Apple is being sued for $2.8 billion by VoIP-Pal, a company that holds patents on a number of VoIP and related technologies. VoIP-Pal claims that Apple's iMessage and FaceTime services infringes on a few of its patents.

Apple hit with $2.8 billion patent lawsuit over iMessage and FaceTime

From the complaint:

Apple employs VPLM's innovative technology and products, features, and designs, and has widely distributed infringing products that have undermined VPLM's marketing efforts. Instead of pursuing independent product development, Apple employed VPLM's innovative caller attribute classification and routing product design, in violation of VPLM's valuable intellectual property rights.

VoIP-Pal says that it is trying to negotiate with Apple in order to find an amicable resolution, with discussions currently ongoing. The company is also suing Verizon and AT&T, seeking a total of $7 billion.