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What you need to know

  • Apple Maps looks set to offer alternative routes based on adverse weather conditions when iOS 15 ships.
  • Apple is expected to release iOS 15 to the public this September.

Apple's upcoming iOS 15 update looks set to warn users when their route could encounter flash flooding and other adverse weather conditions. Users will be able to select a different route or plow on regardless.

As spotted by one Reddit user, Apple's iOS 15 beta 3 update is now taking weather into consideration when suggesting routes — something that could be a big deal for people who live in areas where flash floods and other spontaneous weather activity could make travel difficult and even impossible. The more information people are given before encountering something like a flash flood, the better.

Ios 15 Maps Weather DataSource: u/ChrisSDreiling

Apple is currently testing iOS 15 with developers as well as those on the public beta program, with a release to the wider world expected to happen in or around September. Apple Maps might not yet be the best iPhone app in terms of mapping quality and directions, but Apple has made great improvements in recent years. It isn't beyond the realms of possibility that Apple Maps will one day be on a level playing field with the likes of Google Maps and the ever-popular Waze.

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This September is already looking like a busy month with new iPhones also set to be announced. New Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch hardware also appears to be in the cards before we see the end of 2021, too.