Apple iTunes and iPod Special Music Event on Sept. 9 Seconded?

Apple holding it's annual iTunes- and iPod-focused music event on Sept. 9th is looking increasingly likely. Never mind that last year's event was held on September 9, or that 9/9/9 holds some numerological magic, it just makes the kind of sense that does, right?

For their part, AppleInsider claims they've managed to get independent confirmation of the event from "people familiar with the matter", and also expect the afore-reported iTunes 9 with social networking, 3rd generation iPod touch with camera, and iPod nano with with camera to be in the lineup, along with other pieces "to this year's iPod story."

"Cocktail", which would try to bring back the album format, including artwork, lyrics, and other bonus material, the perennial Beatles on iTunes rumors, and of course iPhone OS 3.1 are also in the cards.

UPDATED: Forgot that little story about the iPhone 3GS (and presumably the iPod touch third gen) being able to output 720p and 1080p video... How about that for the music event? Would certainly keep pace with the Zune HD...

(And commenters, please as per usual feel free to call for AT&T announcements -- or their heads.)

Rene Ritchie

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