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What you need to know

  • Apple's WWDC 2022 takes place in June.
  • The company is expected to unveil the new version of watchOS, watchOS 9.
  • A new report says it will have a major low-power upgrade.

A new report says the Apple Watch will get a major low-power upgrade in watchOS 9.

In a report on future plans to include blood pressure monitors in its future watches, Gurman left a small snippet about what we can expect from the next version of the software that will run on Apple's Best Apple Watch models when it is released later this year. From the report:

For watchOS 9, Apple also is planning a new low-power mode that is designed to let its smartwatch run some apps and features without using as much battery life. Currently, Apple Watches in low-power mode -- known on the device as Power Reserve -- can only access the time. The company is also planning to refresh many of its built-in watch faces currently shipping with the device.

The report says that not only is low-power getting an upgrade to make it more functional, but that Apple is planning to refresh "many" of its Apple Watch faces.

Gurman previously reported earlier this week that Apple Watch may get new health-tracking features and possible notifications overhaul that will also be included in iOS 16 for the iPhone.

Gurman says that Apple is working on sensors for a future Apple Watch to detect high blood pressure, but says that accuracy has been a challenge during testing. Gurman reports the technology isn't expecting to be ready until 2024. Blood sugar monitoring is also reportedly in the works, but is years away.

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