Best Apple Pencil (1st Gen) accessories 2022

Apple Pencil Accessories
Apple Pencil Accessories (Image credit: Amazon)

The Apple Pencil (first-generation) is the one additional expense I recommend to anyone getting a 10.2-inch iPad or using a previous generation iPad Pro. It's more than a stylus — it's the closest representation to an actual pen or pencil you can use with a tablet. Once you have your very own, you're probably going to want a case, a dedicated charger, and some other cool accessories to go with it. These are the best Apple Pencil (1st Gen) accessories.

Finding the best Apple Pencil accessories

Your Apple Pencil is an accessory to your iPad, but that doesn't mean you can't have the best Apple Pencil (1st-Gen) accessories for your accessory. My personal favorite is the Ztylus Metal Protective Case because it feels so comfortable to hold and is stylish too!

If you're worried about those infamous disappearing caps, we recommend the Fintie Cap Tether as a great choice to keep your workspace organized. The above choices will ensure your Apple Pencil stays safe and in perfect condition from charging to protection.

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