. So what, some of you may flame, the iPhone's screen is only 320p, who needs 720?! Well, one day hopefully a mythic iPhone HD or iTablet will, but in the meantime we'd still settle for a 720p HDMI cable output option that we could plug into a TV, since the 3GS is already capable of it and the Zune HD has had that feature since launch.

Boy, country and platform bitterness, all in one post. Sigh.

If you try out the new HD purchases, let us know what you think of the sound and image quality.

Rene Ritchie

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