Iphone 12 MiniSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • One analyst claims that Apple's supply chain may stop producing the iPhone 12 mini next quarter due to ailing demand.
  • Apple is conversely expected to make many more iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12Pro, and iPhone 11 devices.

A new report from JP Morgan's William Yang claims Apple's supply chain might stop making the iPhone 12 mini next quarter.

From AppleInsider:

Forecasting higher build numbers for Apple's "iPhone 13" lineup.

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, JP Morgan supply chain analyst William Yang tweaks some of his forecasts for the current iPhone 12 lineup and the next iPhone series expected in the latter half of 2021.

The report claims Yang believes Apple will make a much higher percentage of iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro devices, as well as the iPhone 11 than previously expected. Yang revised build numbers to 11 million, 2 million, and 8 million units respectively. Yang, however, cut expectations of iPhone 12 and 12 mini builds by 9 million and 11 million:

He has also cut iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini build number expectations by 9 million and 11 million, respectively. Yang notes that given the seemingly weak demand for the iPhone 12 mini, the supply chain may stop producing it by the second quarter of 2021.

There is no indication or reason to believe that Apple would stop selling the iPhone 12 mini or marketing the phone for the remainder of its lifespan. Rather, it seems Apple simply can't shift any of the stock it already has, negating the need to make any more.

The news follows numerous recent reports that Apple's iPhone 12 mini is the least popular iPhone 12, only accounting for 6% of sales. One report noted "weaker-than-expected" demand was prompting Apple to switch production efforts to its other models, echoing this report.