Best Apple Pencil (1st gen) accessories iMore 2021

The Apple Pencil (first generation) is the one additional expense I recommend to anyone getting a 7th generation 10.2-inch iPad or using a previous generation iPad Pro from 2015 to 2017. It's more than a stylus. It's the closest representation to an actual pen or pencil you can use with a tablet. Once you have your very own, you're probably going to want a case, a dedicated charger, or some other cool accessories to go with it. These are the best Apple Pencil 1st-gen accessories.

Ztylus Protective Case

Like a real pen: Ztylus Metal Protective Case

Staff favorite

Make your Apple Pencil feel like a true luxury pencil, complete with that familiar hexagonal grip style of a standard pen, offering a stylish — and functional — way to improve your drawing and writing experience.

$24 at Amazon
Techmatte Charging Adapter

Charging adapter: TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

Charge your Apple Pencil with your iPad, but without it having to stick out awkwardly from the Lightning port. This little dongle keeps your Apple Pencil's Lightning plug from accidentally breaking off on your iPad.

$7 at Amazon
Micron Pen

Stolen pen clip: Pigma Micron

If you just want to accessorize your Pencil with a clip, consider skipping the expensive "Made for Pencil"-brand accessories and pilfer the clip off of a similar-bodied pen, like the Pigma Micron.


Magnetic attachment: TwelveSouth PencilSnap

If you love your iPad Pro's case but curse the fact it lacks a place for the Pencil, TwelveSouth has a magnetic sleeve so you can keep it nearby and not worry about losing it.


Simply effecient: FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve

Keep it simple with this silicone magnetic jacket for your Apple Pencil. You can attach it to your iPad's built-in magnetic zones on the top or side, so it's always right there when you need it.

Stylus Sling

Strapping sleeve: Stylus Sling

Strap this stretchy sling right over your iPad or folio cover and have easy access to slip the Apple Pencil right out of the pocket without missing a beat.

Thankscase Charging Dock

Pencil dock: Thankscase Apple Pencil Charging Stand

This aluminum dock is a perfect addition to your workspace. It holds your pencil vertically and fits around your charging cable nicely. It stops your cord from tangling up and keeps the Pencil insight.

$18 at Amazon
Fintie cap tether 3-pack

Cap saver: Fintie Cap Tether

A handy cap tether will keep all those bits and pieces safe and covered without the hassle of searching for missing caps.

Finding the best apple pencil accessories

Your Apple Pencil is an accessory to your iPad, but that doesn't mean you can't have the best Apple Pencil 1st-gen accessories for your accessory. My personal favorite is the Ztylus Metal Protective Case because it feels so good to hold in your hand.

If you're worried about those infamous disappearing caps, we recommend the Fintie Cap Tether is a great choice to keep your workspace organized. The above choices will ensure your Apple Pencil stays safe and in perfect condition from charging to protection.

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