iTunes music movies

Apple has launched a new sub-section of iTunes devoted to music movies. Why music movies? It seems like while iTunes sells a lot of music, they're not yet selling as much video and Apple seems to think they can use the music tie-in to promote the movies. (We'll spare you the iTunes LP-esque "and it will look great on an iTablet!" line this time. Whoops.)

According to Billboard:

One of the first exclusives is "It Might Get Loud," the documentary about guitar gods Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White, which iTunes will offer from Dec. 8 - 22 before any other outlet. Pre-orders start today. Another is the Kings of Leon concert film "Kings of Leon, Live at the O2" from Nov. 3 - 10.

Big Music stands to benefit as well, since their music DVDs haven't exactly been flying off the shelves. Will online exclusives and easy impulse purchases help? We guess that depends on whether you'll be loading up your iPhone with them?

[Billboard via AppleInsider]