Apple iPhone 3.0 Preview Event Live Meta-Blog

Thanks to those who joined us today for TiPb's Live Meta-Blog of Apple's iPhone 3.0 Preview Event. It was a great event, with great features like Cut/Copy and Paste, MMS, Stereo Bluetooth, Spotlight, Landscape Keyboard, and quite literally everything every fanboy wrote on their wish-list.

For our full transcript, read on after the jump!

12:37 Rene Ritchie: Howdy! We're live folks!

12:37 dieterbohn: YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? You in the JUNGLE baby!

12:37 [Comment From Damian] Hi! =D

12:37 [Comment From Joshua Abrego] Hi

12:37 [Comment From Shason] hi

12:37 [Comment From Madscotsman] WOOHOO finally!!!!

12:37 [Comment From Owen] Yay

12:38 [Comment From Adrian Camilleri] Woohoo

12:38 [Comment From munki] hello

12:38 [Comment From Steve Jobs] Am I there?

12:38 [Comment From Kiran] Awesome :)

12:38 [Comment From Wes] Excellent. Coming from Virginia!

12:38 [Comment From Jeffdc5] What up rene

12:38 [Comment From DrumMan] I'm so geeked out for this. Come on MMS!

12:38 [Comment From toxikos] Hello from sunny London UK

12:38 [Comment From MFAC] pumped!!!

12:38 [Comment From 3gappleprosync] So excited!!! whatsup RENE!!!

12:38 [Comment From fleadog99] woo hoo, ready and waiting!

12:38 [Comment From Ken] Sweet, so exciting!

12:38 [Comment From Matt W.] cut and paste hopefully... cut and paste!

12:38 [Comment From Phillip] I can't wait!!!

12:39 dieterbohn: Comments are coming super fast and super furious. We can't put them all up!

12:39 dieterbohn: when the event starts, we'll ratchet comments way back so you can focus on what's new

12:39 Rene Ritchie: We have the best community ever. FYI.

12:40 [Comment From Brian Nguyen] C&P, we deserve it after waiting so long. And better notifications!

12:40 [Comment From Pete] copy and paste, video recorder, MMS must have

12:40 [Comment From Chris] Good day from London,ON

12:40 Rene Ritchie: Any surprise picks? Dark horse features?

12:40 [Comment From Elliot G] Im all the way in the Caribbean, a tiny island called Antigua

12:40 [Comment From ParishYoung] and we have the best blogger ever ;-)

12:40 [Comment From Guest] yeah kill comments once we get going, we only need info :)

12:40 [Comment From panic] i have customer on hold waiting this ^_^

12:40 [Comment From HokiePerogi] Come on Uncrippled Bluetooth.

12:40 [Comment From Paul] any chance we get new Hardware too?

12:41 [Comment From jkneen] Much more important to me is removing the 9 page home screen limit. I'm having to delete apps to install new ones!

12:41 [Comment From Tyler] Dark horse: ability to set 3g per app (mail = edge, browser = 3g, etc...)

12:41 [Comment From Guest] Hey rene, it's Michael Manna

12:41 [Comment From Fresh1] Can't wait. Sup Rene

12:41 [Comment From Cortland] I love Rene!

12:41 [Comment From Ray] I want to hear more about Flash Player for iPhone. Did we forget about the all web experience? Is Flash a dead issue now?

12:41 dieterbohn: ooh flash, the one feature everybody gave up on, eh?

12:41 Rene Ritchie: Michael Mann in the house!

12:41 [Comment From Guest] Hey Hav a nice day from India....

12:41 Rene Ritchie: *Manna

12:42 dieterbohn: Everybody is still waiting to get in. Apparently Dr. Drew, Kumar of House and Harold and Kumar fame, and some Matt Damon lookalike are there

12:42 [Comment From Yildi] Hi from Marseille!

12:42 [Comment From Frano] Jamaica in tha house!!

12:42 [Comment From MarkN] I wonder if Steve Jobs will make a surprise appearance?!

12:43 Rene Ritchie: Taser? Phaser?

12:43 Rene Ritchie: Last year Jobs did overall, Schiller on enterprise/mobileme, Forstall on SDK

12:43 dieterbohn: Comments are flying in wicked fast -- we can't put them all up. Someday we'll either roll our own system or keep pushing CoverItLive to support side-bar chat.

12:43 Rene Ritchie: This year maybe Schiller or Tim Cook on overall?

12:43 [Comment From Ray] Battery life was an issue with flash and now the multitude is asking for multitask. That takes extra power too? iPv3 has less battery life than the older model. Multitasking can't be a practical thing or a priority...can it?

12:44 [Comment From Stephanie Berry] I just heard ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING here in MEMPHIS to see what happens!! LOL

12:44 [Comment From Jeff] they will spend most of talking about new developer terms

12:44 dieterbohn: Jeff -- good call, I REALLY hope they address the app store application selection process

12:44 Rene Ritchie: Users always want more features + longer battery life. Balancing act, or we're impossible to please?

12:45 dieterbohn: The music inside is Coldplay

12:45 [Comment From jkneen] Rene, more features doesn't mean lower battery life. If they go do something stupid like make an HD iPhone then we're in trouble as it'll need more power

12:45 [Comment From MFAC] i just found this site this morning. Best find ever!!!

12:45 Rene Ritchie: Apple usually puts up live stream after the event, then HD download in iTunes to follow

12:46 dieterbohn: Everybody is sitting down and commenting about just how they feel about Coldplay

12:47 dieterbohn: and apparently the smell of dozens of excitable apple journos is not good.

12:47 Rene Ritchie: Coldplay is because RIM now pwns U2...

12:47 [Comment From Fonzman1984] Ok I officially feel like a nerd now

12:48 [Comment From Jeremy] Just give me landscape testing!

12:48 [Comment From MFAC] Is video even a possibility or have we thrown that out?

12:48 [Comment From Rye] Im really looking forward for push notification! hopefully its still alive out there somewhere lol

12:48 [Comment From Guest] Let them have U2.. they've got nothing else to show for themselves. SureType? Really?

12:48 dieterbohn: T-Minus 11 minutes

12:48 Rene Ritchie: Push Gmail anyone? Will Google get the bump this year that Microsoft got last?

12:49 dieterbohn: For those asking, we're Meta-Live-Blogging, meaning we're following liveblogs from people on the scene (Apple doesn't love us YET) with our own pithy, witty, and insightful commentary.

12:49 Rene Ritchie: Gmail does push to the T-Mo android G1, they would need to move it to iPhone. Should be do-able

12:50 dieterbohn: links for some of the on-site stuff we're following are in the post.

12:50 [Comment From iPhoneMilk] Phew! I made it ! Ok you guys can start now thanks for waiting :P

12:50 Jeremy Sikora: Sorry I'm late... Hello everyone.

12:50 Rene Ritchie: Yes, we follow everything, distill it down, provide commentary and context, and share with the community

12:50 [Comment From MarkN] Hola Jeremy

12:50 [Comment From Veronica] This might be a silly question, but does this 3.0 announcement mean a new iPhone or just the system version?

12:51 Rene Ritchie: New iPhone likely in June/July

12:51 Rene Ritchie: Last year: Preview new firmware in March, release new firmware + new hardware in July

12:51 Rene Ritchie: Apple often sticks to release patterns

12:51 [Comment From BrianD] Hey Guys - think they will release the premium app store today? i had heard some discussion in blogs this morning...

12:51 [Comment From Jeremy] Hopefully they will surprise us with a software release today.

12:52 Rene Ritchie: Yep, thanks to Antonioj, we heard it might even have turn-by-turn GP! in Premium App Store

12:52 dieterbohn: Upgrade from Coldplay to Radiohead.

12:52 Rene Ritchie:

12:53 dieterbohn: T-Minues 8 ...7 minutes

12:53 dieterbohn: No Jobs, as you'd expect. Schiller is wandering about

12:53 Jeremy Sikora: Wonder if we will be able to pick that turn by turn app up today....

12:54 Rene Ritchie: Will we see an iTablet? Or not until WWDC? Or not ever?

12:54 [Comment From Raj] Hi guys !...I'm very exicited about this update !... wanna thanks for you guys for doing a Fantastic Job !

12:54 Rene Ritchie: Jobs not coming back until June. Hopefully to show off iPhone 2,1 at WWDC :)

12:54 [Comment From Freiteez] and one more thing...what will that 'one' thing be?

12:54 [Comment From steve] itablet = iphone

12:54 [Comment From Cortland] PUSH GMAIL PLEASE!!!

12:54 [Comment From readydanie] The iPhone will eventually replace our wives

12:54 [Comment From Madscotsman] Would rather see an Apple netbook than a tablet.

12:54 [Comment From Phillip] They could have gotten John Mayer to play the show instead of coldplay

12:55 dieterbohn: @Phillip - John Mayer only plays RIM employee events now. He's gone to the dark side.

