Apple launches Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

For anyone that's been waiting for Apple's Smart Battery Case for the latest and greatest X series of iPhone, your wait is over. Apple just launched a new version for all three in the current model iPhone X line, that the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

It comes in just black or white, so your choices are limited, especially for iPhone XR owners that are proudly sporting those bright colors. The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 also came in (Product)Red, so it's possible we'll see a version for the iPhone X line in the future.

This is more than just an update to fit the latest iPhone. Apple took to heart all our cries of disgust at the Smart Battery Case's "humpback" design and smoothed it out to look like a more traditional battery case.

This year's model also supports Qi wireless charging. So, you can set it and forget it and your case and iPhone will charge at the same time.

The Smart Battery Case can be charged with and USB-PD compatible chargers (not included in the box), which will improve charging time significantly.

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS improves battery longevity with an increase of up to 33 hours of talk and 21 hours of internet use.

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS Max improves battery longevity with an increase of up to 37 hours of talk and 20 hours of internet use.

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR improves battery longevity with an increase of up to 39 hours of talk and 22 hours of internet use.

All three cases are available to order right now for $129.

Lory Gil

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  • I'm looking at this and don't see a "chin" where a lightning port would be—how do you charge this? Does this mean it charges the phone via Qi and you have to charge it via Qi? By saying it's compatible with USB PD chargers, it makes it sound like this has a USB-C port on it... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • To be totally honest, I don't know for sure. I think it's got a USB-C port on it (based on Apple's description that it works with USB-PD chargers), but it doesn't even come with a cable in the box (according to Apple's store page), so I didn't include specifics with this news announcement. We're going to have full coverage of the Smart Battery Case over the next few days, though. So stay tuned!
  • The listing for the case says that you can use Lightning EarPods with it, and the photo shows a single connector on the bottom, so it’s pretty clear that the wired charging connection is Lightning. USB-PD means that, if using a USB-C higher powered charger, and a USB-C/Lightning cable, the case can be charged faster.
  • Lory, when you test the charging case, can you see if it will work with iPhone X. Apple only says it with work with XS, XS Max, and XR.
  • USB PD chargers are USB-C to lightning with the lightning end going into the phone. I believe it will charge the phone wirelessly and will get charged itself through the lightning cable. It is also possible it connects to the phone through the lightning port and has another lightning port on it to get recharged, though this would be a redundant design.
  • According to Apple's site it looks like the case can be charged wirelessly or with a lightning cable. "The Smart Battery Case is compatible with Qi-certified chargers."
    "The case can be charged even faster with USB-PD compatible chargers. It also supports Lightning accessories, such as the EarPods with Lightning Connector (included with your iPhone)" So it must have a lightning port and can be charged faster with a USB-C charger?
  • The previous bump design fit the hand better that other battery cases.