Apple highlights positive developer feedback about its App Store fee change

Apple App Store Fee Change Feedback
Apple App Store Fee Change Feedback (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has highlighted some positive feedback from developers who benefit from its new App Store Small Business Program.

In a press release, Apple has highlighted a number of developers who have praised the company's new App Store Small Business Program. The program, which launches on January 1, 2021, will allow developers who make less than $1 million per year to qualify for a reduced 15% commission, down from Apple's usual rate of 30%.

Since Apple announced its new App Store Small Business Program, developers are sharing their positive reactions to the news. Under the new program, which launches January 1, 2021, the vast majority of developers who sell digital goods and services on the App Store can qualify for a reduced 15 percent commission. From focusing on their apps full time, to growing their teams, experimenting with features, and even launching new apps, developers are ready to write the next chapter of innovation and creativity on the App Store.

The company has shared positive reactions from a number of developers who will now benefit from the new program. Here are some of the reactions:

Marcus Gners, co-founder, LifesumApp: Lifesum"This was a brilliant move and a great way of making it easier for developers in the most sensitive stage to survive. This, plus how the App Store makes it easier for developers to get off the ground, is great for small companies."Jake Wallace, head of strategic partnerships, Glykka LLCApp: SignEasy"Awesome news — I'm sure many app developers are excited by this announcement. It shows Apple's commitment to small business, especially during these trying times."Curtis Herbert, founder, Consumed by CodeApp: Slopes: Ski & Snowboard"I was very excited to wake up to the news. This translates to a 21 percent increase in revenue for us, which is huge. It lowers the bar for new developers trying to start a business. As COVID has hit many of us hard this year, this is a much-needed break that will help many of us weather the storm."Christian Selig, independent developerApp: Apollo for Reddit"This made my morning. This will legitimately help so much. It'll make decisions like hiring on extra help, or acquiring better gear, going to conferences, doing more advertising, etc., much easier to justify, and it really means a lot to me that Apple is doing such an awesome thing! It's going to help my business a ton."

Some developers, mostly those who will not benefit from the program such as Spotify and Epic, have pushed back against the move, saying that it divides developers and is another move to ensure it can keep its monopoly over the App Store. Both of these sides have merit as, while the program should benefit about 98% of developers, it will only impact about 5% of revenue Apple currently brings in from the App Store.

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