12:55 Rene Ritchie: Apple Netbook is unlikely as it would kill profit margins for iPhone and MacBook. Apple wants profit share, not market share

12:55 [Comment From Tyson] So when do you speculate 3.0 will go live?

12:55 [Comment From Melissa] maybe AT&T will also come out with new (cheaper) plans too? (tee hee)

12:55 [Comment From Erick G] do you think the iphone will match the palm pre's nasty features

12:56 Rene Ritchie: 3.0 live in July?

12:56 dieterbohn: T-Minute 5 minutes. You in the JUNGLE BABY. You gonna ...get iPhone 3.0!

12:56 [Comment From Peter] HAHA! i doubt so Jeremy. That would be awesome though.

12:56 [Comment From rosylee007] what chance the ability to search emails?

12:56 Rene Ritchie: We're through the looking glass!

12:56 [Comment From sil3ntrid3r11] i think we will get a tease with a 2.3 today!

12:56 Jeremy Sikora: Some Guns n Roses on iTunes sounds good about now...

12:56 dieterbohn: Silence cell phones and pages, show to begin shortly.

12:57 [Comment From Teddy] would you guys be at the event if apple invited you?

12:57 [Comment From cardfan] kinda sick of netbooks..tablet would be interesting

12:57 [Comment From chris] i thought the event started

12:57 Rene Ritchie: 2.2.2 or 2.3 would be great to tide us over before 3.0 12:57 Jeremy Sikora: 3 minutes...

12:57 dieterbohn: iPhone hardware guru Greg Joswiak in the house.

12:57 [Comment From Teddy] Pagers? Who Uses a pager

12:57 [Comment From phebert] Thanks for the coverage guys.......Godspeed......

12:57 [Comment From gio] is new hardware bieng announced too?

12:57 Rene Ritchie: Happy Saint Patricks day to all, BTW!

12:57 [Comment From Terry] So will we get OS 3.0 before July, or will we have to wait until the new iPhone?

12:57 [Comment From tehflakes] hi everyone

12:58 [Comment From chris] do you guys think multitasking will get put through

12:58 Rene Ritchie: We never know, but last year no new hardware until WWDC in June....

12:58 [Comment From Rob] I'm predicting new hardware in June

12:58 [Comment From Peter] Yes... thank you all so much for the coverage

12:58 [Comment From gio] almost here!!!

12:58 [Comment From Freiteez] st patricks day. Who bets they talk about something being greener

12:58 [Comment From steve] will 3.0 be a free update/upgrade?

12:58 [Comment From Guest] why my comments not going thru ?

12:58 [Comment From gio] i dont think 3.0 will be free

12:59 [Comment From Fonzman1984] they dont post all comments

12:59 dieterbohn: ok guys, comments will slow down now

12:59 dieterbohn: it's GO TIME

12:59 [Comment From Keivn] Verizon iPhone anyone??

12:59 Rene Ritchie: Boom! time!

12:59 Jeremy Sikora: No Verizon... Enjoy!

12:59 [Comment From jake] This site works really well on iPhone

12:59 [Comment From iVic] fin fan foom!

12:59 [Comment From Rabbit128] Why has every forgotten about Push Notifications? They were going to release that last year!

12:59 [Comment From tomcatla] Big Red sucks!!!

12:59 Rene Ritchie: Dave Matthews music killed an ad intro...

1:00 [Comment From sting7k] yea watching this on my iphone is the coolest!

1:00 [Comment From BrianD] woooooooooo GO TIME

1:00 Rene Ritchie: Let's see who hits the stage...

1:00 [Comment From Jessica] Let's do this

1:00 [Comment From ELH] OTA notes sync to MobileMe please...

1:00 [Comment From Stephanie Berry] Game faces guys. We don't wanna seem too needy!!

1:00 [Comment From iVic] schiller don't hurt 'em!

1:00 Jeremy Sikora: I say Tim Cook.

1:00 Jeremy Sikora:

1:01 dieterbohn: Greg Joswiak takes the stage

1:02 Rene Ritchie: Joswiak is VP of iPhone and iPod Marketing. Mini Schiller. The Joz

1:02 dieterbohn: Joswiak has been hinted as a steve successor, he's the current iPhone guru

1:02 dieterbohn: welcome to the campus.

1:02 Rene Ritchie: First time on the big stage for Joz, I believe

1:02 dieterbohn: Apparently no schiller today

1:02 dieterbohn: They're starting with iPhone stats

1:02 dieterbohn: It's in 80 countries

1:03 Rene Ritchie: That's up from 70 last year already

1:03 dieterbohn: 13.7 million phones

1:03 Jeremy Sikora: Ok, I'm back. Sorry.

1:03 dieterbohn: sales look like a hockey stick, shooting up at the iPHone 3G release

1:03 Rene Ritchie: They predicted 10, sold almost 14.

1:03 dieterbohn: If you include the iPod Touch, that's 30 Million

1:03 dieterbohn: (that means they've sold more iPod Touches than iPHones!)

1:03 Rene Ritchie: 17 Million through Dec, 2008 1:04 dieterbohn: 800 SDK downloads

1:04 dieterbohn: 50k companies in the developer program

1:04 dieterbohn: sorry, 800 THOUSAND sdk downloads

1:04 Rene Ritchie: 60% new to Apple platform

1:05 Rene Ritchie: That's an incredible halo effect/uptake for Apple

1:05 dieterbohn: A spot for Trism, with developer Steve Demeter

1:05 dieterbohn: 2 million paid downloads for gameloft

1:05 Rene Ritchie: Gameloft says "next geat platform" for them.

1:05 Rene Ritchie: Super low barrier of entry for new developers

1:05 dieterbohn: the iPhone "levels the playing field" for getting apps in front of every user

1:06 Rene Ritchie: We saw that last year with "2 weeks" to get Super Monkey Ball up and running...

1:06 [Comment From Vernon] i heart trism

1:06 [Comment From kick069] i feel giddy already

1:06 [Comment From kick069] 3.0!! 3.0!!

1:07 [Comment From Vernon] why do I have butterflies?

1:07 [Comment From cardfan] spotlight seems to be on apps & games

1:07 dieterbohn: They're talking about how easy it is to get into app development for iPhone

1:07 Rene Ritchie: Trism made Demeter a ton of cash. He posted stats on it last year.

1:07 [Comment From Manuel R. Ciosici] images please

1:07 [Comment From Bullion] We want the good stuff..

1:07 dieterbohn: Joswiak back on stage

1:07 [Comment From Orbs] MMS please!

1:07 Rene Ritchie: We usually get the recap before the new stuff :)

1:07 dieterbohn: 800 MILLION APP DOWNLAODS

1:07 [Comment From sarbour] Since last Mac World - I am a bit on the "not too anxious" side

1:08 [Comment From Bullion] MMS PLEASE +1!

1:08 [Comment From Sapphy] MMS FTW!

1:08 dieterbohn: eight. Hundred. Million

1:08 [Comment From Vernon] I think Joswiak is a hybrid of Jobs and Wozniak

1:08 dieterbohn: over 25k apps

1:08 dieterbohn: 96% of apps approved

1:08 dieterbohn: IPHONE 3.0 PREVIEW TIME

1:08 Rene Ritchie: Which means the 4% includes a lot of stuff we posted on...

1:08 dieterbohn: Scott Forstall takes the stage

1:09 Rene Ritchie: Scott Forstall is VP for iPhone software

1:09 Rene Ritchie: Came to Apple from NeXT with Steve Jobs, showed off the SDK last year

1:09 dieterbohn: Incredible features for developers and cutsomers

1:09 dieterbohn: starting with developers:

1:10 [Comment From Orbs] Give us the goods TIPB!!

1:10 dieterbohn: they've spent a year making the SDK even better

1:10 Rene Ritchie: He said "Blew us away" -- his version of Jobs boom!

1:10 [Comment From ELH] his SDK preso last year was pretty good

1:10 dieterbohn: there are 1000 new apis. (whoa)

1:10 [Comment From Kris S] Better SDK = Better APPS for us!

1:10 [Comment From PetieG] 1000 new APIs!!!

1:10 [Comment From datajockey] come on enterprise luv!!

1:10 Rene Ritchie: 1000 new APIs surfaced is major architecture

1:11 [Comment From Jim] Scott says the 3.0 software is a major update to ALL iPhones and iPod Touches.

1:11 [Comment From Jason] What are API's?

1:11 [Comment From Ben] whats an api?

1:11 dieterbohn: next up: enhancements to the App Store

1:11 Rene Ritchie: API = Application Programming Interface

1:11 Rene Ritchie: API are what developers hook into to make iPhone apps

1:11 [Comment From Guest] an example?

1:11 dieterbohn: 70% of rev still goes to developer, paid monthly, etc. overview of current setup

1:12 dieterbohn: SUBSCRIPTIONS

1:12 dieterbohn: they are going to add subscription prices

1:12 Rene Ritchie: Subscripts a prelude to TURN BY TURN GPS maybe?

1:12 [Comment From Elliot G.] subscriptions to the app store ?

