Iphone Magsafe ProductsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • MagSafe is back.
  • It will be used to attach chargers to the new iPhones.
  • It'll also be used to attach cases and other accessories to the new handsets, too.

Apple just confirmed that it's bringing the MagSafe name back, but it isn't the one that we're used to. Instead, it'll let us attach wireless chargers and other accessories to the back of the new iPhones.

You'll not only be able to charge using a magnetic wireless adapter, but Apple also says that new cases and other accessories – think in-car mounts and whatnot – are coming as well. Not just from Apple, either. Belkin is already lined up.

Of course, Apple's iPhone 12 event is competing with Amazon's 2020 Prime Day event, where you can snag some of the best deals around on a whole host of products!

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