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What you need to know

  • A UK teenager has suffered a facial burn after her iPhone charger caught fire whilst she was in bed.
  • Amie Hall plugged a charger into her iPhone and it burst into flames.
  • Apple says it is investigating the incident.

Apple says it is investigating the case of a UK teenager whose iPhone charger suddenly burst into flames after it was plugged in.

As reported by Birmingham Live:

A teenager has told how she suffered a facial burn after her iPhone charger suddenly burst into flames on her bed as she was drifting off to sleep.

Amie Hall, 17, had plugged her Apple phone in to charge for the night when the appliance caught fire at her family home in Kitts Green, Birmingham.

The former dental nurse was just falling asleep when she spotted 'flashing orange' flames on her duvet in the early hours of last Thursday (March 18).

As the blaze burnt through her duvet, the flames caught her face - leaving her with a 'very sore' burn to her cheek.

Whilst issues like this can often be caused by third-party accessories, the story is not clear on whether this was an Apple plug. BL states "It's not known whether the charger itself, consisting of an Apple wire and another brand's plug, caused the fire or whether the socket at her home was faulty." However, in a Facebook post Hall stated the charger was "an Apple charger". Hall also said that thankfully she was awake when the charger caught fire, otherwise, things could have been much worse.

Speaking to BL, Apple confirmed it was investigating the incident saying "Apple takes customer safety very seriously, is in touch with the customer and looking into the matter."

Pictures from the report show Hall's burnt duvet as well as the charred remains of her Lightning cable, and the burn she suffered below her eye.

Birmingham LiveSource: Birmingham Live

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