1:12 dieterbohn: in-app purchase

1:12 dieterbohn: like ebook readers, maganzine apps, new content, etc.

1:12 dieterbohn: additional game levels

1:12 Rene Ritchie: Would allow stuff like Kindle App to buy books directly from Amazon maybe?

1:12 [Comment From JohnSherwood] there go the free updates

1:13 [Comment From Jhunt4231] Show us some Slingbox!!

1:13 dieterbohn: (Amazon Kindle App Holla?)

1:13 [Comment From Elliot G.] sounds like an Apple Cash Register to me

1:13 dieterbohn: screenshot shows intrusive pop up

1:13 dieterbohn: :(

1:13 Rene Ritchie: COuld be highly annoying :(

1:13 dieterbohn: showing SportsNews app, lets you buy '6 more months" for $4.99 1:13 Jeremy Sikora: Indeed...

1:13 dieterbohn: showoing buying more levels

1:14 [Comment From vkoser] well if it's annoying you buy other apps that don't use that model eh?

1:14 dieterbohn: Uses same itunes pass and username, same purchase scheme

1:14 dieterbohn: so you don't have to set up an acct. with every app

1:14 Rene Ritchie: Might help clean up the App Store of 1000 ebook "apps"

1:14 [Comment From Billy] so if we have to pay for subscpirtions are the goign to be charges for the updates?

1:14 dieterbohn: Model is the same,70% of in-app purchases go to developers (shouldn't htat be higher?)

1:14 Rene Ritchie: PAID APPS ONLY

1:15 Rene Ritchie: No subscriptions for free apps!

1:15 dieterbohn: as rene said, subscription applies to paid apps only

1:15 [Comment From Elliot G.] That would work wonderfully for the iphone kindle app i do believe

1:15 dieterbohn: PEER TO PEER SUPPORT

1:15 [Comment From Teddy] p2p

1:15 Rene Ritchie: That's similar to how Xbox Live works

1:15 dieterbohn: great for games -- lets you do in-app multiplayers

1:16 Rene Ritchie: Puts the bandwidth burden on the consumer rather than the developer

1:16 [Comment From Schneppi] p2p for what?

1:16 Rene Ritchie: Free apps remain free -- Thanks Scott!

1:16 [Comment From Guest] p2p - friends list a la xbox live? could be sweet for IM between iphone friends?

1:16 dieterbohn: You can bring up a standard system panel which finds other iPhones or Touhes in the same app. You form an IP connection and game together. happens automatically with running apps, over BLUETOOTH

1:17 Rene Ritchie: Over Bluetooth? Not WiFi?

1:17 Rene Ritchie: I don't know if Bluetooth is as robust as WiFi/Bonjour?

1:17 dieterbohn: uses bluetooth, but also uses Bonjour to find other devices

1:17 dieterbohn: not just games

1:17 dieterbohn: no pairing required

1:17 [Comment From Al] wow, sharing contacts too, nice!

1:17 Rene Ritchie: Dieter says Bluetooth could be better on battery life than WiFI?

1:18 dieterbohn: sharing a contact, for example (BEAMING IS BACK, BABY!)

1:18 [Comment From ParishYoung] Hang on system panel at the same time as an App - sounds like multitasking!!!

1:18 dieterbohn: new accessories!

1:18 dieterbohn: support for new accessories?

1:18 Rene Ritchie: DOCK ACCESS?!

1:18 dieterbohn: enable accessory devs to build apps that talk directly to their hardware

1:18 Rene Ritchie: Part of "made for iPhone" program or rolled into SDK program?

1:19 [Comment From Vernon] multitasking will destroy the already small battery life, they'll have to release a new product with better battery life

1:19 Rene Ritchie: FM transmitter shown as example

1:19 dieterbohn: (please please keyboard support please?)

1:19 Rene Ritchie: 3.0 can build custom app to pair and automagically find station

1:19 dieterbohn: medical devices

1:19 dieterbohn: Blood pressure meter that uses iPhone. crazy awesome

1:19 dieterbohn: TRICORDER

1:19 Rene Ritchie: Last time they showed Steve Jobs' blood pressure on the big screen...

1:20 dieterbohn: accessories can use dock or bluetooth to interface

1:20 Rene Ritchie: Apple may be targeting a portion of Enterprise/Business many forget when they talk about the space. Not every business person just wants messaging...

1:20 [Comment From Jhunt4231] Monitor your pace maker on your iPhone??

1:20 [Comment From Guest] so with bluetooth, could you send a file to a nokia phone for example

1:20 [Comment From Fluffy D Bunny] iPone isn't FCC approved for hospitals tho!?!

1:20 dieterbohn: next up: Maps

1:21 [Comment From Matt W.] maps maps maps maps maps maps maps

1:21 [Comment From Squampton] please let maps orient to the direction you're traveling in!

1:21 [Comment From blenderman345] GPS Turn-by-turn PLLLEEEAASSEE!

1:21 Rene Ritchie: Standard and custom protocols for accessories

1:21 Rene Ritchie: Finding starbucks coffee..

1:21 [Comment From Justin G] Cmon latitude!

1:21 dieterbohn: use maps in your apps

1:21 dieterbohn: made an apps API

1:22 dieterbohn: you can embed maps in your own applicaionts instead of shooting users out into maps.

1:22 Rene Ritchie: Yeah, we'd like that for the calendar system too please :)

1:22 [Comment From Al] I'm thinking they will unveil latitude as a small update today

1:22 dieterbohn: Fully works -- pinch, zoom, satellite, location, all of it just works, embeed inside other apps


1:22 dieterbohn: uses corelocation

1:22 [Comment From Matt W.] woohoo!

1:22 Rene Ritchie: BOOOM!

1:22 [Comment From Teddy] YESSSS

1:23 [Comment From fonefreak] wooooooooh!!

1:23 [Comment From Adam Holden] FIN FAM FOOM

1:23 dieterbohn: corelocation is gsp and tower-based, btw

1:23 Rene Ritchie: Bring your own maps!

1:23 [Comment From Robinson] Turn by turn??

1:23 Rene Ritchie: Licensing says Apple can't give you the maps, you have to license your own tiles


1:23 [Comment From Pj] Awesome!

1:23 [Comment From panic] WOOOOOOOOO

1:23 dieterbohn: "We know we're late on this one"

1:24 Jeremy Sikora:

1:24 Rene Ritchie: Push notification was announced at WWDC 2008. Supposed to ship in Sept.

1:24 [Comment From Patrick] holy cow ... a confession

1:24 dieterbohn: we have to re-architect the server structure

1:24 dieterbohn: more apps than they anticipated

1:24 dieterbohn: "now we're good to go"

1:24 Rene Ritchie: Better they took their time to get it right

1:24 Rene Ritchie: Couldn't afford a MobileMe launch for PNS

1:25 [Comment From steve] hohoho... !! early chrismas....

1:25 [Comment From Roger] But when is all that going to happen?

1:25 Rene Ritchie: Devs asked for functionality they hadn't anticipated

1:25 Rene Ritchie: NB- You still can't keep an app open streaming internet radio with Push Notifications :(

1:25 dieterbohn: devs asked for background processing

1:25 dieterbohn: apple said no, it's "not good for the customer"

1:26 dieterbohn: been testing on other platfroms, they say, and apps int eh background just plain kill battery

1:26 dieterbohn: (snort)

1:26 Rene Ritchie: They tested on WinPho and Android

1:26 Rene Ritchie: Doesn't ring true tho, does it?

1:26 [Comment From Guest] funny, my jailbroken phone running pandora in the background right this very second seems to think differently.

1:26 [Comment From brandon] excuses excuses...

1:26 [Comment From BrianD] battery life. makes sense

1:26 [Comment From Rj] Background works great on BB

1:26 Rene Ritchie: Apple measures battery life as conservatively as earning estimates... :/

1:26 dieterbohn: they say IM app dropped standby 80%, background push dropped it only 20%

1:26 [Comment From bobernet] tell that to all the jailbreak users already doing it with Backgrounder and BeeJiveIM (as an example).

1:27 dieterbohn: rehashing how push notification works

1:27 Rene Ritchie: Rumor is Apple is using IM-like protocols to do Push.

1:27 dieterbohn: their server pushes updates, iPHone listens for them, and then routes info to the relevant app (which is closed) instead of lettingn app run in the background

1:27 Rene Ritchie: Microsoft uses email, I think RIM uses SMS-like

1:28 [Comment From Mjm] I think people are confusing backgound processing with app switching

1:28 Rene Ritchie: Architecture the same as WWDC

1:28 dieterbohn: So no background processes. That isn't happening. But Push is

1:28 [Comment From fonefreak] when is push happening?

1:28 [Comment From Kris S] Does that mean new Push APPs? or will it come included wiht 3.0 software

1:29 [Comment From clayrussell] Ill take push over nothing defenitely

1:29 dieterbohn: New api for streaming video and audio

1:29 Rene Ritchie: iPod lib access?

