Apple iPhone 3GS vs Google/HTC Android Nexus One Hands-on Video -- Round Robin Redux

Literally right after I finished my 2009 Smartphone Round Robin week with Google's Android platform, represented by the HTC Hero and Motorola Droid, Google went and brought in a ringer -- the HTC-built, Android 2.1 sporting Nexus One.

Android Central's is still en-route but our Editor-in-Chief, Dieter Bohn has been using the Nexus One all through CES so we grabbed him -- literally -- and got him to very quickly put it one-on-one with the great one -- the iPhone 3GS.

Does it change things from our previous hands-on-Android video, and my "power but no passion" full review? Like I said when I posted our iPhone vs. Nexus One gallery, my first impressions are that the Nexus One is top notch when it comes to Google services and hardware specs, but the iPhone is still the king of media and it's user interface remains unequalled. Am I right? Watch the video below and tell me in the comments!

[Note: No, I didn't slam it in the video or try to make the iPhone look better -- that's not the point of the Round Robin. Ultimately the more, better devices that hit the market, the more, better iPhones Apple will have to make for us here at TiPb.]


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