Woman jumping over benchSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has launched a new Activity Challenge.
  • The challenge is reserved for internal employees only.
  • Employees are eligible to win a shirt and pin for completing the challenge.

Apple has announced a new Activity Challenge for the month of February, but before you check your Apple Watch to see what it is, know that this is only for internal Apple employees.

Reported by MacRumors, the company announced that it is hosting its annual company-wide fitness challenge in February. In order to complete the challenge, Apple employees must work to close all three Activity rings on their Apple Watch for the whole month.

Employees who successfully complete the challenge at the end of the month will receive some pretty cool rewards. As shared by an Apple employee, those who finish the challenge will receive a commemorative "2020" shirt where the year is made out of the Activity ring colors.

Apple Watch Activity Challenge 2020Source: MacRumors

The company is also giving out gold, silver, and bronze pins to those who complete, or come close to completing, the February challenge. Pins come in addition to the already sought after "2020" shirt.

Apple has run internal activity challenges in recent years to promote health and fitness to its staff. The company also runs periodic Activity Challenges for all users of Apple Watch. Most recently, Apple hosted the 'Ring in the New Year' Activity Challenge for Apple Watch users which promoted everyone to start the year off right by closing all of their rings for the first seven days of the New Year.

While there is no set schedule for Activity Challenges that come around for Apple Watch users, many fall on holidays. Apple has done a Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and National Parks day challenge on top of many others.