1:29 dieterbohn: new api for in-game voice

1:29 Rene Ritchie: Shake API

1:29 Rene Ritchie: Audio recorder

1:29 dieterbohn: UI table view, cell styles, core data, nav bars, and ..

1:29 dieterbohn: TEXT SELECTION

1:29 Rene Ritchie: TEXT SELECTION!!!!

1:29 [Comment From Dustin] bam!

1:29 Rene Ritchie: Wow, major API surfacing there, Apple!

1:30 [Comment From mamut] copy paste wohoo

1:30 dieterbohn: they are bringing in devs to show what they could accomplish in two weeks

1:30 dieterbohn: just like the original event

1:30 dieterbohn: Meebo

1:30 [Comment From bxs] push is def better than nothing... i can't wait to see if they make the bkg customizable w/o jailbreaking

1:30 Rene Ritchie: More API: GPS Lingo, Highlight imagies, data detectors (like Leopard?), iAP, streaming audio

1:31 Rene Ritchie: Does Meebo have 45m users? Really?

1:31 [Comment From Schneppi] Copy&Paste FTW!!!

1:32 [Comment From Hacker1] were is my copy and paste

1:32 Rene Ritchie: Offical: Meebo is this years AIM demo?

1:32 dieterbohn: shwoing off meebo im

1:32 [Comment From sting7k] I don't even know what meebo is

1:32 [Comment From Teddy] meebo is better because it has facebook chat

1:32 dieterbohn: showing push notification on iPhone with Meebo

1:32 [Comment From Johnnytk36] I wonder how many people just googles meebo.

1:33 Rene Ritchie: Seems like they didn't practice typing on the iPhone first...

1:33 dieterbohn: (iPhone typing errors) ;)

1:33 [Comment From Scopique] noobs :D

1:33 [Comment From Freiteez] ive used meebo for a long time. Its pretty cool

1:33 dieterbohn: meebo does AOL, MSN, Facebook, and their own special kind of IM

1:33 Rene Ritchie: Meebo waited for Push Notification... unlike AIM, BeeJive...? Really?

1:33 dieterbohn: lets you get social networking alerts

1:33 [Comment From thedude] How will all of this effect the Battery??? Anyone know that answer

1:34 Rene Ritchie: No Twitter? ;)

1:34 dieterbohn: EA is next

1:34 dieterbohn: Electronic Arts

1:34 dieterbohn: Games games games games games

1:34 Rene Ritchie: Last time it was Super Monkey Ball, what's now?

1:34 [Comment From Rob] gotta have twitter

1:34 [Comment From Dustin] Sounds like a big advertisement

1:34 dieterbohn: Sims3 1:34 [Comment From Brainy142] I hope EA has some cool stuff

1:34 Rene Ritchie: Tim Boatman from EA on stage

1:34 dieterbohn: The Sims

1:35 Rene Ritchie: SIMS 3 talk...

1:35 dieterbohn: Showing demo no

1:35 dieterbohn: *now

1:35 Rene Ritchie: Looks slick. Using iPhone well.

1:35 [Comment From Guest] will api change graphics quality?

1:36 dieterbohn: uses new In-App subscription purchasing

1:36 dieterbohn: You can buy a virtual stereo

1:36 [Comment From Schneppi] Nice

1:36 dieterbohn: (I'm not a Sims guy, but ugh.)

1:36 Rene Ritchie: Lame, but they'll likely make $$$ on this model...

1:36 [Comment From Guest] I have to say, I was really looking for some more user apps - not games :( I'm thinking the Pre is a better solution for me.

1:36 Rene Ritchie: Shut out iPhone gold-miners tho?

1:36 dieterbohn: Play your iPod music in-game

1:36 dieterbohn: Scott Forstall takes the stage

1:37 [Comment From mamut] omg is this os 3.0 prewiev or games preview :S

1:37 [Comment From Matt W.] finally some better stuff to come hopefully. hopefully not boring stuff like mediciene apps

1:37 dieterbohn: Next up: Oracle to show off some enterprise app, we expectszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1:37 Rene Ritchie: Oracle CEO Larry Elison is one of Steve Jobs' best buds

1:37 [Comment From iphos3man] Enterprise?

1:37 [Comment From Hacker1] boring

1:37 dieterbohn: the audience groaned. :)

1:37 [Comment From Matt W.] hahaha

1:38 dieterbohn: honestly, though Apple need to show off some enterprise chops -- they haven't gone after RIM as much as they could

1:38 Rene Ritchie: I work in the database space and I groaned...

1:38 dieterbohn: better apps is their biggest strength

1:38 [Comment From Raul G] That's embarrassing for whoever is going up next

1:38 dieterbohn: Oracle Exec is Hody Crouch. MUST. NOT. MAKE. FUN.

1:38 Rene Ritchie: Hody Couch from Oracle. I'm guessing visualizers will be shown....

1:38 dieterbohn: showing background alert for "inventory low"

1:38 dieterbohn: thats cool

1:38 Rene Ritchie: Maybe PeopleSoft interface for iPhone?

1:39 [Comment From Stephanie Berry] I'm ready to go back to my Blackberryn if this doesn't get better soon!

1:39 dieterbohn: but I wish these alerts were part of an overhauled alert system

1:39 [Comment From helpdesk] come on Exchange features!!

1:39 Rene Ritchie: Low inventory for teddy bear parts. Least they have a sense of humor!

1:39 dieterbohn: (push notification of stock levels might be something that could interest the iMore Store guys)

1:40 Rene Ritchie: Showing off 5 apps

1:40 dieterbohn: Oracle's done

1:40 [Comment From Steve] Bring back STEVE so we can get something useful!!!!

1:40 dieterbohn: ESPN next

1:40 [Comment From Brainy142] who is going to put out the big news?

1:40 Rene Ritchie: Sports will LOVE subscriptions

1:41 [Comment From iphos3man] iMiss Steve Jobs..... :(

1:41 Rene Ritchie: Every season, we pay. If they can make us pay per game, they will... :/

1:41 [Comment From Terry] why have these subscriptions, we can just go to and get the same data?

1:41 Rene Ritchie: JDPower ranked iPhone #1 for business users

1:41 Rene Ritchie: I think CrackBerry Kevin's head just exploded

1:41 dieterbohn: ESPN making their webapp native in iPHone 3.0 1:41 [Comment From Robert] Sports will love subscriptions when all of their apps uses start using safari instead.

1:42 [Comment From cardfan] Good for them...but good for us?

1:42 dieterbohn: You can get background sports alerts

1:42 [Comment From Terry] I think we need a vote about paid subscriptions.

1:42 [Comment From battery_eater] crackberry kev's head just exploded

1:42 Rene Ritchie: Modal alerts are so 1990s :(

1:42 [Comment From wilsonator] yea def need a vote about this subscription trash

1:43 dieterbohn: sports notification came with the ESPN signature chime -- so background alerts will have custom sounds, not just your standard stuff.

1:43 [Comment From Omari] I guess the real exciement will come with new hardware. Software is always limited

1:43 Rene Ritchie: My understanding is APp can build in custom sounds, and Push Notification can be used to trigger any of them.

1:43 dieterbohn: It also uses the new iPhone media API to stream video

1:43 dieterbohn: automatically adjusts to the bandwidth you have

1:43 Rene Ritchie: AT&T drop-outters rejoice!

1:43 [Comment From billiam] will they stop the subscription if no one really buys?

1:44 [Comment From I am PC] i dont know nothing major so far PRE LIKE FEATURE? WHERE?

1:44 [Comment From helpdesk] workaround for flash

1:44 [Comment From bobernet] adjusts to bandwidth = take away everything good when you're not on wifi.

1:44 [Comment From Melissa] streaming video API = slingbox?

1:44 Rene Ritchie: Yes, no market can survive consumer abandon, but most often not enough consumers really do anything

1:44 [Comment From miles] so far, its 2.5, not 3.0 1:44 dieterbohn: ESPN is done

1:44 [Comment From John Krone] I'm expecting changes to the springboard... Folders and better custum options.

1:44 Rene Ritchie: SDK side is pretty big so far, just not much for user-side features

1:44 dieterbohn: (ow my wrist)

1:45 [Comment From bxs] ppl will pay it.. especially if subscipts offer better features

1:45 [Comment From URPREY] This is what WM 6.1 was to WM 6.0. Snoozer!

1:45 dieterbohn: "We had to spend 6 months retooling push notificaitons for companies just like ESPN"

1:45 [Comment From Doug] yeah so far theres nothing 3.0 about it

1:45 [Comment From clayrussell] hang in there Dieter

1:45 dieterbohn: LifeScan next -- they make glucose monitoring equipment for J&J

1:45 Rene Ritchie: So far haven't seen anything in PNS that Forstall didn't show at WWDC?

1:45 [Comment From Charlie] more boring news

1:45 dieterbohn: (Johnson & Johnson -- a family company)

1:46 dieterbohn: Iphone as diabetes monitor sounds pretty freaking awesome to me

1:46 Rene Ritchie: Anita Mathew from J&J on stage

1:46 Jeremy Sikora: I'm hoping for some big news to come soon....

