Since you can't buy an iPhone 3G without signing up for an AT&T (or insert international carrier) contract, it kind of destroys the potential of giving an iPhone as a gift (cramming a whole kiosk into gift box would be killer!). So, what to do, what to do? TUAW says, Apple to the rescue!

Give someone an iPhone 3G Gift Card and when the lucky recipient comes in to redeem it, an Apple Retail Store Specialist will take care of every detail. The Specialist will get your recipient's iPhone 3G up and calling, set up email, and help customize the Home screen, choose some great iPhone applications, personalize ringtones, and find favorite songs.

Does this make the iPhone 3G a more appealing gift possibility to anyone? Would opening an envelope and finding a shiny new iPhone 3G gift certificate, rather than an iPhone itself, be as glee worthy?

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