Apple iTunes Music Streaming Service Unlikely to Launch Prior to 3rd Quarter of This Year

CNET is reporting that Apple is planning to unveil their iTunes music streaming service at least by the third quarter of this year. After Apple acquired Lala back in December, it was rumored that the company was entertaining the idea of a streaming music service that would allow users to back-up and access their music library from any device with internet connectivity.


blockquote>"Music industry sources told CNET this week Apple has informed label managers that a streaming music service is unlikely to be ready before the third quarter. It will be a disappointment for iTunes fans who have been speculating as to when Apple might use music site Lala--which Apple acquired in December--for its streaming expertise to launch a cloud-based music service."

This is definitely disappointing to hear and if you are looking for even more bad news CNET is also reporting that Apple "hasn't done much" with video content for iPad either with the exception of sending iPads to certain movie executives. But we're not greedy, we'd be happy with Hulu and Netflix streaming...

  • Compare the CNET headline: "No cloud music for iPad's launch" to TiPB's "Apple iTunes Music Streaming Service Unlikely to Launch Prior to 3rd Quarter of This Year" to AppleInsider's "Apple's iTunes streaming music service could arrive in July" and you get a crazy puree of hearsay and innuendo.
    I am a gadget and Apple site hound, and nowhere in the lead up to iPad launch was there ever anything to indicate that cloud music, the Lala bits, or other cloud or subscription media were going to launch with it. Personally, I never expected it.
    I know Apple was trying to sweet talk the television studios to change the pricing model for TV shows, but even then the delivery method would have stayed the same. In fact, I will go one further and suggest that this type of announcement may be best put in tandem with the next generation iPod announcement. Makes sense to me.
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