1:46 [Comment From Guest] come on guys, have you never watched an apple speech in your life? everybody knows you don't get the good stuff until the end.

1:47 dieterbohn: (ESPN does 50 million alerts a month)

1:47 dieterbohn: Simplify Diabetes Management

1:47 dieterbohn: hopefully it does more than test, but tracks, provides info, etc.

1:47 Rene Ritchie: Transmits data via Bluetooth

1:47 [Comment From bobernet] ESPN's "alerts" are SMS/email. so what?

1:47 Rene Ritchie: Likely using tech descripbed earlier

1:48 dieterbohn: or via a dock connector

1:48 Rene Ritchie: ESPN alerts are Push Notification alerts to ESPN app

1:48 [Comment From Teddy] so im still wondering all this talk about bluetooth. does that = new bluetooth stack thats full?

1:48 dieterbohn: Sadly, it's not just a little plug for the iPhone, still requires the big ol box with the blood testing strip

1:48 [Comment From suomynonA] This is 3.0, everyones expectations were way too high. Apple is in the gaming business now!

1:48 [Comment From Grant] Again, is this Bluetooth stuff going to work with iPod Touch?

1:49 dieterbohn: integrates with meal builder and insulin schedule

1:49 [Comment From Brainy142] Ipod touch has no bluetooth

1:49 Rene Ritchie: Has to be new Bluetooth stack, but how it's surfaced as always depends on Apple...

1:49 dieterbohn: tracks diet, exercise, all sorts of stuff

1:49 [Comment From Rob] I wonder if they included A2DP in the new Bluetooth stack.

1:49 Rene Ritchie: Don't think iPod touch has BT radio, so not until next gen at least...

1:50 [Comment From Rob] iPod Touch DOES have Bluetooth hardware. That's how the Nike pedometer works.

1:50 dieterbohn: lol, you can use the app to send your glucose results to overly-protective parents. Sorry, iPhone-toting teenagers with Diabetes, this is going to be a pain for you.

1:50 [Comment From Grant] I've read that iPod Touch has a Bluetooth chip in it that's not activated...

1:50 dieterbohn: The app is very cool, though

1:50 [Comment From JAT] I think the springboard and notification scheme is going to remain unchanged since all of these demos show the old layout.

1:51 Rene Ritchie: Believe that story on BT chip was a myth-take.

1:51 [Comment From Chris] the nike+ doesn't use bluetooth

1:51 [Comment From Rob] They will hold out any interface changes until the end

1:51 dieterbohn: Demo's over

1:51 [Comment From suomynonA] Where are the Pre like features??

1:51 [Comment From Matt W.] where are the ANY features?

1:51 [Comment From Doudii] PRE does not exist yet ! come on

1:52 [Comment From Charlie] yay! now 3.0 please

1:52 Rene Ritchie: 10000 notifications from 1000 apps will be annoying/unmanageable with current system

1:52 dieterbohn: ngmoco next, they are a startup that just does iPhone and iPod apps

1:52 dieterbohn: showing some games

1:52 Rene Ritchie: Topple 2, Rolando

1:52 [Comment From no] OMG GET TO THE REAL STUFF

1:52 [Comment From Matt W.] this is NOTHING what 3.0 should be like. they must REALLY be holding out until the ed

1:53 [Comment From cardfan] agree with if those notifications were on bottom like the Pre..could be better

1:53 dieterbohn: Touch Pets

1:53 dieterbohn: social pet simulator

1:53 [Comment From tehflakes] so far this has been a yawner of a conference..hopefully it is going to get better

1:53 dieterbohn: LiveFire, multiplayer first person shooter

1:53 Rene Ritchie: Using P2P we thinks?

1:54 dieterbohn: Uses a push notificaiton to set up a "Play Date" with a friends virtual pet.

1:54 dieterbohn: (I just threw up a little in my mouth.)

1:54 Rene Ritchie: It's Nintendogs with PNS...

1:54 [Comment From getheledout] LiveFire sounds like fun, but crossing fingers for the good stuff

1:54 [Comment From Freiteez] touch pets would be good for a...7year old?

1:54 [Comment From Garret] I don't care, where are the user features!

1:54 Rene Ritchie: (PNS = Push notification service)

1:55 dieterbohn: In app purchases let you buy toys for your virtual pets

1:55 Rene Ritchie: iPod touch sales to tweenagers just quadrupled... ick.

1:55 [Comment From imthatcheck] virtual toys for virtual pets??? a bit much

1:55 [Comment From Peter] ugh. virtual pets BORE

1:56 dieterbohn: LiveFire

1:56 [Comment From KeFkA] I think i can actually hear the tears hitting the floor of everyone

1:56 [Comment From Eric] come on this is a joke, they have not even started yet........right?.

1:56 Rene Ritchie: Where's John Carmack already? :)

1:56 dieterbohn: Graphics look fairly decent

1:56 [Comment From Ray] I wonder what the live audience is thinking?

1:56 [Comment From Clay] who's jhn carmack?

1:57 [Comment From Matt W.] this is definitely not like Apple. nobody knows... the trouble iSee

1:57 Rene Ritchie: N64 Goldeneye would make me happy...


1:57 dieterbohn: you move with your left thumb (anywhere on screen) and fire by tapping right

1:57 [Comment From Jeremy] Goldeneye was amazing, still play it all the time.

1:57 dieterbohn: you can buy new weapons with real money

1:57 [Comment From Josh] I'm gonna cry

1:58 dieterbohn: push notificatoins to friends to invite them to games

1:58 Rene Ritchie: Apple really wants that reserve fund to hit $40B with subscription Apps, don't they...?

1:58 [Comment From Jaron] The iphone just went from a wanna-be general public device to a rich Tweener device

1:58 [Comment From Adam] This is a phone for crying out loud! MMS and C&P are standard features! I don't care about games!!

1:58 Rene Ritchie: Showing off multi-player!

1:58 [Comment From Chris] can I buy weapons for the virtual pet game?

1:58 dieterbohn: Smule is next!

1:58 Rene Ritchie: We have Smule Mule!

1:58 dieterbohn: they made the awesome ocarina app

1:58 [Comment From Jeremy] Okay we really need to get off the games and get to some real User-Targeted features.

1:59 Rene Ritchie: (he's not in costume! d'oh!)

1:59 dieterbohn: Dr. Ge Wang

1:59 [Comment From Brian] How long is this thing scheduled to last? How much time is left for some REAL improvements?

1:59 [Comment From BrianD] ocarina was fun for .5 seconds but a novel idea

1:59 Rene Ritchie: Apple can go as long as they want, it's their event

2:00 Rene Ritchie: Note: SDK and WWDC last year had very long app demos too... :(

2:00 dieterbohn: Wang talking bout how only the iPhone could make things like Ocarina possible

2:00 Rene Ritchie: Dr. Wang from Smule could out stare Chuck Norris...

2:00 [Comment From Plex] You guys need to chill. This is the way Apple does things every time. If you can't handle waiting till the end then come back in a few hours and download the keynote/read the news.

2:01 dieterbohn: Leaf Trombone

2:01 dieterbohn: Play duet -- over bluetooth one assumes

2:01 Rene Ritchie: Smule is amazingly innovative, tying in media and social interaction. Very smart company.

2:01 dieterbohn: "Leaf Trombone World Stage"

2:02 dieterbohn: Blow into mic, slide trombone slider.

2:02 Rene Ritchie: Commenters, relax. Apple has to do something, otherwise what will Microsoft and RIM have to announce next year? :D

2:02 [Comment From Casper TFG] Leaf trombone.. Flesh flute.. what next?

2:02 [Comment From Bruce Davies] Apple so in love with its new-found developer community it forgot who its REAL customers are

2:02 dieterbohn: Playing phantom of the opera in a bluetooth duet of trombone-mimicking smartphones.

2:02 Rene Ritchie: Multiplayer Music!

2:02 [Comment From IDGT] I'm just a little disappointed so far.

2:03 dieterbohn: think about for a second, would the previous sentence have made sense 25 years ago to a single person?

2:03 [Comment From Grant] Who can blame Apple for loving it's developers so much? You heard how many apps have been sold so far. It's astounding.

2:03 dieterbohn: Forstall back on stage

2:03 [Comment From Ryan] Kevin Rose better watch his back if there's no copy paste.

2:03 Rene Ritchie: No, "any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguisbale from Apple" ;)

2:03 [Comment From scott] maybe he'll walk off the stage at the end and say "oh by the way we have MMS and copy and paste too, have a great day!"

2:04 dieterbohn: "How can I go on after that?"

2:04 [Comment From Al] There's gotta be something coming out todat

2:04 Rene Ritchie: Forstall: we work our asses off to make Devs succesful

2:04 dieterbohn: CUT COPY PASTE

2:04 [Comment From Brian Nguyen] YES!!!

