Apple highlights Apple Watch anniversary gift that saved a life

Apple Heart Health Month Hero
Apple Heart Health Month Hero (Image credit: Apple)

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  • Apple has today highlighted the story of Bob March and how his Apple Watch saved his life.

Apple has highlighted the story of Bob and Lori March, and how an Apple Watch anniversary gift saved Bob's life.

From the new feature:

Last September, Lori March gave her husband Bob an Apple Watch for their 17th wedding anniversary. Bob was always reluctant to spend on himself, so when Lori presented him with the Apple Watch she told him, "An investment in your health is an investment in our future." She had no idea at the time how prophetic those words would be. Bob, a former college-level athlete who also ran half marathons as an adult, immediately started exploring his new Apple Watch. He discovered the Heart Rate app and though he was relaxed, his first reading showed 127 beats per minute. That was high for Bob, but he brushed it off as a fluke.

More erratic heart readings later, Bob scheduled a physical, where doctors discovered he had an arrhythmia that was causing his heart to go into overdrive. Bob received surgery and was successfully treated, and is now back to running.

Apple highlighted its own work with research institutions and how it is trying to improve Apple Watch as a tool for healthcare:

Apple is collaborating with leading research institutions to conduct a number of heart health studies that are still accepting applicants to explore how Apple Watch can help drive even greater scientific discoveries. They include the Apple Heart and Movement Study, the Heartline Study, and University Health Network's Heart Failure Study. Anyone can participate in the Apple Heart and Movement Study by downloading the Research app from the App Store.

Apple recently announced trade-in bonuses for Apple Watch through the month of February.

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