2:04 [Comment From Rye] YAYAY!!!!!!

2:04 [Comment From pete] finally cut and paste

2:04 Rene Ritchie: Oh, noes! He droped the CCP bomb!

2:04 dieterbohn: HE SAID IT. IT'S coming. our long international nightmare is finally over

2:04 [Comment From steve] halla sweet luyya!!!

2:04 [Comment From Jon] Yes!!!! I can cut AND copy AND paste

2:04 dieterbohn: demo time

2:05 [Comment From Terry] Nice! Take some pictures of it!

2:05 [Comment From BlabberTap] WOOT!!!!!

2:05 [Comment From Ryan] kevin rose is spared

2:05 Rene Ritchie: Apple is so smart, they've made announcing copy/paste a newsworthy and event-making thing :/

2:05 dieterbohn: lol, the email he's copying from references Oceanic Fligh 815 2:05 Rene Ritchie: #Lost reference!

2:05 dieterbohn: That will blow some Lost Fan's mind.

2:06 dieterbohn: double tap on text and it auto selects. puts grab point at the end, cut copy paste buttons above it

2:06 Rene Ritchie: If double-tap goes to text select, what happens to ZOOM to FIT?

2:06 [Comment From Matt W.] lets hope its OS-wide

2:06 dieterbohn: you can drag the select point around to grab more

2:06 Rene Ritchie: Kevin Rose redeemed! He was pretty spot on.

2:06 dieterbohn: so you double tap the first word you want to select, drag to select more, then tap cut or copy

2:07 dieterbohn: oh, you can also drag the starting point too.

2:07 Rene Ritchie: New magnifying glass

2:07 dieterbohn: Oooh, tap a blank area for select, select all, and paste

2:07 [Comment From josh] is there a copy paste stack? memory for multiple copy paste items?

2:07 dieterbohn: Same process in mail an din notes

2:07 dieterbohn: (but will it happen in safari??)

2:07 [Comment From Steve] can you paste between apps though?

2:08 dieterbohn: yes it works in safari

2:08 dieterbohn: holding your finger on a block of text gives you the copy prompt

2:08 [Comment From Rye] NICE!!!!!!!!!

2:08 [Comment From Cory] sweeeeeet! SO EXCITING.

2:08 dieterbohn: (obviously you can't paste unless you're in a text field)

2:08 [Comment From johnp] what about SMS

2:08 Rene Ritchie: Different gestore for Mail/Notes than Safari solves double-tap to zoom?

2:08 dieterbohn: so in safari: double tap to zoom, tap and and hold for copy. Everywhere else, double tap == copy

2:08 Rene Ritchie: Does that mean no fine-text selection in Safari?

2:09 dieterbohn: SHAKE IT to undo selection!

2:09 dieterbohn: works in sms

2:09 Rene Ritchie: Can also copy HTML!!!

2:09 [Comment From Rye] lol shake it!! lol loving it!

2:09 [Comment From aimz] Shake to undo? That's made of awesome pie.

2:09 dieterbohn: shake as universal undo is interesting

2:09 Rene Ritchie: Copy/paste works across ALL APPS!

2:09 dieterbohn: works in 3rd party apps

2:10 [Comment From panic] SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:10 [Comment From S.Jobs] Heheh. That's it my precious...

2:10 [Comment From bxs] FINALLY!

2:10 Rene Ritchie: Works for 3rd party apps!

2:10 Rene Ritchie: Showing WikiMobile

2:10 dieterbohn: Hm. Forstall called the SMS app "Messages." I can haz mms?

2:10 dieterbohn: one. more. thing.

2:10 [Comment From Raul G] There's a photo icon inside SMS!

2:10 [Comment From anonymous] photo icon in sms

2:10 [Comment From Orbs] Where is MMS?

2:10 dieterbohn: oh -- just one more cut paste thing

2:10 dieterbohn: photos

2:11 dieterbohn: you can send more than one photo at a time

2:11 [Comment From Randy] MMS! MMS! MMS!

2:11 dieterbohn: tap to select a bunch of photos, copy, then paste into email

2:11 dieterbohn: cut copy paste works with photos!

2:11 Rene Ritchie: Yes! Very nice!

2:11 [Comment From Guest] MMS is coming, just be patient

2:11 Rene Ritchie: Shake to undo is gimmicky but still cool

2:11 [Comment From me] YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need for 10 emails!

2:12 [Comment From Duvi] I knew it.... I called it. Multiple photos being sent! Yay

2:12 Rene Ritchie: Hopefully the new feature section lasts as long as the app demos :)

2:12 [Comment From Vernon] no MMS, Rose was wrong


2:12 [Comment From Clay] cut/copy/paste was horrible on my treo 700w

2:12 dieterbohn: including mail.

2:12 Rene Ritchie: They just pwnd half their audience

2:13 dieterbohn: well not every app

2:13 dieterbohn: every "key" app

2:13 [Comment From josh] LANDSCAPE!!! NICE!

2:13 dieterbohn: Mail. SMS. Notes

2:13 Rene Ritchie: So any big text entry app

2:13 dieterbohn: Messages next

2:13 Rene Ritchie: 3rd parties have already done their own LS keyboards, fwiw

2:13 dieterbohn: you can forward and delete messages. multiple or individual

2:13 dieterbohn: MMS

2:13 Rene Ritchie: This is turning into a fanboy wish-list fest

2:13 dieterbohn: MMS in the hizouse

2:14 [Comment From steve122501] MMSSSSSSS!!!!

2:14 [Comment From Terry] MMS Nice!

2:14 [Comment From curiouscheese] woop woop!

2:14 [Comment From Josh] Thank you god, 2 years late, but thank you anyway

2:14 Rene Ritchie: So, we're getting Treo 600 features, but how about NEW iPhone-calibur features? blink blink

2:14 dieterbohn: supports photos, vcards, audio files

2:14 dieterbohn: or your location

2:14 [Comment From ddubz712] no more

2:14 dieterbohn: (mum on video)

2:15 Rene Ritchie: VOICE MEMOS

2:15 [Comment From Al] Wow, what will people complain about now? TiPB you may be going out of business, lol

2:15 [Comment From Jed] Today's not April 1st is it? :0)

2:15 dieterbohn: voice memos editable

2:15 dieterbohn: sharable

2:15 dieterbohn: works with external Mic

2:15 Rene Ritchie: No, TiPb will complain about lack of Pre-features. Kevin Rose still has to deliver on those!

2:15 dieterbohn: you can send voice memos via email or mms

2:16 Rene Ritchie: Does that mean new, extra MMS plan coming from AT&T, Rogers, other carriers?

2:16 dieterbohn: calendars

2:16 dieterbohn: support for CalDav

2:16 Rene Ritchie: CalDAV is Apple's open calendaring protocol to share, subscribe, etc. to calendar events

2:16 dieterbohn: on-device calendar subscriptions

2:17 [Comment From brandon] AT&T bundles SMS & MMS in the same messaging package so I doubt there will be additional charges for MMS

2:17 dieterbohn: using .ics format

2:17 [Comment From josh] import dates from contacts into calendars?

2:17 Rene Ritchie: Supported by iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Internet Calendar, etc.

2:17 dieterbohn: (p.s. on-device calendar subscriptions was one of the things that the Palm Pre did that the iPhone didn't)

2:17 [Comment From Terry] Nice we can now respond to meeting requests.

2:17 dieterbohn: Stocks

2:17 Rene Ritchie: (though CalDAV was created by Apple :p)

2:17 dieterbohn: suport for showing details and related stories below stock

2:17 dieterbohn: landscape shows more details

2:18 dieterbohn: S E A R C H

2:18 [Comment From Josh] This isn't turning out so bad

2:18 Rene Ritchie: No word on opening ip Calendar DB to 3rd parties :(

2:18 [Comment From Owen] SEARCH

2:18 dieterbohn: You can searchi within mail

2:18 Rene Ritchie: SEARCH BOOM!

2:18 dieterbohn: search within all key applicaitons

2:18 [Comment From Climber] Sweet!

2:18 [Comment From Grant] Awesome!

2:18 [Comment From Clay] this is getting good!

2:18 Rene Ritchie: ALL KEY APPS!

2:18 [Comment From Darren H] Theres some Pre-ness

2:18 dieterbohn: if your search isn't on the phone, continues on the server (this is a standard Exchange feature)

2:18 dieterbohn: to, from, headers, body

2:18 Rene Ritchie: Chad gets his in-calendar search

2:18 dieterbohn: search in calendar too

2:19 dieterbohn: (not universal???)

2:19 [Comment From billiam] that is impressive- keeps on searching

2:19 dieterbohn: yes universal

2:19 dieterbohn: spotlight

2:19 [Comment From Stephen] Quite impressive so far. What'll be the one more thing though.

2:19 dieterbohn: SPOTLIGHT

2:19 dieterbohn: New home screen for spotlight

2:19 Rene Ritchie: Is everyone happier with Apple now?

2:19 [Comment From PG] My tears just dried up!

2:19 [Comment From Dallas] Best day of my life!!!

2:19 dieterbohn: single location to serach entire device

2:19 Rene Ritchie: Spotlight on home screen.

2:19 [Comment From Vernon] YES RENE!!!!!

2:19 [Comment From IGoDwnTWn] Im sure Palm is not happy...

2:20 Rene Ritchie: Search in iPod, Notes, everwhere.

2:20 dieterbohn: (btw: copy, paste, calendar, device search, mms all features that are standard on other smartphone platforms. I'm not saying, I'm just saying)

2:20 Rene Ritchie: Demo time!

2:20 [Comment From Rye] Palm is banging their head now

2:20 dieterbohn: spotlight looks very cool. doesn't cover the dock

2:20 [Comment From Dave M] how about a better way to manage icons on home screen??

2:20 Rene Ritchie: App type shown on left side, DOCK left exposed at bottom

2:20 dieterbohn: shows all results in a single list

2:21 Rene Ritchie: App icon, I mean

2:21 [Comment From Grant] I think we're going to be missing a new home screen management announcement

2:21 dieterbohn: spotlight is now your leftmost page on the home screen

2:21 dieterbohn: lives there permanently

2:21 dieterbohn: (oof, I don't have a page to give up!)

2:21 [Comment From Rye] Whats a Spotlight??

2:21 dieterbohn: STEREO BLUETOOTH

2:21 Rene Ritchie: Pretty much what TiPb asked for in our Steal Back From Pre article :)

2:22 [Comment From Chris2] STEREO BLUETOOTH???

2:22 Rene Ritchie: OH NOES THEY DIDN'T!

2:22 [Comment From Grant] Spotlight is the Mac search tool

2:22 [Comment From RobT] A2DP

2:22 [Comment From Ken] If all this is true, what will everyone complain next?

2:22 dieterbohn: auto fill

2:22 [Comment From Jeffdc5] lol they just killed the jailbreaking people

2:22 dieterbohn: wifi auto login

2:22 dieterbohn: youtube account support

2:22 dieterbohn: iTunes account creation

2:22 dieterbohn: encrypted profiles(?)

2:22 Rene Ritchie: It's a function flood! Take cover!

2:23 dieterbohn: call log

2:23 dieterbohn: meeting invitations

2:23 dieterbohn: ldap

2:23 dieterbohn: shake to shuffle

2:23 dieterbohn: vpn on demand

2:23 dieterbohn: eap sim

2:23 dieterbohn: proxy support

2:23 [Comment From Terry] Ok there might not be a need to JB anymore.

2:23 dieterbohn: EAS policies

2:23 dieterbohn: exchange active sync policies!

2:23 [Comment From Cre8tivspirit] will still jailbreak for video and themes

2:23 dieterbohn: NOTES SYNC

2:23 dieterbohn: NOTES. SYNC.

2:23 dieterbohn: swon

2:24 dieterbohn: *swoon

2:24 Rene Ritchie: Christmas has really come in March sniffle

2:24 [Comment From Fonzman1984] EVERYTHING IS IN HERE 3.0 ROCKS

2:24 [Comment From Casper TFG] Thanks GOD!! NOTES. SYNC.

2:24 dieterbohn: more parental controls

2:24 Rene Ritchie: (Jeremy told everyone to wait and Apple wouldn't disappoint, listen to Jeremy :) )

2:24 dieterbohn: they're summarizing now

2:24 Jeremy Sikora: I did call that and Tim Cook coming up first didn't I?

2:25 dieterbohn: 100 new features

2:25 Jeremy Sikora:

2:25 dieterbohn: 1000 new apis

2:25 [Comment From TS] time frame guesses anyone?

2:25 Rene Ritchie: 17,000,000,000 happy iPhone users?

2:25 dieterbohn: Greg Joswiak coming back on stage

2:25 [Comment From Steve] WHEN CAN I DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!

2:25 dieterbohn: hopefully to announce availability

2:25 dieterbohn: DEVELOPER BETA available TODAY

2:25 [Comment From RobT] June June June

2:25 [Comment From Guest] want now!

2:26 dieterbohn: for everyone in the Dev program!

2:26 dieterbohn: hosting developer forums where devs can share 3.0 info

2:26 dieterbohn: so it will be nda, seems like, but there will be a place for devs to talk

2:26 Rene Ritchie: The iron curtain has lifted just enough to sweep devs inside, nice!

2:27 [Comment From Sean m] How do you get in program?

2:27 [Comment From Jeffdc5] i feel bad for palm

2:27 dieterbohn: adding 15 countries to app store list, will be up to 77 2:27 [Comment From TwilightLuver] What about our Jailbreak devs? :)

2:27 dieterbohn: ships free this summer

2:27 [Comment From Dustin] free is good

2:27 dieterbohn: "Summer"

2:27 [Comment From Grant] FREE

2:27 Rene Ritchie: Still not matching Pre: combined messege app, contact aggregation app, notification system, multitasking apps

2:27 dieterbohn: Free

2:27 [Comment From Raul G] Summer :(

2:27 dieterbohn: will work on original iPHone

2:27 dieterbohn: hardware has changed

2:28 dieterbohn: no mms and a2dp on original iphone

2:28 dieterbohn: ipod touch users pay $10 2:28 [Comment From sliceofbread] Hardware changed??

2:28 Rene Ritchie: iPod touch users, same as 2.0 upgrade fee

2:28 [Comment From Grant] What's up with that?

2:28 [Comment From eric grinstead] why no mms on original iphone?

2:28 Rene Ritchie: Hardware changed from iPhone 2G -> iPhone 3G

2:28 Jeremy Sikora: For MMS though?

2:28 Jeremy Sikora: Suspect to me...

2:28 [Comment From ScubaSteve] people are swooning over features that I have on my three year-old Treo. Amazing.

2:29 dieterbohn: Dear Apple: Welcome to the world of hardware fragmentation. Sit down, have a drink. You're going to need it.

2:29 dieterbohn: Q and A time!

2:29 Rene Ritchie: Q&A Time!

2:29 [Comment From Adam] MMS would be too slow to send on original iPhone with EDGE service, and Bluetooth would waste its puny battery. Get an iPhone 3G already or shut up lol

2:29 Jeremy Sikora: Phones send MMS fine over edge...

2:29 Rene Ritchie: Let's hope they take hard questions (unlike Sprint/Palm...)

2:29 [Comment From Freiteez] poor iphone 1st gen mms

2:29 [Comment From thively] Me things 3.0 "summer" = New iPhone hardware at same time

2:30 Rene Ritchie: So, "Summer" means June/July/August?Dunno?

2:30 [Comment From Jeffdc5] wow so what does this do for the apple/palm war?

2:30 Rene Ritchie: Likely same as last year, new hardware and another preview at WWDC, ships a few weeks or month later...

2:31 [Comment From Elliot G.] I guess we're still stuck with no unified inbox on Mail... ;(

2:31 Rene Ritchie: Is spotlight page in addition to old homescreen pages, or do we lose a screen?

2:31 [Comment From Paul Driver] Still no video! I guess they need something back to sell us next year.

2:31 [Comment From Brian] steve jobs comes back in june....

2:31 Rene Ritchie: (Waiting on Q&A to start...)

2:31 [Comment From jake] The month between June 9 and July 11 was the longest month ever

2:32 Rene Ritchie: Rumor is Apple thinks video kills the NAND flash inside the iPhone

2:32 dieterbohn: No flash support either

2:32 dieterbohn: no support for categories in home screen

2:32 Rene Ritchie: Flash memory has limited write-cycles before the electron barrier decays and you can't write more data to it

2:32 dieterbohn: but spotlight is huge -- very important.

2:32 [Comment From Justin] Is mms included with the data plan?

2:33 Rene Ritchie: Since there's no SDHC support, dead NAND in an iPhone means dead iPhone (though other devices seem okay with this....)

2:33 dieterbohn: no word on what AT&T will do about MMS on iPhone - they better not increate rates!

2:33 Rene Ritchie: Q&A with Schiller, Forstall, and JOZ...

2:34 Rene Ritchie: So Schiller gets some face time :) No Tim Cook tho...

2:34 Jeremy Sikora: Better not is right. BB plan with Unlimited Text/MMS equals same price as unlimited texts for iPhone.

2:34 [Comment From Fluffy D Bunny] wow almost impossible to get into the iphone dev center

2:34 dieterbohn: why did copy paste take so long?

security issues

2:34 Jeremy Sikora: It is down at the moment.

2:34 dieterbohn: it's not easy

2:34 [Comment From Chris] security issues with copy-paste? ... they're smoking something

2:34 [Comment From Doug] security issues with copy and paste??

2:34 Rene Ritchie: Security = their application jail

2:34 [Comment From Jeffdc5] they had to ind a good way to iplement it

2:34 dieterbohn: /sandbox

2:34 Rene Ritchie: All apps sandboxed, so no easy exchange of data betwixt and between

2:35 dieterbohn: wanted to spend time on it ito make it work right

2:35 dieterbohn: no announcement of flash today

2:35 Rene Ritchie: Flash = iPhone bag of hurt?

2:36 dieterbohn: there are a lot of video streams we can handle. h.264 works greats. adding HDTV streaming for audio and video

2:36 dieterbohn: We think there's a lot of great solutions for a single clip

2:36 Rene Ritchie: Apple has invested heavily in HTML 5, CSS, 3D/2D browser animation already. (See TiPb story yesterday)

2:36 [Comment From Josh] At least today shows Apple does try, even if it is a very little bit.

2:36 dieterbohn: sorry, HDTV == HTTP

2:37 [Comment From Stephen] But why no video capture???

2:37 dieterbohn: peer to peer: "it's really a device to device bluetooth connection. It's one to one"

2:37 dieterbohn: uses bluetooth, bonjour to discover, IP to connect

2:37 Rene Ritchie: Will it work with other devices? Looks like no

2:38 dieterbohn: with 3rd party apps you can talk to and control accessories over bluetooth

2:38 dieterbohn: but sort of sounds like system-wide keyboard support is still a no go

2:38 Rene Ritchie: Can people trade music files with p2p?

2:38 Rene Ritchie: NO!

2:39 Rene Ritchie: Stream music to music apps, a game, but that's it...

2:39 dieterbohn: "it would be confusing for other music apps with downloadable music that isn't through the app store"

2:39 [Comment From Ryan] As a iphone edge user i'm bumming about the no stereo bluetooth--mostly because i was excited about it at first and then it was taken from me

2:39 dieterbohn: (confusing to their profit margin! am I right? Am I right? tip your waitresses)

2:39 [Comment From Christoph] dieterbohn, I can send vCards via Bluetooth if the app is there?

2:39 Rene Ritchie: Tethering? Wroking with carriers around the world to support it, building it in.

2:40 Rene Ritchie: Tethering = carrier bag of hurt

2:40 dieterbohn: Apple can do it in a heartbeat on the phone,

2:40 dieterbohn: but carriers aren't ready for it yet in iPHone-sized numbers, sounds like

2:40 Rene Ritchie: Will be built into 3.0 but depends on carriers to allow it

2:40 dieterbohn: no netbooks to announc

2:40 dieterbohn: no hardward to annouce at all

2:40 Rene Ritchie: (Just look at what the iPhone did at SXSW and CES, took whole network down even without tethering...)

2:41 dieterbohn: no uptime promises on push notifications

2:41 Rene Ritchie: Can you say anything about hardware. NO!

2:41 dieterbohn: could you use an off the shelf mic for voice memo? yes, with an adapter

2:41 Jeremy Sikora: All TiPb forum members, take a vote in a new thread Happy with iPhone 3.0 Features?

2:41 dieterbohn: nothing to announce wrt. keyboard support

2:41 Rene Ritchie: They are brilliant on answering questions (read: dodging)

2:41 [Comment From k] Can we use bluetooth headsets with iphone now?

2:42 Rene Ritchie: Yes, A2DP means stereo bluetooth headsets...

2:42 Rene Ritchie: Don'y know if APple will restrict to proprietary A2DP headset tho...

2:43 dieterbohn: "even SMS isn't 100%" (wrt uptime promises)

2:43 Rene Ritchie: (it's an iPhone event, not a netbook event ;)

2:43 dieterbohn: are you addressing laggines in the new os?

2:43 dieterbohn: we're definitely addressing those issues. The units you saw today are demo units

2:43 [Comment From Matt W.] is there still time for BOOM?

2:43 dieterbohn: (q included mention of lag loading up the sms app)

2:44 [Comment From Bruce Davies] Can we hold more applications on the phone?

2:44 dieterbohn: bluetooth is a capactiy we can unlock on the latest get iPod Touch(!!)

2:44 dieterbohn: on the first gen iPhone, it has a different radio, so the lack of MMS is a hardware issue

2:45 Rene Ritchie: With P2P can you access other people's iTunes Library? You can see them, but don't know if you can play them...

2:45 [Comment From Chauncey] Is it possible to see a list of all of the announced features?

2:46 [Comment From Freiteez] would it be worth it to update the ipod touch to 3.0? only difference would be...?

2:46 dieterbohn: any comments on app acceptance scheme?

2:46 Rene Ritchie: We'll have posts rounding up all announcements later.

2:46 [Comment From Jeffdc5] wow i can't even imagine what the new hardware might be like

2:46 dieterbohn: We want to help developers be successful. wWant a soore where customers are happy. Numbers speak for themselves.

2:46 [Comment From Juan] Do you know if apple will release the video conference on their website to watch later?

2:47 dieterbohn: (ahem. what?)

2:47 [Comment From MAKIEUF3] Do you know if apple will release the video conference on their website to watch later?<<

2:47 Jeremy Sikora: It will be available to download via iTunes sometime soon.

2:48 Jeremy Sikora: (Not the 3.0 software...)

2:48 Jeremy Sikora: Video of the event.

2:48 dieterbohn: Q&A is over!

2:48 dieterbohn: ends on a non-answer about the app acceptance stuff.

2:48 Rene Ritchie: Yep, typically Apple releases event stream quickly, iTunes download later on

2:49 Rene Ritchie: Poetic way to end... :/

2:49 [Comment From Chris] stream will probably be linked here:

2:49 [Comment From zeagus] Rene PWNZ Apple

2:49 [Comment From HolaSenor] Thanks guys!!!

2:49 [Comment From Doug] thanks guys. you were awesome!

2:49 [Comment From Elliot G.] Thanks for the coverage guys, as usual you rock hard...

2:49 [Comment From Grant] Well, I'm satisfied

2:49 [Comment From Raul G] Thanks for the coverage!

2:50 [Comment From Caz] Still think the Pre is gonna blow iPhone out of the water, appreciate the meta-live cast guys!

2:50 [Comment From Ale] Thanks!

2:50 [Comment From Guest] thanks guys

2:50 [Comment From Smileyboy] Thanks, i love reading it on my iPhone at work, while i'm crawling around in a attic

2:50 [Comment From Craig] Thanks for the speedy typing and coverage!

2:50 [Comment From chara] great job u guys, thanks

2:50 [Comment From Brian Nguyen] Great coverage!

2:50 [Comment From 3gappleprosync] yeah i am still scared this wasnt enough from apple to beat the pre

2:50 [Comment From JTM] Great Work!

2:50 [Comment From Jeremy] Summer needs to HURRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

2:50 Rene Ritchie: Thanks everyone for joining us. Man, they let features FLY there at the end!

2:51 Jeremy Sikora: Again, head into the forums: Happy with iPhone 3.0?

2:51 [Comment From zeagus] they left one out -- bakes you delicious pies!

2:51 [Comment From cre8tivspirit] looking forward to reading the feature list later on the forum

2:51 [Comment From Matt W.] alright. i'm out. thanks!

2:51 [Comment From kenneth] Thanks guys great job

2:51 [Comment From craig] i dont own a iphone... should i get a 3g one...or wait to see if the bring a new iphone in june?

2:51 Rene Ritchie: Thanks everyone! Best community ever.

2:51 [Comment From Steve] Great Job Guys! Thanks! Go put some ice on your fingers!

2:51 Jeremy Sikora: Thanks guys!

2:51 Jeremy Sikora:

2:52 [Comment From Lou] I'd like to thank Palm for lighting a fire under Apple's ass

2:52 [Comment From brandon] just gotta say this "Cover it Live" you guys did was a much better experience than the typical autorefreshing liveblogging done by gdgt & gizmodo

2:52 [Comment From JACK] Thanks for the coverage!!

2:52 [Comment From Andrea] When does 3.0 come out?

2:52 Jeremy Sikora: Comes out this "summer".

2:52 [Comment From Luis] for better or worse, apple has numbers and name on pre

2:52 [Comment From Chauncey] 3.0 comes out this summer..

2:52 [Comment From BrianD] thanks guys

2:53 [Comment From Andrea] Thanks everyone! I can't wait!

2:53 [Comment From pezfool] thanks guys you were awsome

2:53 [Comment From Jeffdc5] yeah apple has a head start on the pre

2:53 [Comment From Jed] Home sick today, streamed you guys on my iPhone....tanks again!

2:53 [Comment From Rye] TY very much TIPB

2:54 Jeremy Sikora: One more time, flood the forums: TiPb Forums.

2:54 [Comment From Rfrom242] Thanks guys

2:54 [Comment From Bekka] Thanks!

2:54 [Comment From tony] Yay!!

2:55 [Comment From zach] thanks

2:55 [Comment From Guest] great work guys, best live coverage on the net.

2:55 [Comment From Mário] Reading from Portugal. Great job guys!

2:56 Rene Ritchie: Okay folks! We're gonna shut it down and go cover everything on the blog!

2:56 Rene Ritchie: Thanks so much for being the best iPhone fans on the planet!

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